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What Makes Chinese Chinese? -- part II [Copy link] 中文

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Late Comments on Efficiency of Government Owned Enterprises

It is true private enterprises are driven by profit motives and it would pay to be efficient.

However, for large infrastructures or utilities where the populace has traditionally enjoyed unrestricted or little restricted use (price or otherwise), it would be socially and politically unacceptable to rapidly raise price to cover cost and profit. In such cases privatisation would require some form of subsidy from Government as well, not unlike the subsidies mentioned for State Own Enterprises. In reality, this subsidy that the private investor needs is also derived from the tax paying populace. Private sector cannot do wonders, but can only optimize within the macro framework established.

Really, the success of an enterprise, private or State Own, will also depend on the management selection process and governing structure. Privately owned Enron of US has failed but no one would dispute the success of State Owned Enterprises in Singapore.

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Another reason of the Chinese educational system

It is really a good article.I am very glad that someone show concern on education.

Why Chinese students are good at taking exam ?Why they show less creativity ?Besides the reason of Chinese traditional Culture the author has referred to,the fact that China is still far behind those develop country also attribute to it.

Although Chinese government invest a lot on education,China still far behind the west.What China needs is not only a few scientists,but the whole educational level of the nation.

The exam-oriented education system is designed under the philosophy that "no matter whether you like to study ,you must learn the basic knowledge".it is not good in the college education ,but it is efficient in premary education.

The character-oriented education system,on the other hand , is under the philosophy that " only If you do what you like ,you will do it well".However,things don't always go so smoothly as people expected.Sometimes,especially the children,only a few are willing to study.Playing are more interesting than studying.If they are not forced to study,many of them will never learn to read and write.One of my friend tell me that he is very thankful for his stricted teacher in premary and middle school.However,I know when he was at middle school,he is always complain the exam-oriented education system.However,the character-oriented educational system is really efficient in college education.

In order to catch up with the west as quickly as they can,China have to choose such an education system,in which basic scientific knoledge must be  taught to the student as more as possible.

As known to all,the former Soviet Union ,Japan and Korea has a simmilar system of education.Once they were far behind the west ,but under such an educational system,they catch up very soon.

There is also a common phynomenom in America that every year there is lack of thousand advanced engineers.However it is not a problem to the US,because it can employ excellent persons from other countries,such as India and China.

But for those less developed countries,they have no money to employ those advanced persons.Lots of them who are nutured by the less developed countries with huge numbers flow into the more developed countries.Thus rich countries gets richer,while poor countries gets poorer.

Thus for Chinese students,they have to study harder than the students from the more developed countries.Or China will fall behind the west for ever.If Chinese children haven't realize it,an exam-oriented educational system is formed to force them to work harder.

A Chinese-descent American scientist named Steven Chu(Zhu liwen),or Li Zhendao,perhaps,who got the Nobel Prize for physics,once said he is thankful for his foundational education in China and his college education in the US."The combination of Chinese foundational education and American advanced education is perfect".

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what makes chinese chinese, west meets east...

Movie Star?
Lucy Liu, outsider says
"Xiao Yan Zi", chinese corrects

Anything weird, outsider says
Sweet & Sour pork, another outsider adds
"Sichuanese Hotpot (Fondue)", chinese corrects

"Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", outsider says
"The variety show lunar year's eve", chinese corrects

"SARS", outsider says
"Landing on the Moon!", chinese corrects

just me taking a mickey, no offence, k

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Oh man, this forum is going crazy.

Everybody have a bunch and bunch of words to type,  why don't you people make it a little bit simpler and condenser, relax, man,  it is only a matter of killing time.

Ok, for questioning chinese educaitonal problems, from my point of view, mainly I don't think there is any problem at all. if you think that chinese education system lack of something something and the western country they have something something, then why chinese student when they abroad they still continually achieve high excellence? and lots and lots of western student ask me about how to get a good mark.

Oh man, I wish some day all the chinese people can go out of china and live for at least one year before you start to criticize china.

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