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Hi guys, seems pretty unfair all the Asian chicks been stolen away by the white guys hunh?

But Actually, if u really really kin on the white girl,  i would say, u English have to reach the certain level as the way u speak u native language. It's gona be hard, casue English is our second language anyway.

well, then treat the girls not like the way treat Chinese girls, it's totally different,,, so best way is take u time find u self.

I had white girls b4, and I am a Chinese boy, so i like to tell all the Chinese boy, "Be A Man" that's the girls account on us, guys.

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Know yourself before getting into a relationship, that's my advice

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i agree, mate, no matter u m or f.
i thought people are died here, u a the firt to reply.

that's so sweet

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My input..

I don't think it is important to be white or asiatic when you search a bf/gf.

Me, for myself, would not searching specificaly for only "a chinese girl", but for a girl which is nice, has the same hobbies as I do, like that, dislike that etc."

Maybe some chinese girls think they can get a better man when they take a white men, but mostly those men who want a chinese girls are only thieves, which will betray them soon.

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Racist much? Not all of us "white guys" are the same. Thieves?? What? Ignorance is not bliss my friend, so listen up. There are white people from many many different cultures, many different types of people with white skin. You want a white girl? Be yourself, and keep looking. I promise you'll find a hot white chick that'll want you, unless you're ugly.  Don't judge a whole race on your opinion of one or even a dozen. Oh, also, white chicks mostly want a guy with money.  And perhaps it is just a curiosity of the "other." Some Asian chicks like me because of my blonde hair and blue eyes, and i like Asian girls because when they're beautiful, there's no comparison. Besides, don't be insecure. There's more Asians than whites in the world anyways.

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Love is random, it can strike at any moment!

Its happened to me twice, once in Australia and once in China.

I didn't actively seek it, which is probably the best way to find it!

Sure we all have preferences to what we consider attractive, but that is personality as well as looks, I think.

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how to get more personally?

what gona be the hardest to set up a good friendship between the people came from different countries---------------------> language.
Want more personally? get u English better first, if u funny enough and can make the girls feel fun to be with u, then they will consider it. I don't know if i am right, what i said in here which came from my own experience. Any suggestion is welcome, keep option open.

thank you

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