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I met him three years ago. He was a smart good-looking tall guy but I never thought he would mean anything to me except just  a friend because I knew at that time he had a beautiful girlfriend who had been with him for more than three years. Also, I was not allowed to have boyfriend at that time.

Nevertheless, we became good friends as we were living near each other. I became his good listener whenever he was upset by his girlfriend. I comforted him when he was suffered by their relationship. He also encouraged me while I was struggling in my academic study. I am not sure if that was the situation where our love began. He began to court me when he was still having a relationship with her girlfriend. I was not a fool and I refused him many times because of that  and I thought it was unfair for both his girlfriend and me.

Finally, he made his crucial decision and left that girl. I felt somewhat ambivalent about his decision. I wanted him to be mine but I did not like him being so brutal, apathetic and I was afraid he would treat me in that way someday  if he found me dull and unattractive. Together we had lived a very happy life for almost 3 months. For the first time, I felt lucky of being a woman, being loved by a man I loved. I wish time would stop there forever.

However, our story ended soon as my parents found out we were in love. My father never talked to me in the way he talked about my relationship with that boy. Dad was very honest, serious and sincere. He pointed out a lot of problems existing between my boyfriend and me that we seldom considered before, such as money problem and his picky mother. My family was much richer than his. I might be treated badly by his mother simply because she loved money more than anything else. His brothers were garbage and they might ask us for money.... Anyway because of all these concerns, I accepted my father's advice and finally left my boyfriend. He could not reach me in any way except by
e-mail because my family moved, and all the phone # were changed. The ways my father used to avoid our reconnection was just unbelievable. He sent me a lot of e-mails after but soon he stopped because I did not reply any. It was not because I did not miss him. I had hurt him enough and I did not want to do more harm to him and I was really confused and having no idea what to do with our relationship.

I am writing this out four months after I left him because I realize I can't continue avoiding him and all the mess I had made. I really want to know what is the right decision I should make between him and me. You are welcome to give me any advice or comment.

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I wish I had some words of advice,

but each life has it's own unique story.  Your parents care about your well being, and they also have life experience which is valuable.  On the other hand, at some point, you will need to make your own choices or you will be left unfulfilled.  Unless you are willing give up the comfort your parents provide you, it is difficult to completely ignore their counsel.  Perhaps you can find some place in the middle, at least for now.

Best of luck to you.

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I am moved!

I have read your storyand I am so moved!
I think if you still love him,you should give him a chance .
As to the other ,if he love you too,you can live in the place that is far from
his family.
Just my points.

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Thank you for your valuable opinion!

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imagination but not advice

Dear Stranger,
You are right ,I mean you and the guy separated temporarily is a good idea.
Maybe the guy is now making a new relationship with another girl who is his third or thirty first girlfriend.
But maybe he loves you best and you still love him...
You know what I mean?But you should have enough time to recognise his real heart.
Don't worry !You are a good girl and you can get your real lover!

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Be yourself

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i also worried about whether your ex-bf still love you

you 'd better make it clear ! and also consider your parents's opinion. From the story about him and his ex-gf , i really worry about his love of you. i just wish you a bright future!
what i wrote here is just a stranger's opinion.
make your love valuable. UNderstand?????

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