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Chinese SO cheat!!! [Copy link] 中文

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A Chinese man with (Chinese) girlfriend (in China) likely sleep around, I KNOW... And I read here that Chinese girls do the same. But still they stick with their girl/boyfriend - and you call the Chinese faithful?!? They may be called "tolerant" but I call them stupid. This ain't love!!! The men love that the "tradition" in China is to stay with your "mate", they know that the girl won't leave them even if they sleep around... But when they realize the girls do the same, we'll maybe see more divorces here... (Is it difficult to get a divorce in China?)

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Waiguoren, What right do you have to criticize our Chinese tradition?

1. American divorce rate is 51% in their first marriage !

2. American's divorce rate reaches 80% when those divorcees re-marry !

3. Almosts 50% of African-American households are single households !

The breakdown of the most fundamental unit of society --family causes increased junvenile crime rate especially black youth who sells crack, drugs, involved in stabbing , murder, drive-by shooting, and also teenage pregnancy.

Now, let me present you the Chinese version !

1. Is there extra-marital relationship among couples in CHINA ? Yes, but the ratio is much significant less than in America !

2. Is getting a divorce easily in CHINA? Actually in the coastal area and major cities, divorce rate is on the rise in CHINA. But in the rural area, the divorce rate is very low.

3. Is sleeping around a "norm" in CHINA? The answer is NO !

4. The majority of Chinese men and women are faithful couples unlike American who are "pigs' and "playboy".

5. The major significant difference between Chinese and western culture is "WESTERN MEN PRACTICE POLYGAMY".  An anerage white man marries at least two times but many marries four to five times. I know many American marry five to six times.

5. When I went to FAMILY COURT in Atlanta, Georgia, there was a 50 years old American filed for divorce and he could NOT even remember all his ex-wives names (He only married six times !!!) hahahaha LOL !!

6. The majority of Chinese men are mature and do NOT practice extra-marital affairs but when you are young, love means sex and they may sleep around. They will grow up and settle dowqn and get married and have children.


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Ha ha

You're talking like I was an American, ha ha ha.
I don't think you really answered to what  I wrote in the post, but whatever, I've said mine.

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what's the obsession

with America on this forum?

whenever there's a slight criticism of anything chinese all the america haters some out

most foreigners oh here couldn't give a flying fluck about america

as for divorce rates....what's better?  divorce or unhappy marriage?

millions upon millions of unhappy marriages in china because divorce would mean 'woooooo loss of face'

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jerry springberg

a happy divorce is definitely better than a painful marriage , but .....have u ever thought about the reason why American build up or break up the relationship with parteners  so frequently ?
it is because of IRRESPONSABLE BEHAVIOR , DISLOYALTY and TOO MUCH SEX DEMAND ......       u guys sound like animal .
if  i still can not convince u ,   check out jerry springberg show   haha

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jerry springer

doesn't mean anything
same as trisha in the U.K.

the people that go on these shows are the dregs of society - some of it is real, most of it is manufactured for ratings

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Excuse me, you can check out The real no holes barred sho

It is Jerry Springer, the former Mayor of Cinninati, Ohio who is currently residing in Chicago and has the show on Fox network called "Jerry Springer". (He is Jewish and was supposed to run for United Senate in 2004 but declined because he made millions from the show and his website). He is NOT doing as well as Oprah who is also based in Chicago, Illinois and is the richest talkshow host in the entire universe !!!

You can access his real show with no holes barred at

I find the show to be boring, same old stuff with fat, ugly girls stripping in front of the camera and cat-fight !!

Same old stuff with ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, pimp and prostitutes just want to have 10 minutes fame on national T.V. !!

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