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Will you join the PCP hehe CPC if you get a chance-----For Chinese new generati [Copy link] 中文

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Branches: Over 3.3 millions (grass-roots branches)

Guiding Ideology: Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought
Renmin Ribao (People's Daily), the organ newspaper of the CPC Central Committee with circulation of 2.3 million (Dec. 1999 data) Editor in Chief: Mr. Wang Chen; Director: Mr. Xu Zhongtian.  
Qiu Shi (Seeking Truth), the CPC's theoretical publication. The theoretical magazine used to be named Hong Qi (Red Flag).
Motto: Seeking Truth From the Facts
Ultimate Goal: Establishment of a communist social system
Flag and Emblem:

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I don't know much about PCP, Why PCP should care so much about politic of China

Do you like to applly for a Communist candidate after a period of education on PCP
YOU are young right, but how many agree that they are the future of China.

You were member of China Youth League ,right?

But do you beleive this title can give you something influential to your life.

and then are you going to be member of PCP right?

What could you do with that title..

Tell me, You don't know much about how to be PCP right, neither me

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This honorable man looks like me,sorry, I looks like him, Big head,but average s

Do you think people with big head are intelligent, or heavy weight of brain.

hehe...I should have picutre of myself here to compare with Big head

Bush, good shape.

and Hujintao, but not good shape as me

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who is that.. if your family are all teachers or cpc.pcp. will you wanna be or n

who are you

who am i

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yelson, you can be the first cowboy cadre!

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RE:Will you join the PCP hehe CPC if you get a chance-----For Chinese new genera

I am twenty-one this year,but I am a member of CPC.I joined the party one years ago when I graduated from our university.And now,I have become one of the promising young people in our company.So I believe that it is very necessary for all chinese young people,so-called the new generation,to find a place in CPC,and it is useful for us to do our business better.
    I still remember the circumstances when I joined the party,I was so hesitate if I should join the party.As one of the new generation,more and more young people look CPC as the symbol of corruption,so more and more people are losing their interest in politics,they think that freedom is the best thing they should do.
    In my opinion,we should not look CPC by the old visitions,our party is improving day by day.I believe that Chinese people will have a bright future leaded by CPC.

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Wen Jia ban IS so smart,,,,,He is a nice Premier?

Advocacy letter to President Hu Jingtao

The Honorable Hu Jingtao
President of PRC,
Building of China Council,
Beijing 100000

Dec 12, 2004

Dear President Hu:

I m writing to you as a citizen of Beijing to express concern for the rising price of entrance fee to the six famous sites in Beijing, which arouses arguments in our district. The six Beijing-based UNESCO world heritage which will raise their entrance fees are the hugely popular Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the Badaling section of the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and two of the Thirteen Ming Tombs.

It is a fortunate that Beijing has many famous sites. When our friends and remote relatives come to Beijing, We can introduce them to visit the sites. And within the weekend, We could  go with family to spend good time there. The prices for the sites were reasonable in proportion to my family income. But if the price rises again, It would be unaffordable for us to go. I have also showed concern that the high entrance fees will keep low-income visitors outside the world's famous cultural relics.

As a resident of Beijing, I request the Government to remain the prices. I think the best way for the value of a site to shine through is by allowing people to appreciate, understand and study it, not by raising its entrance fee. Many other countries display their history in museums for free, or for a minimal charge.
I urge the government to make efforts to protect our site in another way. The Government should protect their heritage through limiting the number of visitors at the peak time, or introduce a system from foreign country to have reservation.   

We thank you for your attention to these matters and look forward to new method of taking care of sites rather than raising its entrance fee.


Cc: The Honorable Wen Jiabao, Premier of China
The Honorable, Liu Qi, Mayor of Beijing

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