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painful cyber-love [Copy link] 中文

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Let's it go, and ít's an experiences

To, easy1030

i also wonder why married guy do like this. This is the big question in my head. i don't beleive cyber love at all but i used to chat with interested guys. one of them cheated me like your story. Since then i think guys are the same . They are unfaithful and no responsibilies for his family.

ok, however, i miss another guy that i chatted with him for over half year.  i don't know why ???? i always tell myself that cyber love is bad and untrusted but i still miss him. i never meet him even one time .  Now, it's just only a good memory . Why i miss him even i never meet him but i used to see his photo ????? it's a dangerous case and be careful .

In conclusion, cyber love is not good ,not all but the most. Take care .
Remember that it's not your mistakes ,it 's his mistakes. so forget this bad guy.

lucks for you

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love yourself

hehe, thank you share your experience with me ! very frankly,  cyber-love is less credible, but, not every guy is a bilker. use your eyes and brain to judge if he is sincere,  of course , it will take you long time to observe and make up your mind to fall in love with him or not.  do not meet him in haste, also, do not let him slip away from you if he is really a nice guy.
good luck.

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a more balanced view please

it's not just guys that do it to girls, but the reverse also happen.  I think too many people let their guards down all too easily and forget that we all have our flaws.

The truth is that online forums provide a way to reveal only what you want the other person to see.  While this lets people be more open and out going than they would do normally in real life, it also provide an avenue to hide the darker truths about yourself.

I'm married \(^_^)/, but I have had my share of heartaches, but with each, I grew wiser, and learned how to move on.  Everyone has a dark side, and to love someone is to come to term with it.  The search for love is never easy, you have to work for and earn it, it's never given, and never perfect.  But you'll find love in the end.  Don't lose hope.

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on the contrary, i think cyber is a good place to find love...

it is much easier to tell a person's inner world through cyber, u just need to hone your skills a little bit...

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i will never take adventure to taste cyber-love again, that is, i will taste the suffer once more. :)

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good decision u made,easy1030

not every cyberluv case could be a sucessful one,its really not that easy to achieve it.
first of all,two ppls got to be faithful and honest.but words could get so much limitation.
so secondly,depends on how lucky u guys  r,coz reality could be totally different from what u can get to know on him or her through internet,ppl could be so perfect according to what he said online,which actually not true in real,.he or she maybe just ur imagination.
and even forget what i said above,two ppls invovled in cyberluv just got to bear the torture of distance and miss,which u sometimes really wanna ditch it yet actually u can't....
in general cyberluv to true luv in real could be such a challenge for the ppl involved.

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To all friends,

Cyber love can become true love but it's like drream.

Don't wast time to love person that u never meet in reality.

Do you used to love guy through internet????

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