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why do foreigners like bars and pubs? [Copy link] 中文

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why do foreigners like bars and pubs?
almost all the foreigners i know like bars and pubs,but does bar interesting?

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Why do foreigners like bars and pubs?

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because they're a good place to relax and meet people

why are the chinese obsessed with web bars?

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The reason...

Why do Chinese like the song Xiao Wei?

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Not "all foreigners" like bars or pubs, or hang out there.

Keep in mind, foreigners ARE foreigners in China -- that is, they are outsiders.  Most of them come here by themselves.  When they arrive here, they don't have friends here, they don't really know anybody here.

What do you think they are going to do...stay at home by themselves, hoping that someone will phone them?

No...they are going to go and try to find other foreigners, other people that they can talk with, other people that they can become friends with.

And...WHERE are they going to find these people?  At a bar.  Bars/pubs/clubs are just about the only place where A) there are lots of other people and B) it is socially acceptable to start conversations with people that you don't know.

Now, if you look at foreigners who come to China with their families, or who otherwise have a well-established social network, you may find that far fewer of them will go to bars/pubs/clubs.  

Let me point out that Chinese people WILL NOT SEE FOREIGNERS WHO ARE STAYING AT HOME!!  So you have NO IDEA how many foreigners may stay at home, who don't go to clubs, etc.  You ONLY see the ones who DO go out.

So yes, a lot of foreigners will go to bars/pubs/clubs.  The main reason being that they need such places for social networking, for meeting other people.  But many foreigners also do NOT go to such places.

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To canadianguy

You are right,we see the ones are walking in the street ,not the ones staying at home.And we think all the foreigners are spending their time in pubs/clubs,such like this kinds of places.They want to relax their feelings just because they are alone in China before they make lots of Chinese friends.

Generally speaking,most foreigners are like pubs,not like our Chinese spending most of time with our familes.With the development of enterring the world,I think our chinese should share our time in pubs to relieve our sad or bad feelings.

For example,these days I am in blue about my study,everyday I have to spend all time in classroom for studying my lessons.And I want to relax myself,but I cann't ,most of my friends don't like this,they thing it is not suitablt of a stuent to go to pubs,also there is no pub in my school,perhaps I don't where is it.

And I hope all of us will go to pubs and enjoy our lifes.

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[quote] I think our chinese should share our time in pubs to relieve our sad or bad feelings.[quote]

i find its quite odd that you prefer sharing your time with some stanger you met in a pub to spending more time with your family and your friends

i hate the generalisatoin such as [quote]chinese should.....[quote] if you want to go to a pub , its totally fine,  why are you accuseing others for not going, you dont tell people what to do!!

i bet you dont go to pubs, possibly never did, because you have no idea what a pub is and what kind of people go to pubs !!!

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