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why are foreign guys so popular in China? [Copy link] 中文

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Ilunga, As a Chinese man, I have no body hair and even shave my pubic hair once

NOT all westerners have a lot of body hair and it is very popular in America to get permanent laser hair removel for women. (Many American man with Italian/Greek ethnicity have a lot of body hair due to genetic factors)

American men (or Westerner men) tends to see bodily hair as macho, manhood image and think a lot of chest hair mean they are the "real man". sexy type man !

Give me a break !!!

I hate to shave my pubic hair every three to four days because it grows back so fast !

Why most Chinese women don't shave their pubic hair and let the pubic hair grows so bushy?

Ilunga, if more Chinese women shave their pubic hair, may be more Chinese men will lick their clit and "GO DOWN" to enjoy the nice piece of lips, red hot, raw and bloody lips in your face !  WHAT A FASTANTIC VIEW !!!!!

Why Chinese men don't shave their hair to V-shape?  WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?

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Ilunga & others, my real life story is unequivocal true BUT I also had to make U

Don't forget I was working long hours in my successful business, travelling on a daily basis and stay in hotels most of the times and making around USD 1/2 million dollars net befoe tax. (USD $500,000.00 before tax !)

MONEY TALKS, BULLSHIT WALKS !! You get no money, no girl will ever even talk to you ! If you just tip the waitress USD $40.00, she would bring a few girls to your table even in a bar or dance club !!

No women will go for any men whether his is a Chinese, American, french, German if he does not has a lot of $$$$$$$$.

I once went to a casino and just placed USD $15,000.00 on the table, there were a steady stream and flock of beautiful, gorgorous white blond women trying to pick up a Chinese !!



We Chinese, has already launched ONE FAMILY, ONE CHILD policy and will produce stronger, taller Chinese with proper diet and emphasis on Calcium intake. a lot of milk and highly nutriutional supplement and protein, and play basketball and weight-lifting.


It may take one generation for our Chinese men to be physically strong and overpower the white man, but our MODERN CHINA will provide the opportunity for the next generation of CHINESE to be the BEST and STRONGEST men on earth and what do you mean "inferiority complex" ! What white men has inferior complexity, please make sure every readers in this Forum knows that !!

If white men are that good, why don't they stay back in America to get their high-school/college American pie !

I got my first America pie in the "frat" party in America heartland and SCORED five America pies, fresh from Moma's oven, served very hot and with very delicious creamy topping and with some brown sugar mixed with the pie occaionally !

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yeah yeah

i've gone down on a few bushy girls - it's not that big a deal
one was called mao mao - the most appropriately named girl i've ever met
do you really think chinese men would suddenly go down if all the women shaved down there?  i don't!

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White men are going down and base on the studies by this century out there will be few white people leaf in America. 99.9% of white men go to find the mates around the world, because back in the home countries they can't afford to get with they white women.

Especailly in America most white girls are after black cocks, because white men can't satastifies them. They weak, they have too much genetic diseases and if you  compare the health between the white  and Asian you will see the differences.

98% of white people will be on the wheel chair when they reach the 60th birthday. But while asian people still can walk, run, swim and making love when the reach 60 s and beyon..........

Have you ever see the movie called White Men Can't Jump.

White people always tries to pretend that they are superior than every human on this planet but infact they are inferior, because they not healthy and they get old quick due too much genetic disorders.

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hi dragonbollocks

balls by name balls by nature

why do you always talk about america?  i couldn't give a flying **** about america and american girls
start again please and try to stick to the topic

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because americans and brutish are genetically connected

im a big noob on going down on girls, but does it feel annoying and interupted when her hair sticks in your eyes?

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the myonaise stinked

[quote]98% of white people will be on the wheel chair when they reach the 60th birthday[quote]

wtf? sounds more than ridiculous

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