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responsibility more than passion!!! Upholding Traditional values.......

I hv read yr post a few times. I try to get the deeper meaning of yr life. & i understand yr hurt.  Due to strong attachments. Very strong ones that it is too hard or hurtful to let go.
I think it is a mind game. Now you are married to yr BF, suggestions would to to do yr BEST. Means to understand where yr quarrels starts from? Cld it be minor or Trifels things??? Petty little pent up anger??? Did you retort??? Understand it. Work on it. Work on the PRESENT. Forget the past.
(Past always HURTS most)
We know it is not easy. Watch yr mind, for it like the past. Stop it when it is playing. You cld do it,like stopping a tape recorder.
Running away by looking for a job is not the full solution. Suggest a cooling down period.
& think what is the end result if you keep on "being tired". For one yr,two yrs,etc....

Any good yr BF,now hubby had in the past. I believe traditional values of loving&respecting the husband is something shld be uphold. Give love,don't expect to receive(no disappointments)....&soon one will get love.....Just remember the middle way.....too tight,no air to breathe. Too loose, nothing beneficial to gain. Try the middle way.......for sometimes i feels so good that one can find the way....OUT of this darkness,this miseries.......

With kind regards
P/S : why chose Green???
In Idioms, green eg Green horns means new to life,still blurr-blurr....NO experience

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Can I have

thanks for your post., Sarababy and Timtang. Yes, he is not my Mr right.  He is just my painful experience.

I will try make myself happy and busy. And spend much more time on reading.  Hope I can adjust myself soon.

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a sensible chioce for follow your decision

thanks for your reply!now that your marriage so badly .i think that you should divorce with him right away.only in this way you can get rid of the unpleasant things.we should seek happy living and the lover who love you deeply since people's life is limited.
    i hope that you can find one who can give true love to you and you love him.i believe that there be many mistakes to writing owing to my english level is poor.please point it out .thank you!

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From the sound of things your situation seems very painful, I am sorry to hear the pain this is causing for you and especially your husband. Your husband sounds like a man that is willing to work things out with you. But the fighting between the both of you has put a strain on your relationship. Possible that the fighting this due to that you have feelings towards someone else? And may not be your husband wrong doing, he may be frustrated on getting some answers or trying to get closer with you but you don’t give him a chance, you may not be doing is intentionally.
               You should ask yourself can I love my husband the way I want to be love and from there narrow down a solution that would be comfortably for the both of you. I think if you really wanted to try to make your present marriage to work you need to forget about your past and give sometime alone to clear your head. And yourself the questions that are making you confused. Remember your last relationship before your current  has hurt you so much do you really want to get involved in that again, going through the pain and again walking away with more memories both good and bad trying to forget about it’s going to be tough.
               I believe if things worked out between the American b/f it would of solved itself but it didn’t so let it go… time heals pain and time is what you have so be patient with your heart and you husband. Live is to short to dwell on your past, live life and move forward and at least you can say that you tried if things don’t work itself out. And in every relationship there are always good times and bad. The bad will most times make your relationship stronger as long as both of you can communicate to each other with respect. Best of luck there’s always a solution with everything just finding it is the tough part.

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Please go and read "gone with the wind"

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To CaringHK

I can feel that you understand me in someway. "The past always hurt, try to forget the past. Try to choose the middle way. .." I see, that's valueable suggestion, I will try.

But we know that's hard to balance, hard to do. So far I don't know how to start.  But Caringhk, I promise to try... Life is mess. I spend too much timing in memories.

You are right, Green is young, she don't know how to love and balance. How to work a way. thanks, HK, I can feel your carings

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Move forward- How long the way will be ?

stargazer, you talked" timing may work out the solution, get everything past past. I shall not give up to try to improve my current relationship."?

You writed a lot, but I  think I maybe don't understand well abouit you talked. I still confused what you would like to ask me to try? how to do next about the relationships? how long can I walk out from dark?

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