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To My Cyber Love [Copy link] 中文

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To ALL you cyber lover, GO TO HELL !! Cyber love destroys traditional marriage c

Cyber love is one of the emerging causes of marriage breakdown, divorce, murder-suicide among couples and infidelity in America. (ONLY IN AMERICA!!!)

I do NOT want CHINA to follow the footstep of America, with 51% of divorce rate in the first marriage and reaches 80% in their second marriage and blacks have 50% households with single parents.

SAY NO TO CYBER LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Cyber love is phantom love, imaginary love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyber love is phantom love !

Cyber love is imaginary love !

Cyber love is masturbation love !

Cyber love is irrational love !

Cyber love is stroking your own piston love !

Cyber love is rubbing your own clit love !

Cyber love is "dreaming" love !

Cyber love is sick love !

** I have no problem with cyber love but insist to meet the person face to face over coffee shop in America, or noodle shop in CHINA.

Otherwise, you are "dreaming" the love and only get wet at night alone and not by your partner. I would rather have a real babe, my wife felling sleep in my arm than dreaming about a phantom !! Wake up ! It is just a dream for those cyber lover !

Get real, get a real girlfriend and boyfriend and make love in this cold, cold, freezing winter.

It is snowing outside all day but slow down!

Do I want a cyber love or my real love that warm me up and I am deep inside her !!

Which one you want in this -30 degree winter !!

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You are entitled to voice your disapproval of  Cyber Love but what is the necessity for such vulgarity?

We don’t care what you do with your dirty hands under your blanket so why let us know? There are polite ways of expressing your thoughts. So do it the right way. Not like other uneducated, self-conceited guys  on this Forum.

Do you know that CD Forum is now very popular around the world?  Some of my friends in Asia and Australia emailed me and ask me whether I read some of the postings here. Since that is the case we have to show the world that we are  an educated, well reasoned group of people, not just good in using bad language. So please be very careful of the language that you use. It will reflect on the standing of the Forum

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Definition of friends

Friends share
Friends care
Friends multiply your joy
And divide your sorrow
Friends are concerned with your fears
They stick to you through all the years
And when it is time to be apart
The sorrow will show in the heart.

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Choose friends wisely

Choose friends wisely, the portrait they paint
Is who you are and who you ain't.
Friendship is life's great support
When friends are of the right sort.
For all your dreams do they make room,
Or bring you down with doom and gloom?
You will know a friendship is true
When it brings out the best in you

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Yes you are right!!! Choose wisely.

For it is hard to decide!!!
When we are bust, all running away1)Donald Trump comments2)real life too)
But friends of same interest,will bring merits too.
For over Trefles,he may teach us.
For big errors,he may quarrel with us.
But the benefits it brings us,
Are worth the time&trouble,
& certainly it is worth the pains,
for without pain,there is no Gain.
So friend,where is my Sage???

Kind regards

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Cyber love?

Love is so short
Forgetting is so long

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