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To My Cyber Love [Copy link] 中文

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good peom

Cyber love is not a new thing for  most of us..But we have different cyber love experience.Several years ago,i fell in love with a beatiful girl who i recognize by the internet.And i suffer a lot from it.

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Inspired by Love Only

Love, is our inspiration,
drives us to think and to write.

Love, is our poison,
taking a little is enough.

Love, comes from distance.

For all falling in love with strangers online

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A Cyber Friend

Cyber space is the sea in the sky
For you to surf and ride on high
A place you can meet a dear pal there
With thoughts of wisdom you can share

Here is a word of advice dear friend
Be true to your pal if you can
And when you turn on the cyber screen
Please only say the things that you mean

Dear cyber friend, it matters not
What you look. what you have got
Whether you be rich or poor
It matters not; only be sincere!

Pity you cannot look your friend in the eye
You cannot even see your cyber pal smile
You cannot share coffee, biscuit or tea,
Despite all that, a cyber pal is good to be.

But  you  can, your thoughts and emotion share,
Through cyber space let each other know you care.
Exchange the thoughts you both treasure
Fill up the hearts with lots of pleasure.

It’s good to know your friend is always there
For you to seek help and a burden  to share.
Knowing that cyber friendship cannot be measured
It can only always be treasured.

And when it’s time to turn off the screen dear friend
And when you have made someone’s burden light
You’ll be fully satisfied in the thought
You have won the battle you have fought

“We will still be good friends you see

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Treasure friendship

"Knowing that cyber friendship cannot be measured
It can only always be treasured."  Great saying!

Seeking friendship online is more sensible than seeking for love.

But sometimes the boundary is hard to keep.

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Just Walk Beside Me

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow;

Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead;


Acknowledgment to:   Albert Camus, French novelist and philosopher.

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Just go on...

Write one more, Daushen, and tell us you don't expect to see tears in our eyes. Just go on...

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To My Cyber Love

It is good. May be the writer can be the person who writes love letters takes place of others. But something can be done better in this poem!

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