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Is it smart to get a credit card in college? [Copy link] 中文

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Apply for a secured credit card
If you can get a regular credit card, apply for the secured version. These require you to deposit money with a lender; your credit limit is usually equal to the deposit.

You抣l want to screen your card issuer carefully. To be frank, there are a lot of bad guys in this particular niche of the credit world. Some charge outrageous application or annual fees and punitively high interest rates.

Establishing a good credit history has never been as important as it is today.

It's not just that you抣l need good credit to get decent rates when you're ready to buy a home or a car. Your credit history can determine whether you get a good job, a decent apartment or reasonable rates on insurance. One seemingly minor misstep -- a late payment, maxing out your credit cards, applying for too much credit at once -- can haunt you for years.

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What Hedan says is right - " IF " nothing goes wrong.

And things do go wrong and a bad credit card experience could nearly ruin you.

So, my advice is split the difference and reduce the exposure ( danger ).

Exposure can be another word for danger.

Why not do this:

Get the card.

Use the card once or twice (minor purchases ), establish that credit tracer, then pay those small payments back, a little at a time, the minimum payment on the minor purchases, you establish the credit ratiing, your exposure is limited and you are then in a safe position.

If for any reason you do not think you can control the card instead of the card controls you.


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The 'dredit card'

Is credit history needed to purchase a home in china?

Several people, even from this board, have told me that home loans are somewhat rare....normally you buy the home/flat flat-out!

Is this a misconception?  

What about other loans?  Car loans...are they practiced widely?

Hedan, are the checking accounts their linked to a debit/credit card like they are in the U.S?

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One phrase that keeps me on the financial straight and narrow is:  "The lender is master to the borrower."  Essentially, it's always better to spend your own money.

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LetmeKnowIF_IcanHelp, could you please make your name shorter?

The length of your name has made the name column un-necessarily wider so we all loose title space. For a better view of this forum, I strongly suggest you to make your name shorter. You can post a message to let people know that your name has been changed if you really care about your name.

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re:Is it smart to get a credit card in college?

It is common that some of students in universities have their own credit cards.And also their living standard is better than other students.It is convenient for them to buy something by credit cards.
With the development of economy of China,the gap between the rich and the poor is becoming more and more obvious.At the same time,the gap is also existing among the students in unversities.Some students with good living conditions are enjoying their everyday life but the poor students are trying their best to support their food.In my class,several rich students spend  huge money on their good  meals,computers,beautiful clothes except study.But there are also has several students who must spend their sparetime on seeking a livelihood.
We have often thought that everyone is equal in unversity,but now the fact gives us a heavy blow.As far as I am concerned,I think that it is high time for Chinese government to take the effective actions to prevent the gap from developing day by day,especially they must stop the constant increase in tuition.
We must give all people the equal opportunities and the right in education in oder to keep the stability of modern society.

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a Dreamer--Can I travel around the world with a credit card.

are people living in the world just know how to work hard and earn enough money. They seldom know how manage their financial budget, and utilize their earned money to generate more profit, rather they just stick to hardwork,and spend money on a living.

What do you think Westenors are smarter to venture &invest their money and ask the mediatary to help you do it.

Do you think more and more people will live by prastising their smart on get profits,  and more and more people still strike to get money by their bare hands by hard work.

I wish I can get the money for travel, a dream of many college students and young men.

No wonder that if i get a credit card, it will stimulate me to consume and get more bills until i can't pay it with credit card.

so what is the matter here

and meed an end in their life

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