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Quoted Bachelor & Single's Day....1111111 only One alone [Copy link] 中文

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Single's Day

Today is Nov 11th, the Single's Day. It is called Single's Day since Nov 11 made up of four figure "1". Have any idea for celerating? No? I don't have either although I am still single. Here is a suggestion, go to a party and pray for meeting another half accidentally. If you really have a plan like that, do remember to tell us your romantic experience at this coming Sunday's gathering. Of course if you are in deep love with someone at present, and if you encounter your first love at the party, What will you do?The answer is you can't miss gathering this weekend, that is one of our topic, maybe there will be a good solution for you. Come and join us this Sunday at Buyone western restaurant.

Everyday woulbe like a brithday to celebrate i m afraid if you get the mood

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i'd like to sign up!!

hi~~~i want to be the first one to sign up~~~

by the way, where is this party supposed to be held? in which city?

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November 11 is the U.S. Veterans' Day and Remembrance Day for most European coun

In United States as well as most European countries including France, we celebrate Veterans' day in US and Remembrance Day in Europe (France).

It is exactly on November 11, 11 o'clock 11 minutes and 11 seconds that we stop and ring the bell and remember the sacifice of all the dead and  the wounded for the freedom we enjoy in this world that we defeated the Axis of Evil, Germany, Japan and Italy in WWII.

This is NOT a day for party but to observe our WWII veterans who are in their 70's seventy and eighty years old and slowly dying one by one and we salute to all the Allies Forces to liberate France from the evil Adolf Hilter.

France becomes the strongest force in the European Union and the safeguard of freedom in Europe and challenge George Bush and his evil twin Tony Blair for their conspiracy to conquer the world and steal oil from Iraq in the name of fighting terrorism !!!

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This week we actually celebrate the Fall of Berlin 15 years ago and the crumble

Despite the Fall of Berlin Wall  is exactly 15 years ago this week, we can NOT celebrate at all.

As a Chinese , we are fighting a global war against terrorism which will de-stabilize part of Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia and  the southern part of Phillipines.

Today is NOT a day for signing up for parties but remember the veterans who paid the ultimate price of sacifice of their lives to liberate Europe including France from Adolf Hilter, only to be replaced by the Soviet Bloc, but 15 years ago this week , the Soviet Bloc crumbled down and who will predict we are fighting a global war on terrorism !!

TO ALL CHINESE PEOPLE'S ARMY, be on alert and fight for our MOTHERLAND, CHINA, and sacifice our lives to fight against any terrorists against our MOTHERLAND, CHINA !!!


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Today, we pay tribute and salute to our Chinese People's Army and her veterans i

Long Lives Our Chinese People's Army and her veterans who made the ultimate sacifice to defeat the Imperial Japanese Army and won the war and promote peace and harmony.

This day serves as a reminder that CHINA must be strong in military forces and protect our MOTHERLAND CHINA from foreign invasion but we believe world conflict can be solved NOT by the twin evil of George Bush and his twin brother of Tony Blair and his cousin in DOWN UNDER Howard try to create schism in this world between the East and the West.

Let's hope for world peace today and has a piece of quiet moment for the war deads during Vietnam War , Korean War, and WWII and the triumph of CHINA to become a nation of peace and prosperity instead of USA's bull dog George , the butcher of Fullajah, King Bush (Busch) !!!

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Hi, Xiao. The quoted is from bj Cd-English Clud topic contributors...

xIAO iF you are already a member of Bj CD clud, you cannot be too difficult to miss it for someone volunteers there keeping inform of its members what would be happening in next gathering.

the 1st floor located Western Coffee and Food Resturant,Buyone Plaza,Chao yao New avenue,Near to Chaoyao Gate ,Beijing Chaoyao District.

Then; to Super  Kanyuk!

recently some news came from Japan saying that Japan still consider China as a big threat militarically,insisted on its position to be equited with armforce to defend it.

Bush s Victory cleared up all cloud of uncertaincy,made everyone ready for implementation of new strategy relatively to  politic and trade

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Novemebr 11 is "Lest we forget" in French, but in Germany, Day of Mourning"Volks

I hope this Forum allows "Freedom of Speech" and may different readers contribute different cultural aspect of November 11 (111111 and its true meaning !)

Thanks CHINA DAILY to allow all readers to contribute and exchange ideas !!!

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