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Want to lose weight ? recommand food [Copy link] 中文

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being fat

   l wonder how many guys here attending this topic on losing weight. It's always been talked by girls. Of course, l am one of them who are fond of that. However, speaking is one thing, doing is another thing. So hard for me to make it.
l don't care.Because l am happy. Agree guys?

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take it easy!

Don't worry about your weight. Some boys, like me, are not fond of bone-like girls(of course you are a girl at first ). Just keep it on the understanding that you are healthy and feeling good.

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high pressure

if you have very big pressure from your living circumstances, then i can say ift's difficult for you to get weight !!

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Do your home work

drop the junk food, such as double cheese burger, freedom fries,pizza and etc....

The best way to lose weight is to do your home work. Exercise regulary and eat the healthy diet.

Nothing wrong to eat as long you eat right. As we getting older our metabolism will decrease, so we must watch what we eat and exercise atleast 3 time per week.

Resistance training or weight training will help you to lose weight quick, because its will help you increase the size of the skeletal muscle, which in turn increase you metabolism.

But don't forget to combine with the arobic exercise such as swiming and, walking and jocking as well.

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do, and it will not happen overnight.

Persistance, and displinary is the key to success.

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Do your spelling homework, boy!

Do your spelling homework, Drag.

"regularly”, not “regulary”
"aerobic”, not “arobic”
"swimming”, not “swiming”
"jogging”, not “jocking”
"persistence”, not “persistance”
"discipline”, not “displinary”

In fairness, you got the word “lose” right this time.  Keep it up!

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You ass need to lose 50 lbs. get your ass up! and then do some working out bitch!.

You need to be on strick diet, so don't eat those big mac, whopper, freedom fries.

Displine your ass so that you won't become a fat ass! like majority of the American.

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Thanks Doc Drag!

Thanks for the advice, Dr. Drag, but I already have a “strick” (sic) diet and I’m “displine” (sic) enough and I don’t go for super size.

What about your ass, Drag boy?

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