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What is your name. Dispute In the positions of Full name,Quiet Confused?! [Copy link] 中文

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Yeah,  "we  Should be proud of being a Chinese".  and We Hope  Everyone in the world can hear that....

Chinese have opportunity to compete  with their counterparts rather than mistaken as Japanese ethnically who once performed well on the world stage.

"The kinda of word-------Greatest  China... "has a big effect at home and abroad since China is becoming stronger and stronger in Modern time.

And We see  Chinese language has been practised by many lover and for the sake of doing business cross-country.

<<<<<<<<   Now,   Do you   prefer to using  Beijing,rather than Peking, in English composition or comunication.

....>>>>>>In the past several Decades,Everyone find it the common thing to place your Family name after you First name and middle name according to Habit of Naming in the West.

     and  China ofcourse follow the rule to sign their name in that way.

However , Some disputes undertaken for growing conscioueness of Chinese culture and Custom.

and The name have been an identity of Chinese people.

so you can see Even in Olympic Game, The name of Chinese atheltes have their name writen in Pingying of our own way .

and I m happy that,   I don't need to cost time to find an English for myself which seems to have some connection to my Chinese name.

and I don;t think it is unconvennient for foreign people to call  my name in Chinese..

yeah you will get used to it ,,,,  I don't think Chinese leader consider an English name as an important thing for them, Sun yat sun mightbe an exception.


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Can you Figure out Which are Chinese Name"............

Group one:

Wang  Nan.


Wang  NAN.



Nan  Wang.

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My "guess" is WANG Nan

But then again, I have seen "Wang" used as a given name, rather than as a family name.

It is all to do with familiarity of the name structure and what constitutes a family name, and what is a typical given name. I am sure most Chinese would be as familiar with European names as we are with Chinese names. Many Australians, like me, will be familiar with common Chinese family names seen in Australia such as Lee, So, Chan, Chong and so on.
We now are becoming more familiar with Vietnamese names in Australia (I do not know if they are traditionally written Family name first like Chinese names), but in Australia Vietnamese names are written in the European way. In fact the name Nguyen is now one of the most common in the phone book, and the "John Smith" of Vietnam (Than Nguyen) is a very common name.

A Malaysian born colleague is known by his family name "Beh", however his son, who has also worked at the same place (an Australian TV station) is known by his given name, in the way common to Australia.



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Congra. You have won the Guess Show whom awarded The honor of Beijing citizen..

wELcome to China if you like it or not

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Wooo hoo, I've won something!

Thankyou, LMKIICH (excuse my abbreviation of your name).

Of course I appear to be the only competitor!

I would have liked to see more correspondents contribute on this, as there's always something new and interesting to learn.



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What a sense of Humor!

Do you like  Humor!

What do you think of  Magic CREATED by  stun men.....

are they going to persuaded you, They are never die even beheaded,or dismembered

anyway you know it is not true , and you don't care about it even happy being fooled when you see they are fine again.

So what are some scientific methods they use to create  Great Magic performance... -------- isolation of Interest, optical effect....

wow  So cool... Why  Dicovery , the program expose so much truth even thou you don't want to see.

Do you get the same feeling when you see a documentary program of war with actors, or really soldier in it, actors pretended to be killed and tortured or real man being tortured and excuted

Do you appretiate  Black Humor that mean What.

You can laugh every just for a laugh.

Life need laugh, but  laugh for what

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