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Law equal for Chinese and foreigners [Copy link] 中文

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A short video clip showing anti-epidemic staff roughing up a foreigner who refused to wear a mask had gone viral on Sunday. On Monday, the police in Xi'an city's Yanta district said the foreigner had violated Chinese laws on epidemic control and public security and therefore they told him to leave China within a stipulated period. The foreigner had left by Tuesday.

The whole affair involving the foreigner and the anti-epidemic staff was dispensed with in less than 48 hours-displaying the inviolability of Chinese law and the determination of its enforcers.

It is legally binding on anyone living on Chinese soil-whether local or a foreigner-to wear a mask in public during the novel coronavirus outbreak. The viral video even showed the foreigner picking up a stone and hurling it at the anti-epidemic staff while screaming at them.

It was not clear if anybody suffered injuries, but such an attack could have invited criminal charges. Undoubtedly, the foreigner got the penalty he deserved, putting to rest rumors that foreigners enjoy "super-national" status in China, and escape penalty despite creating public disorder because some local police want to avoid trouble. The case in Xi'an is the best example that nobody breaking the law in China goes unpunished.

As globalization deepens, China will more frequently be hiring personnel from overseas, making foreigners a common sight in every corner of China. That should not make a dent on strict enforcement of the law, which is necessary to maintain social order in the country.

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Roughing up a foreigner? This is not what I saw in the video, I only saw the dude hurling a stone at a shop window ...

Believe it or not, it's true.

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Laws in China are made for Chinese but never obey as required let alone foreigners because Chinese laws allow some people to be above it. That must be stemmed out!

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It might catch on ond day In the uk.......

Yesterday middle Eastern family all gathered at a funeral with over 100 attending totally disrespecting the new guidelines about social distancing. Police attended but as soon  as they saw who they were  they left  quickly.
Selfish lot.....
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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GhostBuster Post time: 2020-4-3 23:19
Laws in China are made for Chinese but never obey as required let alone foreigners because Chinese  ...


Even locals or Chinese folks are typically " lousy learners " although many youngsters who had studied and lived outside China for a period of time and returned to China to behave like "white superiors  who think are above" stated national laws, rules and regulations. When will they all learn well into their heads and hearts as good Chinese values to demonstrate to the world of people and beasts of various dimensions ?

The other broken aspect of it is the blame upon parents who turn blind eyes on their "kids" and government offices who do not supervise their own kinds . Typically, you see often that LAND INSPECTION OFFICERS arriving in government cars "12345" almost weekly to inspect ( so-called inspection ) of a residential complex ( as joy rides and wastage of resources ) ; and disappeared. This sequence repeats weekly. When confronted " why do you guys come here for weekly to inspect what ? ; they shut up and left. This repeats ..... ! The said location is in a super modern city / district, Shenzhen, Yantian, DaMeiSha.  What about smaller townships and villages in practice ?

Can anyone explain or see how such foul work force of government employees are cheating upon their own resources and authorities ?  


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  A belligerent bloke from Africa, who's waiting for his coronavirus antibody test  in Qingdao, even scolded a Chinese young man  when the young man hectored this black man not to cut in line. Looking daggers at the Chinese man,  he bellowed out like a roaring tiger, asking the Chinese man to naff off. " Chinese  get out!" he  said indignantly.    Astonished, lots of people in China  sniped at  this African young man's  rudeness, demanding that he apologize for such amoral acts after seeing the video.  The African man, worried that  combustible nationalists might harass him,   posted a  handwritten letter online  saying " he should of -yes, he used of instead of have-spoken calmly. I hope everyone can pardon my actions, " he added

  I ran a check later on and found a  blog post written by someone claiming to be a grammarian. And this grammarian says " John O'Hara often used of for 've."

  For real?  Methinks I ain't got nothing to say to thee. Thou shalt not  get fresh. You know what I'm sayin,  bro?



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