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Taiwan Issue: Overcome but no war [Copy link] 中文

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PLA  Army made public, two  Air Aassaullt  Brigades are ready  in service .The difference with Army  helicopter troops is  Assaul Brigade commands  infantry and air force  together. In the events of war ,  ground and air force can go  front combined , breaking enemy defence more quickly.

This news matches well with the launching of Z -20 plane and 075 ambiphious  ship.  Z-20 is our first helicopter with over 10 ton loading  capacity, so  boosting soldiers and arms transport speed . And  075 is the new type of vertical landing duty  ship ,each ship can carry about 30 Z-20, and 2000 infantry soildiers. With 075, hard  beach  landforms can not stop the assault troops'landing. These concerted progress show PLA's preparation  to liberate TW is well in plan.

Before , PLA Air and Navy warplanes and fleets, including Liao Ning aircraft carrier have showed edge and muscles arroud TW   time anf again. Now,  Assault brigade means PLA army , the main force  to liberate TW, will enter fighting from the very beginning , sending new warns to TW Indepent Factions.

Of course, without US military intervention, TW arms means nothing.   PLA 's progress has come to a point,   the recently demonstrated  DF 41, JL2  ICBM (洲际导弹,) H6N bomber, DF17 missile, 055 destroyer, etc, are real warning to US hard liners.        For" overcome enemy with no war" is still the better choice,  but it needs mucsle and fists to back up.

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Overcome with cordon blockade of the island which will raise its shipping insurance costs and tank its economy; no war with display of maximum strength which will throw the ball right back at the US pacific fleet on whether it is willing to start a hot war - but at the same time be careful of blacklisting, freezing and expropriation of your financial assets on the basis of rivalry, war and national security.

On the last matter, the banking sector of one SEAsian country was forced to close all its iranian bank accounts of iranians there on threat of freezing of that country's financial assets and use of SWIFT if it did not adhere to the US' total sanctions on Iran. That's after Lighthizer had threatened a 'shakedown' on that country for supporting BRI.

The US has weaponized its dollar which is dangerous for a world awash in debt denominated in that currency. Geo-economics is the new game in town.

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markwu Post time: 2019-10-31 11:00
Overcome with cordon blockade of the island which will raise its shipping insurance costs and tank i ...

Good points.  Trade war has reminded Chinese what international relation really means. Fire wall should be paid more efforts.  Self reliance has to be looked in new way.   At the same time,  the sky won't fall at the end of the day, just look at the unification of Crime.

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In Power calls Peace strategy  to unify TW, ,  PLA  incrementally shows its progress.  In  thread here, we have discussed  the integrated  process of PLA  building up , after 071 horizontal landing ships,  Z20   utility helicopters, 075 vertical landing amphibious , ground army commanded Air Assault Brigades.   The recent revelation is on Parachuting troops. Photo articles show PLA is exercising to parachute cannons, tanks, and armored vehicles , together with soldiers. So the force , whence landed in battle fields, will have comprehensive weapons to conquer enemy.    Paratroopers belong to vanguard force  , and can land at the back of the enemy  line, cutting and blockading them.  After helicopter forces occupy the beach, paratroopers can parachute  in large numbers, consolidating camps of own side, prepare the way for main force army to finish the war.     PLA Air Force  keeps one paratrooper Army 空降军, usually has 100,000 man power, enough to sustain a medium scale war, therefor, ability to parachute heavy arms is basic and essential .

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               PLA SOF won't allow TW separatists to survive

Commando, or special operation force(SOF), is commented as Cream of the creams, and force multiplier of army.  Leading the way by US , world militaries devote more and more capital on SOF. Among them, Russia’s Spetnatz, UK’s SAS, and US Delta forces have glamorous reputations.

PLA traditionally has scouts units which master special skills, like 杨子荣Yangzirong, the well known scouts hero of  PLA.  However, the scouts often are attached to bigger units, the size is small, could not do independent warfares.

Recently,  PLA has deepened understanding that SOF can offer strategic power in the world stage; Though minimalism in nature, SOF can be more cost effective in many occasions, which are missions impossible to regular large army.

Since 1990s, PLA has input  intensively on SOF, and  the Navy’s jiaolong蛟龙, Air force’s leishen雷神, Military police’s xuebao雪豹 SOF are getting to fames .  

PLA ground force , in fact, has the most SOF troops. Every military region owns brigades level of SOF , and each sub unit has its own SOF.

Besides, Marine corps of Navy, Paratroops of Air force, and Airborne assault brigades of Ground force, all have SOF’s features, small but crack.

In 2018,  China held the first All PLA SOF joint military exercise. It immediately  arose the attention of world defence circles.

  TW military feels the pressure ,  for SOF won’t allow TW separatists to survive.

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