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Hypocrisy marks EU criticism of Hong Kong [Copy link] 中文

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"Be you ever so high," said the eminent British jurist Lord Denning, "the law is above you."
In the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, some people seem to think they can commit crimes with impunity. If so, they are only deceiving themselves. For some, at least, the day of reckoning is now on the horizon.
A number of after-the-event arrests have been made in recent days of assorted criminal suspects, ...

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Learn from history of China's humiliation in the hands of the European and western forces.
A divided, poor and backward China serves the West best.
We must never let this sad chapter of Chinese history be ever repeated.

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Talk all you want, but it will get you no where!

Carrie Lam have undertaken plenty talks with "our dear young people". She even appeared in live media streaming with them black clad, face masked thugs, offering them her motherly advice on peaceful resolution of their "anger".
Her number two, the professor Cheung went on TV making apologetic statements to the thugs, just hour after they stormed and wrecked the Legislative building.

When you are standing in the right path of the law, you then go bowing to the lawless destructive thugs, the game is lost.

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Every morning for the he past four months, I see our top cops condemning the violence. Telling them criminals their violent acts are breaking the laws of Hong Kong.
You think these young thugs don't know that already?Blocking the roads with makeshift road safety barriers;
Digging up the pavement for bricks to throw at the police;
Throwing petrol bombs on the street;
Wrecking our MTR stations;
Attacking people on the street who verbally criticize their lawlessness;
And physically attacking the low ranking riot police.

All hot air.

Making threats to the thugs, spelling out the force and the rule of the law, without the mean to enforce them is all pure empty talk, a waste of air time.

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" Once again, the European Union, for its own partisan purposes, has sought to exploit the situation. Earlier this year, even though nine of its member states had already signed extradition treaties with the Chinese mainland, the EU expressed its concerns to Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor over the city having a similar arrangement.
This, of course, was the height of hypocrisy, not least because Bulgaria, France, Italy and Spain had all recently returned fugitives to Beijing for trial, without problem. Spain alone has returned 218 fugitives, over telecommunications fraud, with the last group of 94 having been surrendered as recently as June.
This time, the EU's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has described the arrest of the suspects in Hong Kong as "extremely worrying", warning that the EU was "watching closely". If, however, Mogherini wants to watch anything "closely", she should scrutinize what is happening in the EU itself, in France.
Since the "yellow vest" protest movement began in Paris, in November 2018, there have been, as recently reported by the French Mediapart website, 11 deaths, with more than 2,000 people injured, including 95 journalists.
At least 23 demonstrators have also lost their eyesight as a result of police action.
In the first seven months of the yellow vest protests, French police arrested 8,400 protesters, of whom about 2,400 were remanded to custody. On Bastille Day alone (July 14), 157 protesters were arrested. There have been hundreds of prosecutions.
However, much of what has happened in France has been downplayed by the EU, or simply ignored.
Instead of hypocritically lecturing Hong Kong, Mogherini should take a long, hard look at the EU itself. Given its own record of policing demonstrations, the EU is in no position to pass judgment on others. Although it may think it can bully Hong Kong, it must remember that, even in these cynical times, double standards are always incompatible with credibility. "

The article above is very well presented and factual :

One cannot see the value of the criticism and so-called concern blared by the EU's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, so blindly and naively. The EU is hiding its own internal mass public crisis by invoking the situation of HK in such a way to divert its own troubles from its public outcries. This is truly cowardice and shameful of the EU though there must be questions about her hypocritical opinion.

Is Federica fit to be the foreign policy chief of the EU to insult the laws of HK (SAR) China ?

Is she being bribed by other hypocritical allies such the USA and Britain to collude with them to stir up and spur more troubles in HK (SAR) China ?

They ( NATO allies ) must all remember well in their sleepy heads and wayward hearts that HK is China and it can never be wracked up again by foreign NATO gangsters like they had viciously invaded, murdered, raped, burned and ransacked old-China a century ago when the latter was hopelessly a rat-shit house of sleeping lords. Old, ugly and horrendous days of China are gone for good unless every city and/or nation in this world wishes to burn forever in toxic ashes : remember this scenario well for it is no longer an unilateral onerous city and/or nation to burn and die, but all together as in one world of ashes and toxic air forever !  

Western forces (NATO) must refocus to develop a healthy world as one to live together peacefully and harmoniously. All unnecessary words are completely empty promises, politically and/or jealously, as well as being uselessness to all the people of the world.


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Kbay Post time: 2019-10-3 20:30
Every morning for the he past four months, I see our top cops condemning the violence. Telling them  ...

Agreed !

Since those HK young radical extremists / terrorists wish to embrace the western style of democracies and freedom(s), then just give them what they deserve and wish for so hungrily; that is, HK Policemen Policewomen must SHOOT first to kill ( cheaper and cleaner ) like their western peers in the USA, Australia, EU and Britain have been practicing for ages in order to protect themselves and the livelihoods of the local public. Otherwise, failing to do so, these mobs of monster-like radicals will ruin the entire city of HK soon ---> globally downgraded and financially degraded with its bonds ( standing ) continuously devalued by foreign agencies, wilfully or purposely, to kill it  !

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Comment: Democracy Is Under Attack. Will Europe Fight Back?

In early August, as speculation swirled that the Chinese army was getting ready to crack down on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, President Donald Trump was asked whether he was concerned about the situation there. “Hong Kong is a part of China,” he told reporters on the south lawn at the White House. “They’ll have to deal with that themselves.”

Trump’s ambivalence unsettled politicians in European capitals, where the events in Hong Kong were being closely watched. Not only was the supposed leader of the free world giving Beijing what seemed like a green light, but, in doing so, he was raising pressure on the European Union and its member states—which had remained silent for weeks—to make their own views clear. Europe felt that it had to step into the breach and take a stand on democracy.

Still, it took the EU nearly two weeks to put out a brief statement. And it was far from strong, urging both sides in the Hong Kong conflict to exercise restraint. For the protesters, it was cold comfort.  CLICK on to read more:

EU is disintegrating fiercely and loudly but shocking news of hypocrisy is emerging in futile attempts to mind the affairs of other nations. Are EU politicians and ugly hawks preferring to see their own people in EU to :

1.  Burn public and private properties at will ?

2.  Destroy and fold up all means of transportation ?

3.  Viciously attacked their parliaments and legislative offices ?

4. Daring to attack Police forces ( men and women ) and lawmakers publicly ?

5. Masked up faces to hide while tearing down street cameras that are used to collect data of weather and pollution factors ?

6. Attack the public ( tourists and locals ) who speak French in Germany or Dutch in England or German in Holland, etc..etc... throughout EU ?

7. Attack international and domestic Airports and terminals while blocking roads and rails ?

8. Subway attacks and derailing of trains and/or MTR ?

Many more disturbing scenarios such as attacking family members ( spouses and children ) of the Law enforcement personnel or policemen / policewomen. EU fellows must use their prejudiced hearts and very racially biased heads to think what are better for their own countries, individually as well as one within EU .  

You are having millions of refugees waiting to be settled within EU who were displaced by your interference in spurring up hatreds and crisis outside of the EU. One supposed YOU EU can take in thousands more from HK's unhappy lots; won't you offer in your cries for your style of democracy ?

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