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Should hotels provide disposable daily necessities? [Copy link] 中文

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1584austin Post time: 2019-5-15 23:12
5* hotels generally leave fancy little plastic bottles of conditioner, shampoo & shower gel. that' ...

1: Yangtze River
The Yangtze is Asia's longest river and the third-longest river in the world. It also tops the list of river systems through which the most plastic waste flows into the oceans, according to a recent study. The Yangtze flows into the East China Sea near Shanghai and is crucial to China's economy and ecology. The river basin is home to 480 million people — one-third of the country's population.

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The soap can be replaced by bottle-packed liquid chemical substance for washing, which will be used up by many people. So no waste and less pollution!
Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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China doesn't know her strength. If she wants to, she can galvanize society to achieve unparalleled success in specific directions because owing to her socialist past her society remains a singular one-pattern organism. In lesser words, she can will something very quickly through massive unification.  Such as directed towards waste reduction, cost efficiency and climate control.

But there is another problem. It is because of new-found ability to improve matters that the question of downside negative effects have been too easily ignored. By improving matters is here meant ease of use.

Take the 42,000 who had petitioned to return plastic straws because they can't slurp their McD milkshares or mcdfreeze.  But did they think what happens when billions of such non-degradable plastic straws end up in landfills and rivers?  The soil will be toxified and the water made uninhabitable for the fauna that fish need so that just because one likes to slurp a foreign, furthermore unhealthy, drink, one's future generations who will number more won't be able to enjoy seafood whose population will become smaller in numbers?

The result is higher cost of seafood and nutritional deprivation of millions besides increased costs for recycling of waste and habitat rehabilitation.

And the reason why the petitioners omitted to think of all that is because they haven't seen the negative effects of waste pollution onto a silent Mother Earth which has been suffering for years from all the accumulated deposits of waste thrown without a thought of the future.

Since man comes from her and man cannot digest those wastes, why must anyone assume she can?

It is a lesson of life that when one enjoys today, one must however keep an eye on the future. The opening up has let to unfettered materialism without taking into account future costs that future generations will have to bear, if at all possible, by then.

So if not yet done, time now for a national full-blast publicity program on the dangers ahead from unnecessary and avoidable waste and the bad effects of waste pollution that will ricochet and boomerang back onto one's society after one is gone. And no more import of other peoples' wastes just for a profit.

And if one must slurp those sugar-high dandies, bring own spoon and old plastic straw but remember to take them home to be cleaned for reuse again.  A tiny personal inconvenience for the universal badge of saving one's world.

Keep China clean and pristine and efficient.

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