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China urges U.S. to revoke arrest warrant, extradition request on Huawei CFO [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese appreciate strength, so the US has to negotiate with china out of strength, rather than we ...

Wrong there! In this trade war, China has been showing restraint; it is the US that appreciates strength, demanding and threatening!

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Crooked; Rotten To The Core

David P. Goldman admits he's commandeered Hong Kong based Asia Times Online, despite being a jewish Amerikan. Goldman also admits he's a zionist, a former bankster and, from his daft articles a lying scumbag.

Here's Asia Times Online showing flagrant bias: In appointing Dominic Barton its ambassador to China, the Canadian government has recognized that what it needs in Beijing at the moment is not a senior diplomat, but a hostage negotiator.
. . .
The arrest of Meng and the kidnapping of the two Michaels . . .

- Canada picks ‘hostage negotiator’ as China envoy

Yet, even the jewish-controlled, state-run BBC referred to Meng as a "hostage". And the new ambassador is NOT a hostage negotiator which is why the lying scumbags even admit it by putting it in quotes.

Everything about her KIDNAPPING is wrong:

1) the Great Satan's sanctions imposed on Iran are, themselves, illegal,

2) the Great Satan has no jurisdiction,

3) the subsidiary in question is legally separate from Huawei anyway,

4) war criminal, The Donald, has admitted it's a kidnapping by offering to release her as part of his trade thuggery,

5) the extradition treaty requires violation of the laws of the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada but there is no violation, and

6) the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada violated Meng's rights when they detained her at the airport as they waited for the Great Satan to generate some trumped-up charges.

Similarly, the attack on Huawei is completely crooked. All accusations have, so far, been proved baseless, whilst the NSA has been exposed as having hacked Huawei's headquarters and demanded a back door. FedEx has illegally shipped Huawei documentation to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika which it apologised for, lying that it was a mistake and then admitting it was in compliance with the illegal attack on Huawei.

By contrast, everything about the arrest of the two Michaels is kosher:

1) Alex Mihailovic admits that the number of arrests of kanadians in China is not unusual,

2) China has jurisdiction, and

3) the two Michaels have been charged with actual crimes, where claims of their innocence by western propaganda rags are conspicuous by their absence.

As usual the lies are "palpably absurd": Until now, the Justin Trudeau government has remained dedicated to the rule of law and an independent judiciary while trying unsuccessfully to open back-channel discussions with Beijing.

But soon after the KIDNAPPING of Meng, Trudeau was caught up in a scandal where Trudeau interfered with that "rule of law" and "independent judiciary" he's supposed to be dedicated to: Two weeks ago, journalists at the Globe and Mail blew the lid off a scandal involving Trudeau and his closest aides, where the prime minister appeared to pressure Wilson-Raybould, then the attorney general, into offering a DPA to a Quebec-based engineering firm - then fired her when she refused to obey his demands.
- Will Trudeau Resign After Former AG's Explosive Testimony?

And here's more admissions: Canada has had no ambassador in Beijing since January when John McCallum was fired. McCallum, a former minister in Trudeau’s government, had a long record of excessive enthusiasm for Beijing’s interests. He was fired after telling a Chinese-language audience in Toronto that he thought Meng had a strong case for avoiding extradition to the US.

The Great Satan has also imprisoned chinese Amerikans who:

1) gave lectures in China where the material was common-knowledge as he'd given the lecture in public many times before, and
2) shared EUROPEAN cryogenic technology with China in the sino-european joint sat-nav project, which the Great Satan vowed to sabotage and then did.

And here's a lie that's already been debunked: China Communications was also involved in the questionable acquisition of Hambantota port in Sri Lanka, which has led to much outrage and civil disturbance among local people.

There wasn't even a default by Sri Lanka!!!
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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