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Will driverless cars hit the streets in 2019? [Copy link] 中文

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In 1926, a “phantom motor car” took the streets of Milwaukee in Wisconsin, controlled by a “master mind” that could shift gears, turn the steering wheel “and even ‘sass' the policeman at the corner.”

Ninety-three years later, that report from the Milwaukee Sentinel still seems like it could have been written yesterday.

That “autonomous” car may have been radio-controlled by a vehicle driving behind it, but it was decades ahead of its time and shows just how long the driverless dream has been, well, a dream.

The radio-controlled "phantom car," invented by Francis Houdina, being driven around Boston in 1926. /VCG Photo

But in 2019, we are closer to that dream becoming a reality than ever before.

Billions of dollars have been spent on researching and developing driverless technology. Baidu launched its Apollo open source platform in April 2017 for autonomous driving, as well as establishing a 1.5 billion U.S. dollar fund to support driverless startups.

The tech itself has existed for years, with millions of miles of testing already conducted in China, the U.S. and elsewhere.

Once 5G goes global, it will be able to connect smart vehicles and cities with one another – one of the key components in fully realizing driverless technology.

Some might argue that driverless technology is here already.

In Phoenix, Arizona, Alphabet subsidiary Waymo launched the world's first commercial driverless ride-hailing services last December – but there was a catch. Riders are all pre-vetted, and a human safety operator is always behind the wheel. It is a huge leap forward, but not full autonomy.

An image of a Baidu Apollo 3.0 autonomous vehicle displayed during the Baidu Create conference in Beijing, July 2018. /VCG Photo

When the first fatalities involving autonomous vehicles occurred in 2016, it became clear that either the world wasn't ready for this technology, or this technology wasn't ready for the world.

Human error, unpredictable drivers and pedestrians, hacking and digital failure – the risks involved with driverless technology are all too evident.

But autonomous tech is constantly evolving, and with traditional car manufacturers either developing driverless AI systems on their own or partnering with tech giants like Google and Baidu, advances in autonomous driving could come quicker than anticipated.

China has established guidelines for testing driverless vehicles, with major cities allowing prototypes to experiment on their roads. While private driverless vehicles intended for commercial use aren't expected to go on sale for another decade, ride-hailing will likely be the starting point.

The city of Wuhan in central China's Hubei Province is currently constructing a “5G smart highway,” which Xinhua describes as a network of smart, connected roads designed for autonomous transport services.

And Chinese company launched a driverless ride-hailing app earlier this year. At present it is only available to staff as a test, but it shows yet again that this technology is on the cusp of hitting the streets.

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Good read, thanks for posting it.
Looks like China will lead in  this field.

From 2017...
IF YOU LIVE in Southern California and you’ve ordered one of those fancy new smart refrigerators in the past few weeks, it may have hitched a ride to you on a robotruck.

Since early October, autonomous trucks built and operated by the startup Embark have been hauling Frigidaire refrigerators 650 miles along the I-10 freeway, from a warehouse in El Paso, Texas, to a distribution center in Palm Springs, California. A human driver rides in the cab to monitor the computer chauffeur for now, but the ultimate goal of this (auto) pilot program is to dump the fleshbag and let the trucks rumble solo down the highway.

Still more research and testing to be done.

Now how about pilot-less airplanes.............

j/k no thanks
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HailChina! Post time: 2019-3-23 08:17
70% of Americans are afraid of driverless cars. There are hardly any cars on the roads that feature  ...

Please do not mix up, 'auto-pilot' and 'driverless' or 'driver free' automobiles.

Presume you are confused but do not mislead others into the same pit.

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HailChina! Post time: 2019-3-23 08:24
The other thing is that the only real way to make driverless technology safe is through central plan ...

Please do not impress upon others about technology let alone, 'driverless' cars as you presume to have central contro and even command.

That technology would be appropriate for the last few generations back!

Assume you are not conversant in technology.

There are several types of one-in-all nanochip that could even analyse after forming 3-D images at the fraction of those for missiles.

Nothing new! Just happen to work on them!

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