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Boeing should realize safety is not empty talk [Copy link] 中文

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(People's Daily Online) Following the similar crashes of two Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, a Lion Air flight last October and an Ethiopian Airlines flight which crashed earlier this month, leading to 189 and 157 deaths respectively, Boeing issued a statement declaring that safety was the company's number one priority, and the plane manufacturer had full confidence in the safety of the 737 MAX.

However, safety cannot be realized by merely issuing a statement. Many believe the company announcement showed a lack of respect to passengers’ lives and did not provide sufficient data to back up the safety claims.

So far, dozens of countries and regions have decided to ground the 737 Max 8 planes for safety concerns, following China, the first country to do so. Even the US, home to the multinational airplane corporation, has since suspended the use of the aircraft.

Out of basic humanitarianism, or at least business ethics, Boeing should look inwards rather than making irrelevant statements.

“We understand that regulatory agencies and customers have made decisions that they believe are most appropriate for their home markets. We'll continue to engage with them to ensure they have the information needed to have confidence in operating their fleets.” Such remarks carry no respect for the lives lost in either tragedy.

Boeing has conquered the industry market in recent years, making a handsome profit from its 737 Max jets.

In 2018 alone, Boeing earned a total revenue of $101 billion with a net profit of over $10 billion, an increase of 19 percent year on year.

Money poured in from commercial jetliners, making as much as 60 percent of the company's total revenue that year, according to the annual company report.

These achievements may explain Boeing’s ambiguous stance on the crash, while as the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, it still needs to shoulder its responsibilities.

After getting hit by a sharp fall in shares, Boeing is also facing the compensation claims made by Norwegian Air Shuttle for costs and lost revenue generated from the grounding of its 737 Max 8 fleet. “We expect Boeing to foot this bill,” said an airline spokesperson.

Though the cause of both crashes has not yet been identified, one thing is for certain - a company refusing self-reflection and, most importantly, putting profits before safety, is never acceptable.

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Human lives mean nothing when the western warmongers see a bigger gain through war

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Air travel must put SAFETY AS TOP PRIORITY!

Boeing will loose some profit with this problem but people forget too soon about it for one reason or another, especially if it is not related.

Sad but that is the truth!

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Fly on Chinese Aircraft
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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That the U.S. simply doesn't care about the lives of foreigners can be seen from the fact that after the Ethiopian disaster on March 10 in which 157 passengers died including 8 Chinese passengers, the NYSE dropped only a few percentage points.  Boeing's stocks initially went down 13% but quickly recovered to 5.33%.  The public mood was amazingly calm and composed in the U.S. as if it weren't even worth a mention.

Initially Boeing kept silent and pretended that it didn't know the probable cause of the plane's failure when the company's chief executive was asked about the head-down air disaster by the media.  It refused to take the drastic step of completely grounding of all 8-MAXs -- which was what it should have done -- quoting unnamed 'difficulties.'  

It was a monstrously selfish decision unbecoming its self-appointed role as a superpower that it failed to ground the planes even in their own continental U.S.  

This infantile betrayal of public trust by the Military Industrial Complex, of which Boeing is a major player, to put public safety above company profits is the most telling sign that the U.S. is unfit to be a leader except perhaps in her fantasies.  Gone are the Puritan work ethics and morality that used to define the social fabric of the up-and-coming Young America.

America today is like a grouchy old man who used to be in control of everything and now finds that he is all alone in a dark room wearing an adult diaper -- smelly and immobilized in a wheelchair counting his nickels and pennies.  

It even mumbled complaints when China was the first nation to ground all 8-MAXs, saying that China was doing it for unwarranted political and not technical reasons.

It wasn't until Donald Trump was shown undeniable evidence from satellite pictures of the scene of the accident that the order to ground all 8-MAXs was given -- five days after China had taken the lead to ground all 8-MAXs despite the fact that her airlines had to incur huge financial losses secondary to the flight cancellations.

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Boeing 737 has been around for ages.  

Its basic design platform has been the same in all 737 models for more than six decades.  To ask Boeing to take the drastic step of remodeling the floor plan to accommodate the most recent developments in space-occupying hardware would be prohibitively expensive.

That's why they chose to use software to compensate for the myriad unsafe features of the 737-8-MAX and 737-9 models.  

That's as if you’re trying to use a band-aid to cover another smaller band-aid which in turn had been used to cover a gunshot wound, when a radical surgical procedure should have been performed in order to fend off Gram-negative sepsis and shock.

If software upgrade of M.C.A.S is the only thing that’s separating a safe and an unsafe plane they would have done it a long time ago even before the Indonesian incident, for Boeing knew very well the 737-8 MAX wasn't safe from its own testing data.

The FAA used to check upon the safety data of all test flights, but in the case of the 8-MAX it shirked its responsibility and let Boeing engineers do their own testing and data gathering.

That's because the 8-MAX was projected to be the biggest money-maker in Boeing's history -- accounting for 1/3 or 34 % of its yearly revenue at $30 Billion a year.

It was no accident that Donald Trump selected Boeing as one of his first presidential visiting destinations in 2016 because the Aerospace giant was emblematic of U.S. manufacturing prowess in high-tech industries, not to mention its anchoring position in America's Military-Industrial Complex.

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Here I am going to invoke some technical terms that you can find in any U.S. Aviator's Guide to Navigation for further studies, so I am not going to reiterate what you naughty boys and girls can do on your own.

In the case of the 8-MAX, the M.C.A.S. software takes over the control operations of the plane (in other words, it is activated automatically) when the Angle of Attack is high and the autopilot is off.  At this stage of the game its flaps are up and the plane is turning steeply.

The M.C.A.S. then moves the horizontal stabilizer trim upward at 27 degrees per second up to 9.26 seconds at a time.

The deactivation occurs when the Angle of Attack is sufficiently lowered and pilots can do their job with normal trim.

No such training was given to foreign pilots -- who didn't even know the software exists.

That's why the post-mortem data of the Lion Airlines disaster showed that the Indonesian pilot had been frantically struggling at least 20 times to try to lift up the nose of the plane when the software told it to nosedive – at that point he must be thinking that supernatural forces were at work because he didn't know about the M.C.A.S. overriding his manual operation of the plane.

Boeing had this mentality that since the company had been a leader in civilian aircraft manufacturing for such a long time, it did not want to give up the humongous, lucrative profits of the 737-8-MAX.  That's why it released the planes into the market when its own test data showed that it wasn't safe to have such a plane in the sky.

So here we go back to the comparison I’ve made earlier about Uncle Sam being the grouchy old man being left alone sitting on a broken wheelchair in a dark toilet counting his nickels and pennies.

This oldster is so used to the idea of calling the shots and killing the Indians point blank that he doesn't realize that times have changed and he himself is now the shooting target, and he needs to respect other people around him and stop being such a nuisance.

His self-aggrandizing behavior has landed him in the unenviable position of having to beg the nurse for a dry diaper.

What Boeing should have done is to quit the mid-size jet market and concentrate on what it does best -- the large wide-body jets.

Lacking the will, the ability and the funds to make fundamental changes to the old 737 platform, the 8-MAX was a disaster waiting to happen and it wasn't a question of "if."

It was a question of "when."

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