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Title: Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max [Print this page]

Author: AaronLDY    Time: 2019-3-15 17:01:29     Title: Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max

An American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8, on a flight from Miami to New York City, comes in for landing at LaGuardia Airport in New York, March 12, 2019. [Photo/Agencies]

U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing's efforts to defend the safety of its jets backfired Wednesday as the U.S. government bowed to international pressure to ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) initially refused to ground the 737 Max, cautioning against comparing the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday with the October crash of the same model operated by Indonesia's Lion Air.

Pressure on the FAA mounted as a growing number of countries suspended flights by the plane or barred it from their airspace.

China was the first country in the world to suspend all Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes and over 40 countries including Singapore, Australia, Canada and the European Union followed suit.

"Given that two accidents both involved the newly delivered Boeing 737-8 planes and happened during the take-off phase, they had some degree of similarity," China's Civil Aviation Administration said on its website, adding that the move was in line with the principle of zero tolerance for safety hazards.

"China has an excellent safety track record in civil aviation. In part, it comes from an absolute willingness to take decisions like these, even if it seems an overly cautious use of the powers," Gordon Orr, a senior adviser to McKinsey China, said on the social network LinkedIn.

The United States is the last major country in the world to act on Boeing with U.S. President Donald Trump telling a press event Wednesday that "all of those planes are grounded, effective immediately."

The FAA followed up on Trump's remarks with a statement, ordering the temporary grounding of Boeing 737 Max aircraft operated by U.S. airlines or in U.S. territory.

The move came hours after Canada announced it is pulling Boeing 737 Max aircraft from the sky.

"The grounding will remain in effect pending further investigation, including examination of information from the aircraft's data recorders and cockpit voice recorders," the FAA statement said.

The change of attitude, according to the FAA, was the "newly refined satellite data" and physical evidence on the crash site that linked the Ethiopian jet's movements to those of the Lion Air flight that plunged into the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia shortly after departure, killing all 189 on board.

"That evidence aligns the Ethiopian flight r to Lion Air, what we know happened to Lion Air," said Daniel Elwell, acting FAA administrator.

U.S. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has called for the grounding of the aircraft since Monday, said the FAA took a right but "overdue" step.

"This step is right, but unacceptably overdue. Our nation should be leading, not lagging, in air safety. Strong, immediate scrutiny is necessary," Blumenthal tweeted, stressing that the U.S. public deserve to know "when this possible defect was 1st known, what will be done about it &who is responsible."

Boeing issued a statement saying it was supporting the temporary grounding "out of an abundance of caution."

Boeing said Monday it is planning to make a safety upgrade to software that is to be deployed across the 737 Max fleet in the coming weeks.

Despite Sunday's air crash in Ethiopia, Boeing said that the 737 Max is "a safe airplane that was designed, built and supported" by its skilled employees.

Ethiopia said it would send the black boxes recovered from the crash site to France for analysis, which could provide crucial information about what happened.

The 737 Max is Boeing's most important aircraft type, generating about one third of the company's operating profit.

According to the FAA, there are 387 Boeing 737 Max 8 jets in operation at 59 airlines worldwide, 74 of which are registered in the United States.

Since debuting in 2017, the Max jets, which is a key part of Boeing's effort to compete with rival Airbus, have plunged the company into its worst crisis in years.

Boeing shares decreased sharply on Wednesday shortly after Trump's decision to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets, but pared losses later in the day and d up 0.46 percent. By far this week, the stock fell more than 10 percent.

A Boeing 737 Max 8 plane of Ethiopian Airlines crashed on Sunday morning, killing all 157 passengers and crew members on board. The plane crash was the second fatal incident involving the same model in five months.

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Author: GhostBuster    Time: 2019-3-15 22:30:28

Boeing could and should have delayed delivery than to compete with AirBus to capture lost market share!

Today, the world must be given full logical analysis with sound conclusion as well as to guarantee it will never happen!

US giants are treating the rest of the world like idiots!

Most important is not to let it happen to 5G, though no life will be lost but US goes down the drain!

Author: GhostBuster    Time: 2019-3-15 22:36:36

In 2018, Boeing marked crossing its historical USD100Billion mark in orders!

Now trouble just starts to show how deadly it really is!

Human lives lost instantaneously without mercy!

Never try to beat your competitor with that because it will only hit yourself below your own belt!

Author: GhostBuster    Time: 2019-3-15 22:40:51

US has tried to show the world but now might have hit its own feet with rock in its own hands, real hard!

Perhaps, US will hit the same output for 5G!

Too bad!

Author: wchao37    Time: 2019-3-16 03:15:06

Looks like the plane went head down towards the ground -- imagine the panicky feelings the passengers must have had in the last ten seconds of their lives.  

They had barely left the ground when this tragedy took place.

I heard rumors that the culprit software used by Boeing 737 MAX was made in India -- I hope that's untrue.  India makes good software and imagine what kind of a blow this will make to her IT tech sector in places like Bengalore.
Author: Kbay    Time: 2019-3-16 05:47:09

The Federation Aviation Administration acted in a most despicable way.
This US air safety watchdog was supposed to be independent and none bias.
Even when every country that owned a Boeing Max ordered the grounding of the plane, and most countries closed their airspace to Max, the FAA continued to insist the Boeing plane was safe to fly, airworthy.
Trump had to act as the FAA inspector to tie down the Boeing Max to avoid further embarrassment of the USA.
Author: Kbay    Time: 2019-3-16 12:05:01

This Ethiopian Boeing Max crash clearly exposed the long belief the FAA is partisan, too involved with Boeing.
As things stands, Boeing will call the shot which aircraft can fly in and out of the USA. It will have an unfair lead competitive on other global aircraft manufacturers.
The Chinese government should make preparation its responses to possible stance of the FAA taking bias aggressive tact against the C919 granting its Airworthy certification in the USA.

Author: petera    Time: 2019-3-16 12:25:21


The new A320 has also had a lot of problems with it's geared turbofan engines.
Author: wchao37    Time: 2019-3-16 15:34:08

China should speed up development of its own fleet of civilian airplanes -- the experts need to find a way to out-compete the Americans in the delivery of C939, C949 etc. within the next 18 years -- that's the minimum amount of time needed to thoroughly test new models according to an independent source.  But I believe it can be even earlier.

Author: GhostBuster    Time: 2019-3-18 12:00:36

Boeing cuts cost by engaging its software to be written in India.

India does have a reputation for below standards achievement.

Now, Boeing is in deep ditch!

Author: Saul    Time: 2019-3-19 01:25:18

wchao37 Post time: 2019-3-16 02:34
China should speed up development of its own fleet of civilian airplanes -- the experts need to find ...

China should speed up development of its own fleet of civilian airplanes hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Sure, fly on a chinese airplane  hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-23 23:15:47


Boeing reportedly sold the 737 Max planes that crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia without two safety features that the US aircraft manufacturer offers airlines for an additional cost.
. . .
“They’re critical, and cost almost nothing for the airlines to install,” Bjorn Fehrm, an analyst at the aviation consultancy Leeham, told the newspaper. “Boeing charges for them because it can. But they’re vital for safety.”

- Doomed Boeing planes lacked two optional safety features – report

Isn't that a bit like Gangster Motors refusing to install stabiliser bars in the 1950s because they figured it would be cheaper to be sued by the relatives of the dead; a trick they repeated with the ignition switches which weren't to specification and which killed over 100 victims over more than a decade.

There's also been attempts to claim insufficient pilot training was responsible rather than a botched design that tended to stall, a botched patch-up involving a single sensor and a further botched design which didn't allow pilots the usual facility of over-riding the daft "safety" feature.

Yet more scandal: The FAA delegated a lot of the testing to Boeing itself, just like the self-regulating banksters: Here’s some of what we learned. First, the FAA essentially outsourced much of its certification process for the 737 MAX planes to Boeing itself. Yes, you read that right.
. . .
After the Lion Air Flight 610 crash, Boeing for the first time provided to airlines details about MCAS. Boeing’s bulletin to the airlines stated that the limit of MCAS’s command was 2.5 degrees.

That number was new to FAA engineers who had seen 0.6 degrees in the safety assessment.

- Boeing/FAA Saga "Is A Perfect Microcosm Of Our Twisted & Broken Culture"

Presumably, Carmen Segarra will be avoiding Boeing planes like the plague.

Ethiopia has refused to send the black-boxes to the Great Satan because, as Huawei says, "Prism, Prism, on the wall, who is the most trustworthy of all?"

The above article mentions cost-savings a lot. UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE. It looks like they've cut every single corner they could find and carried on cutting to the bone, then right through it, or as they complain in Poodleville that it's "run by accountants".
Author: pnp    Time: 2019-3-24 13:28:21

Boeing self-certified this airctaft as safe; the FAA outsourced this function to Boeing, and those passengers paid the price with their lives!  
Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-25 17:26:49

Saul Post time: 2019-3-19 01:25
China should speed up development of its own fleet of civilian airplanes  hahahahahahahahahahaha ...

Look at what a sleazebag Saul is!!! All he/she/wtf has is bigotry! That's why they claim Asians can't innovate and why they peddle the lie that Albert Einstein wasn't the dumbf**k his teachers said he was.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-25 17:37:45

GhostBuster Post time: 2019-3-18 12:00
Boeing cuts cost by engaging its software to be written in India.

India does have a reputation fo ...

And look!

THIS bigot tries to blame indian software for a dangerously unstable amerikan krudmobile. We all know Amerikans can't write software. Just look at Billy Gates's bug-ridden (of both types) s**tware which includes an NSA backdoor Tesla krapware and Google's even worse Android s**tware.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-26 19:10:12

Stop Lying and PUT IT RIGHT!
- or no one will ever fly Boeing ever again

The reputation of the entire anglo/amerikan gangster krudmobile industry is in danger of forever being synonomous with lethal excrement. Already, both Ford and Gangster Motors have cut production of saloon krudmobiles and are concentrating only on the more lucrative trucks because they have a lower safety requirement. Also, the amerikan snake-oil industry faces rebellion against fraudulent vaccinations that the likes of Billy Gates is peddling. And no one will buy Cisco routers now that we know the NSA intercepts them, installs bugs and then re-applies the factory seals. Attempts to smear Supermicro of doing similarly, have backfired, with computer experts comparing the lie to a unicorn jumping over a rainbow and both the supposed victims, Amazon and Apple, demanding that Bloomberg BS retract their propaganda story.

Like the scene in the movie, Vice Versa, where the store executive's son, in his father's body, takes responsibility for 100,000 defective toy mooses and recalls ALL of them, whilst all the "ying yangs" sloped their shoulders, Boeing needs to stop doing an "Elon Musk" and blaming pilot training and software and to put right the fault PROPERLY. A krappy software update won't fix an unstable design. STOP with the infantile, crock o' s**t pack of pathetic lies. No more stooopid propaganda stunts such as having Elaine Chao fly in one of these dangerous krudmobiles after every other nation on the planet has banned them! That's just more of the same double-or-nothing gambling that caused this problem in the first place and which has already knocked $40bn off Boeing's valuation!!!!

Of course, someone (most probably on the board) should be going to jail. But that would only confirm the criminal negligence driven by greed and these gangsters want to avoid the compensation costs. That's why the Volkswagen executive got 7 years in jail over the absurd "cheat device" which wasn't a device at all and killed ZERO people and why they murdered Jean Charles de Menezes when no one was taking their freedom-fighter scaremongering seriously.

However, if the reputation of amerikan krapware is to survive at all, there needs to be jail-time. Already Gangster Motors has got away with a mere $12m fine for murdering over 100 victims over a period of over a decade with the not-to-specification ignition switch just as they did with the stabiliser bar in the 1950s. NO ONE WENT TO JAIL . . . . . AGAIN! This is why "nobody buys amerikan any more"; they know crime is ENCOURAGED rather than prosecuted! These gangsters extorted over $30m out of Kim Dotcom and Navinder Sarao, each, despite neither having violated ANY LAWS. The $4.8m T-Mobile extorted out of Huawei for krappy Tappy only shows that T-Mobile is run by a bunch of sleazy crooks.

They also need to stop defaulting on the 600 tons of gold they owe China, stop defaulting on the gold they owe Venezuela, return all the thieved artefacts in the Poodle Museum of Plunder including Myanmar's ruby, India's Koh-i-Noor diamond and all of China's artefacts looted from the Summer Palace and then they need to pay the quadrillions in reparations they owe to the rest of the World. It's not as though they aren't already headed for the u-bend of history.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-28 22:25:48

That Was Quick; TOO QUICK
- more lies; more quick fixes

Yes folks, Boeing tried to cut every corner and then some, murdering hundreds of people in two crashes. To beat Airbus in the race to bring a fuel-efficient plane to market they modified a design that couldn't take the extra power making it dangerously unstable. That's WHY they installed the MCAS sticking-plaster.  

And they're STILL playing fast and loose with people's lives!!!!!

It's like the badly designed amerikan krudmobiles which even they refer to as "amerikan muscle cars", meaning they're crude with suspension, steering and brakes often not designed to match the engine power. They can't make fuel-efficient cars because in the amerikan idiocracy they don't really understand engines and only make them as big and as powerful as they can as a selling point.

Perhaps because they didn't want to admit it was dangerously unstable, they didn't inform the pilots about it. That would explain why they issued a BS excuse that it was cost-saving not to give pilot training for it. That's similar to Poodleville's krappy "cheesegrater" tower which had bolts which fell off due to their own weight but where they claimed it was "hydrogen embrittlement", despite hydrogen being lighter than air.

The latest BS excuse is that they failed to install additional safety sensors which they will now make standard plus change the software to cancel the MCAS krapware if the sensors disagree: The Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), designed to keep the plane from stalling, reacts to sensors which detect whether the jet is climbing at too steep an angle.

But an investigation of the Lion Air flight last year suggested the system malfunctioned, and forced the plane's nose down more than 20 times before it crashed into the sea killing all 189 passengers and crew.

- Boeing announces fixes for its 737 Max aircraft

That's a crock o' s**t. Notice how it only claims it "suggested" some vague malfunction. In all probability the sensors were working as they were supposed to but the daft system thought it was in a stall when it was, in fact, climbing steeply. It contradicts the preceding paragraph which just about admits this.

And NOW, with the "fix", if the sensors ACTUALLY DO fail, the software will override the sticking-plaster and the pilots will have a dangerously unstable krudmobile (on auto-pilot) which stalls and then you're in SERIOUS TROUBLE. Imagine being a passenger and suddenly the pilot has to push it into a steep dive to recover from a stall with no time to tell everyone to put their seat-belts on!!!

Like Elon Musk changing the priority of the sensors to favour LIDAR after a driver was decapitated because his Tesla failed to see the side of a HUGE truck trailer, if the fix was that simple why wasn't it designed like that in the first place?

It seems installing a manual over-ride switch for MCAS is just too expensive! But even that won't correct a dangerously unstable design.

It's like the amerikan krudmobile that had electric door locks, so the spivs did away with the mechanical mechanisms to save money. One elderly driver got locked in and died in his baking-hot krudmobile when his battery was flat. There was an emergency mechanism but it'd probably been a while since he'd read the manual.

Even worse, not only were the pilots not informed of the new "safety" system, there was no way of over-riding it either: Mr Elwell said that he was "confident" in the MCAS system and that pilots were trained in how to deal with a situation where a plane drops suddenly.

However, when asked about how he would have handled a plane that dropped 21 times in a matter minutes as the Lion Air flight in Indonesia did before it crashed last October, Mr Elwell, a trained pilot, said: "I'd have to get back to you on the specific."

So, like Elon Musks's so-called autopilot which made violent and dangerous manoeuvres when in urban locations, the pilots found the krudmobile making sudden and violent drops repeatedly. If you wanted to cause pilots to soil their pants this is an IDEAL way to do it. Perhaps Boeing should be renamed Boing-Boing.

It needs at the very least a re-design to allow the pilots to override this "trim". But ideally, the krudmobile should be recalled and all of them (yes ALL) should be scrapped.

BUT IT GETS WORSE! The engines explode in mid-air too! Just like Rolls-Royce engines on the Airbus A380 when they made the excuse that the oil-seals were to the wrong specification (thereby implying there's nothing wrong with the design): A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft made an emergency landing at Orlando International Airport after an engine malfunction, the FAA has said. The jet was on its way to be grounded in wake of the deadly MAX 8 crashes.
. . .
An unrelated Southwest Airlines flight suffered engine failure after departing New York LaGuardia Airport last April. Debris from the 737-700’s failed engine damaged a cabin window, partially sucking a passenger out of the plane and substantially damaging the aircraft. The passenger was killed in the accident, the first fatality aboard a Southwest Airlines flight.

- Southwest’s Boeing 737 MAX emergency lands in Florida after engine problem – FAA

These hapless clowns started eating one another "the first time the mail-boat was a day late", started both World Wars to parasite off the rest of the World with "jew confetti" have basic "Country & Western" music and can't even cook. They also needed Werner Von Braun to teach them how to make rockets that didn't simply blow-up on the launch pad. They also lie that the Wright brothers designed the aeroplane when, in fact, they were only the World's first crash-test dummies. They certainly can't build cars. Can they be trusted to build planes?

Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-30 00:05:17

Unbelievably Dangerous

Amerikans don't trust self-driving cars/krudmobiles. THIS IS WORSE! Are pilots happy flying something that does this: The U.S. planemaker, working with regulators, has spent months refining the 737 Max’s software since data from the Lion Air crash indicated the stall-avoidance system had repeatedly tipped the nose down before pilots lost control. Boeing was close to a software fix when the Ethiopian Airlines jet went down on March 10.
. . .
The Ethiopian investigation has focused on the anti-stall system, which in the case of the Lion Air crash exerted more and more force until the crew lost control. The software had kicked in on the same aircraft the day before, when an off-duty pilot riding in the cockpit was able to save the plane by helping to cut the power to the rogue system.

- Boeing 737 Stall-Prevention System Reportedly Activated in Crash

So, they were "close to a software fix" after the Lion Air plane crash in October because THEY KNEW their "fix" of their krappy design was ALSO krappy. Then came the Ethiopean Airways crash this month, yet the FAA STILL refused to ban them even after everyone else on the planet had and these gangsters even performed the stunt of having transport secretary, Elaine Chao, ride on one of these death-traps. But just like the corrupt ratings agencies which rated the subprime toxic-waste AAA but then after the subprime horse had bolted re-rated them all as junk, these gangsters then admitted they were lying and grounded them too.

It's bad enough that the clowns at Uber were daft enough to expect the driver to pay continuous attention when the car was supposed to be driving itself AND that they'd disabled Volvo's safety systems AND that their krappy sensors and image recognition s**tware were unable to discern the woman and her bicycle ahead AND that their krappy s**tware then decided to simply plough-on, but imagine if the Uber driver DID realise the car wasn't going to stop and stamped on the brakes but the krappy s**tware pressed harder and harder on the accelerator until he lost control!!! SERIOUSLY, are pilots happy with this?
Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-31 16:37:35

- ruthless, reckless gangsters AND THEY'RE STILL AT IT!!

The creation of the Boeing 737 Max was dictated by financial concerns; to beat Airbus to the market with a fuel-efficient plane. The trouble is, Boeing had nothing that fit the bill. A COMPLETELY NEW PLANE was required. Instead, they modified the 737 but botched it. The MCAS is an attempt to fix the botched fix but is ALSO a botch.

Now, they're attempting to fix the botch that was an attempt to fix the original botch but it's ALSO a THIRD BOTCH: There are two software improvements announced by Boeing for MCAS software.

The first is that the push down of the airplane nose would only occur once if the angle of attack sensor detects an excessive nose up, or climb out, condition.
. . .
The second change is that if the pilot’s and co-pilot’s angle of attack sensors are in disagreement, MCAS will shut down. This is to prevent a faulty pilot’s sensor from commanding the aircraft.
. . .
How recovery will occur in the earliest part of the flight envelope still appears to be an unresolved issue if the first correction by MCAS occurs when the plane is at a dangerously low stall recovery altitude.

- Questions remain over Boeing’s software changes

The first change to the s**tware means that after MCAS kicks in, it will then allow the krudmobile to stall.

The second change to the s**tware means that if the sensors fail, then the krudmobile will no longer have the "fix" and will stall.

As the Amerikans would say, this is a "s**tshow". The reason is they're desperate to beat Airbus because Boeing is finished otherwise. But all they've done is gamble with a double-or-nothing bet and lost, murdering hundreds of people in the process.

Even the above article notes the problem of MCAS kicking in at too low an altitude. So we have a progapanga rag telling Boeing "experts" they've made a mistake!!!!
Author: gork    Time: 2019-3-31 22:03:51

Confirmation of an Insanely Bad Design
- ALL Boeing 737 Max have to be scrapped

The s**tshow continues:
Soon after take-off - and just 450ft (137m) above the ground - the aircraft's nose began to pitch down.

One pilot, according to the Wall Street Journal, said to the other "pitch up, pitch up!" before their radio died.

The plane crashed only six minutes into its flight.

- Ethiopian Airlines crash: 'Pitch up, pitch up!'

Only 450ft into the flight, there's no room to correct for a stall. The plane itself is only just over 100ft long!!!! Four and a half plane-lengths for a freakin' dive at hundreds of miles an hour!!!

I'm not an aviation expert but it's obvious to me the MCAS shouldn't have tried to recover from a non-existant stall at such a low altitude. Which f**kwit designed this?

Some may have seen a video of a passenger jet plane taking off viewed from above it. The plane looks like it's climbing vertically. Yet there was no problem and the video was probably used as marketing to show what the plane could do. The MCAS would have been triggered.

On both crashes the pilots were experienced, yet despite all their efforts they "lost control" as reports are saying. So MCAS is a pile of krap with no facility to override it.

Also note, despite all the verbiage about a failed sensor, I've yet to see any confirmation that any sensor failed. In other words, it looks like they're covering up an insanely bad design with excuses that the sensors failed and that additional sensors will cure the problem. The reality is that Boeing has to recall ALL of them and then SCRAP THEM ALL.

There was no training given to pilots warning them that a steep climb was not allowed and there was no facility to override the MCAS. One off-duty pilot riding in the cockpit managed to disable it only by cutting power to it. In other words, these gangsters KNEW it was a krappy design but didn't want to advertise it so didn't report that pilot training was required and didn't provide an override switch. These crooks MUST HAVE KNOWN it was lethal but needed the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is EASILY CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER. JAIL-TIME; no "if"s; no "but"s. Instead the s**tshow continues.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-4-2 16:34:33

Straightforward and Deliberate Murder
- catch me if you can

The Great Satan's blood-sucking lawyers are reaping the rewards!!!!

The family of Jackson Musoni have filed a suit saying the 737 MAX has a defectively designed control system
- Boeing faces US lawsuit over Ethiopian Airlines crash

That's in a Chicago kangaroo kourt.

Boeing installed the MCAS system because THEY KNEW the 737 MAX with the new engines was unstable. THAT'S WHY they failed to offer pilot training for MCAS, why they lied to the FAA (which outsourced ratification of the krudmobile to Boeing itself) that the trim was only 0.6° rather than 2.5° ("Boeing/FAA Saga 'Is A Perfect Microcosm Of Our Twisted & Broken Culture'") and why they didn't even install a manual override for it, because it would have been an admission to everyone that the krudmobile was dangerously unstable.

In other words, these b***rds figured that it would be "worth it" as insane, mentally-retarded and malignant war criminal, Mad Madeleine "worth it" Albright, said, because the fines would be partially offset by the legal fees and the sale of all those krudmobiles contributes to the Great Satan's current account deficit. As Gary North said about the other nations' gold that the Great Satan is holding hostage, good-luck getting it back. Already Poodleville has thieved Venezuela's gold, just like it thieved India's diamond, Greece's Parthenon marbles, Myanmar's ruby and the artefacts they thieved from China's Summer Palace.

They're already selling shale oil and gas as well as Tesla self-crashing death-pods at a loss.

It's like Gangster Motors in the 1950s figuring it would be cheaper to be sued by the relatives of the dead when they refused to install stabiliser bars, costing just a few cents each, or the ignition switch which has just murdered over 100 victims.

It's like Google which published thousands of books online without the authors' permission, figuring it would be cheaper to be sued by authors individually, than to organise and pay royalties.

It's like war criminal, The Donald, defaulting on the last $60m of a $400m loan from Deutsche Bank, figuring that it would be cheaper for Deutsche to just accept the loss.

Of course, the lawsuits are held in Great Satan courts, so the claimants will all have to pay the Great Satan for the "privilege".

Already the Great Satan has extorted cash out of :

BNP Paribas,
Navinder Sarao, and
Kim Dotcom.

It's also robbing its own sheeple on the highways in the most ridiculous farce in all of history, what Amerikans would refer to as a "s**tshow".  But once agin, the average shake-down thieves a few thousand "worthless paper" USD, which is less than the cost of going to Great Satan kangaroo kourt too.

Morgan Stanley admits the Great Satan's fiscal position is worse than Greece and Poodleville is worse yet.
Author: emanreus    Time: 2019-4-3 15:54:56

gork Post time: 2019-3-25 17:37
And look!

THIS bigot tries to blame indian software for a dangerously unstable amerikan krudmobil ...

Singapore Airlines Grounds Boeing 787-10 Aircraft Due To Engine Problems

   Despite containing new Trent 1000 TEN engines, it is believed that they are already showing signs of wear. Singapore Airlines has eight 787s, with an average age of just 1.1 years.

This is not the first time that the Boeing 787-10 has been the centre of engine troubles. The Trent 1000 engine has been experiencing accelerated wear, leading to aircraft being grounded and costly repairs. The grounding of the plane has been particularly expensive for some carriers...

Last year Norwegian was forced to lease HiFlys A380 for New York flights which it could not serve with its 787s. Additionally, British Airways is currently still using Air Belgium’s A340 for flights between London and Newark in place of the 787. Virgin Atlantic also has a 787 grounded in London awaiting new engines.

Author: gork    Time: 2019-4-7 02:08:29

Sorry, My Bad!
- unbelievably stooopid clowns

STILL no jail-time for Dennis Muilenburg And STILL they're lying and trying to peddle this dangerous, unstable pile of krap! STILL they're implying (but not stating) that a sensor failed despite CONTRADICTING THEMSELVES and STILL claiming a software change will fix it.

“It’s our responsibility to eliminate this risk. We own it and we know how to do it,” Muilenburg said in a statement Thursday addressing preliminary findings about last month’s Ethiopia Air crash, killing all 157 people aboard.
- Boeing CEO apologizes for crashes, says fix is a few weeks away

WTF is this, a beta-test? This goes way beyond criminal negligence, straight across manslaughter and is bordering on murder and this f***ing clown thinks it's OK to simply say, sorry, my bad!?!?!?

Elon Musk did the same with his krappy "auto-pilot" and has just been lambasted by experts again, because he is again over-hyping this pile of excrement. This cowboy released this krapware using customers as beta-testers and is sending software updates over the air.

We already know they lied to the FAA about the degree of trim which was 2.5° and not the 0.6° they claimed. We already know they didn't tell pilots about the MCAS because they didn't want pilots to know how dangerous this pile of krap was. We already know the reason they rushed out this pile of krap; Airbus' A320 was a more fuel-efficient plane and would have taken the whole market the same way Huawei is doing with the communications sector and which these gangster-scum are trying to smear: Boeing says safety is the company's top priority, and it continues to work with the FAA and investigators as the company develops potential solutions to the problems with the 737 Max.
- Boeing boasted about streamlined approval for the 737 Max. Now it's cleaning up the mess

And we know it's PROFIT first, second and last with safety not even figuring: “They’re critical, and cost almost nothing for the airlines to install,” Bjorn Fehrm, an analyst at the aviation consultancy Leeham, told the newspaper. “Boeing charges for them because it can. But they’re vital for safety.”
- Doomed Boeing planes lacked two optional safety features – report

Like the Mayor in the movie, Jaws, they refused to ground these lethal piles of krap even after both the Lion Air and Ethiopian crash, until it became obvious they had to but not before they performed the daft stunt of having Elaine Choi travel on one of these death-traps (probably taking off on a VERY long runway).

THERE IS NO SOFTWARE FIX. THE PLANE IS A PILE OF KRAP AND ALL HAVE TO BE RECALLED AND FREAKIN' SCRAPPED! Everyone will buy the A320 anyway even if it DOES have a longer waiting list.
Author: emanreus    Time: 2019-4-7 12:55:07

Additional software problem detected in Boeing 737 Max flight control system
   Boeing confirmed to The Washington Post that it had found a second software problem that the Federal Aviation Administration has ordered fixed — separate from the anti-stall system that is under investigation in the two crashes and is involved in the worldwide grounding of the aircraft.

Boeing to cut production on troubled 737 Max jets by 20%.

Author: gork    Time: 2019-4-10 18:54:53

The Lies Continue
- electric-chair for Muilenberg

Boeing continues to deny the 737 MAX is fundamentally flawed. Instead it tries to blame s**tware and sensors: Several hours after Ethopian investigators found that the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 was not the result of pilot error (hence, it was the result of Boeing error), and demanded a full review of the Boeing 737 Max flight control system, just after 3pm, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg took to social media where in what passed as an attempt at a a "heartfelt" apology, the CEO of the most important, for the Dow Jones, company said that Boeing was "sorry for the lives lost" and essentially admitted that it was the company's software that was responsible for the crashes, saying that "with the release of the preliminary report of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302accident investigation, it's apparent that in both flight the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, known as MCAS, activated in response to erroneous angle of attack information."
- "We Own It": Boeing Admits Its Software Was Behind 737 Max Crashes, Says "Sorry For Lives Lost"

Get that?

The verbiage is double-speak. The erroneous information is ambiguous. It could mean the sensor failed, but it could also mean that the sensore was working as it was designed to but that the design was erroneous.

Muilenberg should get the electric-chair because we know :

it wasn't "error" it was corruption and Boeing rushed the approval to compete with the Airbus A320,

they knew the krudmobile was dangerous because they installed MCAS,

they lied to the FAA about the MCAS trim being only 0.6° rather than 2.5° because this would have alerted the FAA to how dangerous it was,

they didn't warn anyone about MCAS because it would have alerted everyone to how dangerous this krudmobile was,

they tried to alter the s**tware even after the Lion Air crash in October but were too late for the Ethiopian Airlines crash,

the still refused to ground these dangerous krudmobiles after everyone else had, and

they're STILL lying to try and save this deadly pile of excrement by getting the s**tware to disable MCAS, when all should be recalled and scrapped.

Its most advanced planes, for instance, have three flight computers that function independently, with each computer containing three different processors manufactured by different companies. So even some of the people who have worked on Boeing’s new 737 MAX airplane were baffled to learn that the company had designed an automated safety system that abandoned the principles of component redundancy, ultimately entrusting the automated decision-making to just one sensor — a type of sensor that was known to fail.
. . .
“A single point of failure is an absolute no-no,” said one former Boeing engineer who worked on the MAX, who requested anonymity to speak frankly about the program in an interview with The Seattle Times.
. . .
The logic behind this is so overwhelming it’s hard to see how anyone but a sociopathic accountant can even ponder ditching it.
. . .
[..] Boeing had been exploring the construction of an all-new airplane earlier this decade. But after American Airlines began discussing orders for a new plane from Airbus in 2011, Boeing abruptly changed course, settling on the faster alternative of modifying its popular 737 into a new MAX model.

- Ilargi Meijer: Boeing's Problem Is Not Software

As usual, the heavily-rigged amerikan markets have failed to punish Boeing just as they fail to send Muilenberg (or Elon Musk or Gangster Motors executives) to the electric-chair: None of that however mattered to algos, or markets, and Boeing closed sharply higher, clearly eager to put Boeing's recent deadly accident in the rearview mirror. And why not: after all the company has now apologized for risking human lives just to boost its bottom line and all is forgiven.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-4-12 19:03:32

As I said, no one will ever fly in a Boeing again until they recall all the dangerously unstable 737 MAX krudmobiles and give Dennis Muilenburg the electric chair:

"ZERO new orders for Boeing’s troubled 737 MAX after global groundings"
Author: gork    Time: 2019-4-13 21:05:40

A Plane That's Afraid Of Heights

In Poodleville, it's been a long-standing joke that the trains running late are often blamed on the wrong type of leaves on the track.

Here's Boeing blaming the airport locations for the lethality of the Boeing 737 MAX which had to have the krappy MCAS installed due its lethal krappiness: Before last month’s crash of a flight that began in Ethiopia, Boeing Co. said in a legal document that large, upgraded 737s “cannot be used at what are referred to as ‘high/hot’ airports."
- Boeing Has Called 737 Max 8 ‘Not Suitable’ for Certain Airports

So what are they supposed to do, land at the airport and then send the krudmobile back in the post?
Author: emanreus    Time: 2019-4-15 17:22:26

gork Post time: 2019-4-13 21:05
A Plane That's Afraid Of Heights

In Poodleville, it's been a long-standing joke that the trains run ...

re:   So what are they supposed to do

  Nothing is more simple as that...

    Don't fly them...
with an operating Speed of 350 cliks in China, the fasted in the world I rather take them... ... g-kong-to-guangzhou
Author: emanreus    Time: 2019-4-15 17:42:48

American Airlines will not fly 737 Max till middle August...
Apr 14, 2019
    AA has some 24 Max jets in its fleet...

Author: zhihu01    Time: 2019-4-15 18:14:27

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Author: 1584austin    Time: 2019-4-15 22:05:56

zhihu01 Post time: 2019-4-15 18:14
Boeing needs to be fully aware of its problems as in technology upgrading, communication in global l ...

Of course
Author: zhihu01    Time: 2019-4-15 22:24:08

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Author: gork    Time: 2019-4-19 01:08:05

Lockheed Martin Every Bit As Bad As Boeing

It's not just Boeing and the Great Satan's brand-new aircraft carrier which has had problems; springing a leak in its propulsion system.

Japan’s fleet of highly sophisticated F-35A jets has been plagued by problems in the last two years, resulting in at least seven emergency landings – including two by the unit that crashed in the Pacific Ocean earlier this month.
- Japan’s crashed F-35 had navigation & cooling faults, whole fleet forced into 7 emergency landings

The poodle state has been responsible for a lot of faults too:

the exploding Rolls-Royce engines on the Airbus A380,
the chargers that caused battery packs to catch fire on the Boeing 787,
the railway signals which caused a crash in China,
the refurbished submarine sold to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada which killed a sailor on the return trip,
the bogus bomb-detector, loosely based on dowsing rods, which, of course, killed their users, and
the nuclear fuel rods sent to Japan where the test documentation had been forged.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-4-30 03:40:39

Hype Rather Than Hangings
- profit, profit and profit in a fascist/feudal state

When the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of New Zealand's Fonterra acquired a 43% stake of Sanlu and poisoned babies in China with melamine, China executed those responsible. But like the banksters, there's no jail-time for Amerika's dumbassed "captains of industry". Instead of the rule of law, these gangsters are allowed to LITERALLY get away with murder, just as they do when they illegally infest other nations. The Great Satan and poodle are both fascist/feudal states run by the robber barons for the benefit of the robber barons (and a Victoria Nuland to their victims).

Here's a shyster offering hype to try to gain trust in amerikan krudmobiles, first by using the s**t-happens argument: McDonnell Douglas had hurriedly designed a plane with a door that it knew was defective, then, in the aftermath of Paris, tried to cover the whole thing up. It was reckless, even criminal.
- Ethiopian, Lion Air, and the 737 MAX

If they KNEW it was defective, then it was INDEED criminal and someone should have gone to jail or got the electric chair.

But like :-

Gangster Motors 20 years earlier who failed to install stabiliser bars, figuring it would be cheaper to be sued by the relatives of the dead,

Elon Musk, who uses his customers to beta-tests the so-called "autopilot", and

Gangster Motors again, who installed an ignition switch to the wrong specification and which killed over 100 victims over a 10 year period,

no one goes to jail in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. That's how desperate they are to make a profit when "no one buys amerikan any more". Gangster Motors' suppliers joked that GM had only three criteria: price, price and price.

Then the lies: Did something go wrong in the 737 program? Are Boeing and the FAA jointly responsible? Probably. But I don’t believe anybody was intentionally reckless.

They WERE reckless and INTENTIONALLY so. They knew it was a pile of krap, so installed MCAS. They knew MCAS itself was dangerous so lied about the 2.5° of trim to the FAA. They knew the krudmobile was STILL dangerous which is why they failed to tell the pilots about MCAS at all; which the propaganda rags lied was simply to save money in training. They KNEW it was dangerous after the first crash and were already trying to modify the s**tware for MCAS when the second crash happened.

Then more BS: The fact is, Lion Air and Ethiopian notwithstanding, air travel has never been safer than it is today.

What he should say is UNTIL today. It doesn't mean gangsters should be allowed to make dangerous krudmobiles without getting the electric chair.

Then he plays dumb: One of the things I can’t help wondering about is why the 737 MAX needed to exist in the first damn place.

We already know it was because Airbus brought out the A320 which was more fuel efficient (something this shyster later admits to knowing below). Even the propaganda rags have already reported this, explaining that that was why Boeing installed more powerful engines which made the krapmobile unstable.

Then he tries to blind you with science: This pair of switches, on the center console near the thrust levers, killed power to the entire automatic pitch trim system, including MCAS, and should have allowed the pilots to maintain a normal flightpath using manual trim and elevator.


. . . and then lies some more: Yet they did not, could not, regain control. The reason, many now believe, is a design quirk of the 737 — an idiosyncrasy that reveals itself in only the rarest of circumstances, and that few 737 pilots are aware of.

So now the shyster is implying pilot error, despite the enquiry having stated that the pilots followed procedure, Boeing's procedure, to the letter. The MCAS system repeatedly forced the nose down causing both crashes.

His recommendation is absurd: The correct course of action would be to relax pressure on the control column, perhaps to the point of pushing the nose down even further.

But, they didn't know about the krappy MCAS!!!!! Also, the second crash happened after they only reached an altitude of 450ft, or barely four plane lengths and doing a dive at several hundreds of miles an hour at that height would be insane. The pilots were, of course, trying to STOP the plane from diving.

Then he lies some more: MCAS operates in the background, transparently and automatically — there’s no on or off switch, per se — and only during a very narrow window of the jet’s flight envelope. This is not something that occurs in normal, day-to-day operation, but certification requires it for those occasions when, for whatever reason, the plane reaches unusually steep climb angles.

Err, so "unusual" that two flights in five months have crashed and those "unusually steep" climbs are otherwise known as take-off.

Here's where the shyster admits he DID know why they produced it: On the 737 MAX, however, certain aerodynamic factors, including the placement of its very powerful engines, result in control forces actually becoming lighter as it approaches the point of stall. Because of this the plane would not meet certification standards. And so MCAS was engineered in to properly adjust the feel.

By "the feel", presumably he means the feel that you're not crashing into the ground at 500mph. Boeing didn't install MCAS for the pleasure of the pilots.

Then he lies some more: What’s happening, apparently, is that faulty data is being fed to MCAS by the plane’s angle of attack indicator

This is the double-speak referring to the data being at fault, rather than the sensor. In other words, it allows enough ambiguity to imply the sensor was faulty and not the design.

More playing dumb: What leaves us stymied, though, is the fact that any MCAS commands, faulty or not, can be overridden quickly through a pair of disconnect switches. Why the Lion Air pilots failed to engage these switches is unclear,

Yet again, BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW MCAS was there AND they were a bit busy fighting the f**ing thing! It's as clear as crystal: Boeing didn't want to alarm them by telling them about it!

More BS: but unaware of the system’s defect in the first place, we can easily envision a scenario in which they became overwhelmed, unable to figure out in time what the plane was doing and how to correct it

Well at least he's now admitting it's a defect. But how are they supposed to know about it's defects when they DIDN'T EVEN KNOW MCAS was there!?!?!?

How are pilots supposed to "figure out in time", when they'd have to go on an engineering course, climb out of the plane in mid-flight, study the electronics and hardware, debug the software from machine-code and then figure out that there was a dangerously badly designed MCAS system installed to prevent a dangerously badly designed krudmobile from crashing at 500mph when it's only 450ft in the air?

“passengers can take comfort in knowing that every MAX pilot is now acutely aware of this potential problem, and is prepared deal with it.”

Well that should be news to Boeing, because they're still trying to come up with the software fix!!! The only comfort comes from airlines across the entire planet grounding these piles of krap!

More playing dumb: why did the Ethiopian pilots not immediately disconnect the trim system?
. . .
This is the most perplexing part of this whole unfolding drama.

How many times must it be repeated: BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW         the MCAS pile of krap was even installed. There's nothing perplexing about it, it's obvious this clown is lying!

More lies: This includes incorporation of a second angle of attack indicator, and an alerting system to warn pilots of a disagreement between the two.

Whereupon, it will shut down the MCAS, leaving pilots with a dangerously unstable pile of flying excrement.

The problem is that the Great Satan and its poodle are both fascist, feudal states and their corporations are run by accountants.

Look, here's Elon Musk killing someone else YET AGAIN: 22-year-old Benavides Leon Naibel died after the impact of the crash threw her about 20 feet into the woods at the intersection. 27-year-old Angulo Dillion, who was with her, is in serious condition. A Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputy was the first to find them.
- Woman Killed After Tesla Model S Blows Through South Florida Stop Sign

In the above case, it's not clear if the over-hyped "autopilot" was engaged. But don't all Tesla Model S already have automatic braking?

Why hasn't Gangster Motors, Tesla and Boeing had any arrests WHATSOEVER? Shouldn't Musk be sitting in an electric chair rather than building dangerous electric krudmobiles? Instead, all they did at GM was replace Dan Akerson with Mary Barra. Dennis Muilenburg has even admitted responsibility yet has failed to be hanged, just as Jon Corzine and rutting ape, Dominic Strauss-Kahn, failed to be jailed. As they complain in Poodleville, they're all "run by accountants" whereas in Germany engineers can be promoted to the board of executives.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-1 05:15:47

Yet More Lies

Having already admitted that MCAS was to blame, Mullenburg now contradicts himself, because all Boeing 737 MAX are so badly designed that they'll all have to be recalled and scrapped, bankrupting Boeing as well as the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, which can only be called a s**t-show.

Dennis Muilenburg said the pilots did not "completely" follow the procedures that Boeing had outlined to prevent the kind of malfunction that probably caused a March 10 crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jet.
- Boeing CEO says 737 Max was designed properly and pilots did not 'completely' follow procedure

Yet, we already know that the investigation has cleared the pilots who followed the procedure as set out by Boeing. If they missed anything, you could also forgive them, given that the were soiling their pants at the time, when the MCAS krudware was forcing the nose of the plane down and the pilots didn't even know MCAS was installed.

It was Boeing which didn't follow procedure. They :

lied to the FAA that MCAS would only impose 0.6° of trim rather than the 2.5°,
they failed to tell pilots that MCAS was installed,
they knew it was faulty and were re-writing the software even as the second crash occured, and
they're still doing it because the software fixes will simply disable MCAS if there's a fault detected.

But Muilenburg lies: The company's anti-stall software, called MCAS, was a common link in both crashes. It met Boeing's design and safety criteria, and adhered to certification protocols, Muilenburg told reporters following Boeing's annual shareholder meeting in Chicago.

And here's some double-speak: He added that Boeing was unable to find any "technical slip or gap" in building its MCAS software.

Get that? He specifies the software wasn't faulty; not that the krudmobile wasn't faulty; not that they failed to tell the pilots MCAS was installed and what to do when it pushes the plane nose down by 2.5° when you're only at an altitude of 450ft and 500mph. Never mind that they were trying to re-write it to compensate for the krappiness of the krudmobile itself. But at least it's tacit admission that the 737 MAX is a pile of excrement.

He insisted that Boeing makes safety its top priority, and he said the company has been doing everything it can to find a solution.

There are lies and there are bold-faced lies. That's the latter. Boeing made critical safety features optional and rushed out the MAX to try and compete with Airbus's A320, but made a dangerously unstable pile of excrement that needed MCAS to prevent a stall, but which turned out to be even more dangerous than the pile of excrement itself!!! So, just as Gangster Motors' suppliers joked that GM only had three criteria, which were price, price and price, Boeing's only concern was profit. Just like Poodleville's krapmobile industry which is notorious for using ancient engines and ancient chassis designs but with a re-vamped body shell, the 737 is basically a design from the 1950s 707. So these gangsters have put diddly-squat of investment into R&D.

Most held large photos of some of the people killed on the two flights. One held signs reading "Boeing's arrogance kills," and "Prosecute Boeing & execs for manslaughter."
. . .
And Boeing made airlines pay extra if they wanted an alert that lets pilots know if two sensors are contradicting each other.
. . .
"We don't make safety features optional," he said. "Every one of our airplanes includes all of the safety features necessary for safe flight."

Author: emanreus    Time: 2019-5-5 14:02:05

gork Post time: 2019-5-1 05:15
Yet More Lies

Having already admitted that MCAS was to blame, Mullenburg now contradicts himself, b ...

Another Boeing 737-800 chartered by the US military coming from Guantanamo Bay Naval station landed in Florida river by skidding into the water at the end of Naval air station at Jacksonville military base...
  With 143 people on board they were lucky, only 21 people being sent to hospital...

Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-8 18:32:48

STILL With The Lies
- and they wouldn't fool a six year old

Boeing desperately wanted to compete with the Airbus A320 Neo, but having invested nothing in R&D for the last 70 years, they used the ancient 737, derived from the 1950s 707, developed just a few decades since the dawn of flying.

But the new engines made the plane dangerously prone to stalling. So they installed MCAS.

However, MCAS would need to impose up to 2.5° of so-called "trim" to offset the dangerous tendency to stall, so they lied to the FAA. Trim is supposed to relieve the strain on the pilots of pulling or pushing on the stick. But if you had 2.5° adjustment on a steering wheel in a car, you might not notice it at 10mph but at 70mph you're careering off the road. At 500mph in a flying turd, you're in serious trouble. THIS is why they didn't even tell pilots that the MCAS was installed.

Now, having murdered 346 people, they're STILL trying to pass off this flying turd as flight-worthy to avoid having to recall all 387 of them and scrapping them.

Despite the report having already blamed the 737 MAX and the krappy MCAS, they repeatedly imply, but don't state, that the sensors were faulty. This they achieve by claiming the "data" and not the sensors was erroneous.

They want to pretend that no longer making the additional sensors optional and a mere software fix will solve all the problems: The firm said it had inadvertently made an alarm feature optional instead of standard, but insisted that this did not jeopardise flight safety.
. . .
The feature at issue is known as the Angle of Attack (AOA) Disagree alert and was designed to let pilots know when two different sensors were reporting conflicting data.

- Boeing admits knowing of 737 Max problem

This is like the infantile lies when Poodleville's Phoenix consortium sold the patents to both SAIC and Nanjing Auto "inadvertently". Only a species of skank would skoolboy lies, which confirms that they shouldn't be entrusted with building anything where safety is critical.

The software cannot possibly fix this dangerously unstable pile of excrement. Either the MCAS is operational and it forces the flying turd to crash or it isn't operational and you have a dangerously unstable pile of excrement. Either way, without lying to the FAA, it would never have been approved.

The state-run BBC even admits the lies don't make sense: Yet as one 737 pilot told me: every warning system is there for a reason, so if you know there's a problem, why would you not fix it?

Clearly a crime has been committed and someone should get the electric chair. That would, at least, ensure that there are penalties for anyone (such as Boeing, Tesla and Gangster Motors) who DELIBERATELY sells a dangerous krudmobile. Instead, they wheel out the Shyster of Omaha; a proven fraudster to re-assure victims: "Warren Buffett would ‘never hesitate’ to fly on Boeing 737 MAX – even after fatal crashes"

So, all the experts around the World have grounded it, including (after considerable delay) the Great Satan. But the Shyster of Omaha claims they're all wrong!
Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-13 19:23:05

Confirmation ALL 737 MAX Should Be Scrapped

Boeing couldn't compete with Airbus's A320 neo, so they did a botched modification of the ancient 737, installing more powerful engines.

Unfortunately, this made the pile of krap lethal.

So they installed MCAS to compensate. This is an anti-stall system disguised as "trim".

Unfortunately, this was an even worse botch, which is why Boeing LIED to the FAA about the degree of "trim" being 0.6° when it was actually a WHOPPING 2.5° ("Boeing/FAA Saga "Is A Perfect Microcosm Of Our Twisted & Broken Culture"") and why they didn't tell pilots and airlines about it.

Remember, the FAA were reluctant to ground this flying turd, even as the rest of the planet had. So either they should have grounded them immediately or it's now giving in to sentiment. This is like the corrupt ratings agencies which awarded AAA ratings to the Great Satan subprime toxic waste but after the crash downgraded them to junk. The toxic waste had been deliberately created by war criminal, serial violent rapist and paedophile, Billy Jefferson Clinton, when he modified war criminal, Jimmy Carter's Community Re-investment Act to FORCE banksters to lend to subprime.

But following on from the Shyster of Omaha (who can't even beat the market) claiming he would fly on one of these death-traps (meaning he's contradicting experts around the World who have grounded them), here's the propaganda trying YET AGAIN to deny that these flying turds don't need to be recalled and scrapped. Instead, implying but not stating that a simple modification would make them safe: On the 737 NG, the right switch was labeled "AUTO PILOT" - and allowed pilots to deactivate the plane's automated stabilizer controls, such as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), suspected to be the culprit in both crashes. The left toggle switch on the NG would deactivate the buttons on the yoke which pilots regularly use to control the horizontal stabilizer.

On the 737 MAX, however, the two switches were altered to perform the same function, according to internal documents reviewed by the Times, so that they would disable all electronic stabilizer controls - including the MCAS and the thumb buttons on the yoke used to control the stabilizer.

- Boeing Altered Critical MCAS Toggle Switches On 737 MAX Before Deadly Crashes

So, you're supposed to believe that simply modifying a switch panel, will fix the dangerously krappy design.

It's not clear if the above BS means you needed to flip two switches rather than just the one. But it seems Boeing never told the pilots about the change anyway.

And never mind that the pilots DID switch off the krappy MCAS according to protocol: What seems to be the case, based on analysis of the voice and data recorders from the doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, is that the pilots did, as they should have, engage the plane’s pitch trim disconnect switches in a frantic attempt to regain control after a malfunctioning MCAS system forced the plane’s nose toward the ground.  This pair of switches, on the center console near the thrust levers, killed power to the entire automatic pitch trim system, including MCAS, and should have allowed the pilots to maintain a normal flightpath using manual trim and elevator.
- Ethiopian, Lion Air, and the 737 MAX

And it agrees: But on the Ethiopian Airlines flight, the pilots appear to have recognized the errant MCAS problem and flipped the cutoff switches as described in the checklist. But then it appears that the pilots were unable to move the manual wheel, likely because the forces on the tail made it physically challenging to turn. -Seattle Times

After they were able to manually control the stabilizer, the Ethiopian Airlines pilots appear to have flipped the cutoff switches back on, reactivating the MCAS system. Shortly after, it entered a fatal nosedive which killed all 157 people aboard.

"When you’re pulling on the column with 80-100 pounds of force trying to save your life, your troubleshooting techniques are very weak," said aviation consultant Doug Moss. "You need some gut-level instinctive things to do to solve the problem."

Flying without any automatic trim for hours on end, constantly pulling/pushing 80~100 pounds would be a challenging physical feat, especially if the manual trim wheel is ALSO "physically challenging to turn". THIS IS NOT FLIGHT-WORTHY; a total pile of excrement!!!

Imagine if you had a car which STRONGLY pulled to one side and you had to drive for hours, pulling the steering wheel back into line!!!! Then imagine if you needed to exert 80~100 pounds on it!!!!! Then imagine it at 500mph!!! NOW do you see why they didn't tell anyone about MCAS!?!?!?
Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-18 20:01:41

A Victoria Nuland To Safety

No doubt because they cheat by imposing quotas on Asians, the Amerikans are delusional idiots. Even when they have someone SPELL IT OUT for them, they STILL don't realise that they HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE: Though her answer was correct, a vast swath of academics responded with outrage. In the proceeding months, vos Savant received more than 10,000 letters -- including a pair from the Deputy Director of the Center for Defense Information, and a Research Mathematical Statistician from the National Institutes of Health -- all of which contended that she was entirely incompetent:

You blew it, and you blew it big! Since you seem to have difficulty grasping the basic principle at work here, I’ll explain. After the host reveals a goat, you now have a one-in-two chance of being correct. Whether you change your selection or not, the odds are the same. There is enough mathematical illiteracy in this country, and we don’t need the world’s highest IQ propagating more. Shame!

Scott Smith, Ph.D.
University of Florida

May I suggest that you obtain and refer to a standard textbook on probability before you try to answer a question of this type again?

Charles Reid, Ph.D.
University of Florida

I am sure you will receive many letters on this topic from high school and college students. Perhaps you should keep a few addresses for help with future columns.
W. Robert Smith, Ph.D.
Georgia State University

You are utterly incorrect about the game show question, and I hope this controversy will call some public attention to the serious national crisis in mathematical education. If you can admit your error, you will have contributed constructively towards the solution of a deplorable situation. How many irate mathematicians are needed to get you to change your mind?
E. Ray Bobo, Ph.D.
Georgetown University

You made a mistake, but look at the positive side. If all those Ph.D.’s were wrong, the country would be in some very serious trouble.
Everett Harman, Ph.D.
U.S. Army Research Institute

You are the goat!
Glenn Calkins
Western State College

Maybe women look at math problems differently than men.
Don Edwards
Sunriver, Oregon

The outcry was so tremendous that vos Savant was forced to devote three subsequent columns to explaining why her logic was correct. Even in the wake of her well-stated, clear responses, she continued to be berated.

- RIP, Monty Hall: The Time Everyone "Corrected" The World's Smartest Woman

The result is the likes of "genius inventor" Elon Musk, genius-inventing Panasonic solar panels and Panasonic batteries, but then building self-crashing, self-immolating death-pods, or Uber who think it's OK to test their autonomous system when it has the IQ of a rock and 20/5000 visual acuity: While Tesla is still investigating the incidents, the firm is taking action "out of an abundance of caution".
- Tesla to update battery software after recent car fires

This looks like Tesla is charging the batteries too rapidly to reduce the long charge times. It follows on from "ludicrous-mode" which appears to shunt as much current through the electric motors as it can even if it means burning them out. Tesla only offers a 50,000 mile guarantee on them. Whilst this may appear reasonable for a guarantee, electric motors should last FAR longer than an internal combustion engine even with zero maintainence.

China's BYD uses LiFePo4 batteries which don't suffer from this thermal runaway. Airlines now refuse to carry cargoes of Li-ion batteries. The Boeing 787 uses Li-ion batteries, but Yuasa claims there's nothing wrong with the ones they supplied. That, then, points to the charging systems supplied by the clowns in Poodleville. Boeing subsequently claimed that inadequate testing was to blame, which is B.S. As engineers point out, you can't test quality into a product. It has to be designed in, which would exclude Anglos. As the former Yob Gear moron claimed, when testing a self-driving BMW, if Poodleville's clowns had designed it, it would have crashed and then they would have claimed you'd expected it to do something they hadn't envisaged.

Tesla's claim is similar to the krappy FAA : The agency, which usually goes along with the FAA, said it was acting out of an abundance of caution and out of concern for passenger safety.
- Boeing Announces Significant Software Change For 737 Max Aircraft, Shares Unimpressed

Yet, this "abundance of caution" failed to ground these flying turds after the Lion Air crash.

After the pilots at Amerikan Airlines complained about MCAS they STILL failed to ground these flying turds.

After the Ethiopian Airlines crash they STILL failed to ground these flying turds.

Only after the rest of the freakin' planet grounded them en masse did the FAA (and then grudgingly) ground these flying turds. So either they're so clueless that they simply give in to sentiment, or they're a bunch of lying scumbags, or both. This is like the corrupt ratings agencies which awarded AAA ratings to Great Satan subprime toxic waste but after the market crash re-classified them as junk, thereby admitting they're corrupt and/or incompetent.

In fact, the 737 MAX should never have been approved. Only by LYING that the so-called "trim" was 0.6° rather 2.5° did they get it rushed through FAA approval. Only by NOT TELLING ANYONE about MCAS did they manage to fool customers and pilots.

EVEN NOW, they're trying to claim a s**tware fix will make this dangerously unstable flying turd flightworthy, despite the Lion Air pilots having switched it off anyway and were STILL unable to stop it flying into the ground.

If they could give a Victoria Nuland for safety, they would NEVER HAVE MADE the dangerously unstable 737 MAX and then rushed through approval as well as REPEATEDLY LYING about MCAS, JUST to compete with the Airbus A320neo.

Whereas we Asians can't innovate, the 737 is based on the 707 designed SEVENTY YEARS AGO. That's how much these gangsters are ONLY concerned with lining their pockets. Toyota spends tens of billions JUST on wind-tunnel testing EVERY year AND THAT'S NOT EVEN SAFETY CRITICAL. Huawei spent $20bn on research last year.

Gangster Motors too, installed ignition switches which were not to specification and for over a decade, KNEW that it was killing their clients. Suppliers joked that GM had three criteria: "price, price and price". In the 1950s GM refused to install stabiliser bars to save a few cents per krudmobile, figuring it would be cheaper to be sued by the relatives of the dead. Julian Delasantellis wrote that GM's "quality" procedure consisted of moving the sales desk away from the service desk so that fresh victims would not be able to hear the "irate rants" of earlier victims. And then war criminal, The Donald, whines that Amerikans buy BMWs but no one buys amerikan death-traps, which are so lethal that one elderly driver died in a stationary krudmobile because the flat-battery meant he couldn't open the doors! Russian Amerikan actor, Anton Yelchin, was crushed by his Jeep Cherokee krudmobile which was known to have a lethal hand-brake. Poodleville's mini was so low, it was in danger of being run over by lorries. Marc Bolan died in one. Even more dangerous was the Reliant Robin (aka the Plastic Pig) which had only one front steering wheel making it lethal around corners. Just as krappy is the Morgan range of hand-built krudmobiles with little by way of safety features and as low to the ground as any toy car. Even more lethal than EVEN THAT was the Sinclair C5, which was so low to the ground that they put a flag at the back so that lorries wouldn't run over them.

NOT ONE of any of the above gangsters has got the electric chair.

Because Anglo/Jew book-burning gangsters are intellectually inferior as confirmed by the PISA test scores, they impose a quota on Asians at their krappy yooniversities.

Previous incidents involving Tesla vehicles catching on fire seem to have happened while the cars were moving.

In 2018, a Tesla car driven by British TV director Michael Morris burst into flames, following another such incident involving a Model S model in France in 2016.

A series of fires involving Tesla Model S cars took place in 2013.

The "first time the mail-boat was a day late" they LITERALLY started eating one another. Until Werner Von Braun showed them how, all they could do was produce rockets that exploded on the launch pad. How could they be so clueless AND not know that they were clueless, so as to think it WOULDN'T explode on the launch-pad? They started both World wars to parasite off the rest of the World with "jew confetti" and the Great Satan has been at war for 203 of the years since declaring independence from the poodle empire of plundering in 1776. Now their prison-warders are robbing their own sheeple on the highways.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-26 00:55:21


Tajer told CNN: “Shame on you. We’re going to call you out on it. That’s a poisoned, diseased philosophy.” Asked if the Ethiopian crash might have been prevented if Boeing had acted on the US pilots’ concerns, Tajer said: “I think that’s a fair conclusion.”

Tajer said the Ethiopian Airlines pilots did what they were instructed to do, but that Boeing’s controversial anti-stall software (MCAS) forced the plane into such an aggressive nosedive that the pilots could not recover. “They had wired that thing so that it was irrecoverable. It just blew us away,” Tajer said.
. . .
In April, Dennis Muilenburg, the company’s chief executive, claimed the 737 Max was correctly designed and suggested the pilots did not “completely” follow the procedures that Boeing had outlined.

Ethiopian officials have insisted the Ethiopian Airlines pilots repeatedly performed all of Boeing’s procedures, but were unable to recover the plane. Ethiopian Airlines also complained that Boeing did not do enough to warn them about the system or provide functioning cockpit alerts about problems with sensors.

Earlier this week, US aviation officials said a bird strike may have triggered the faulty data that led to the MCAS system engaging. However, an Ethiopian Airlines spokesman said that the preliminary crash investigation report showed “no evidence of any foreign object damage”.

- American Airlines union: blaming pilots for Boeing 737 Max crashes 'inexcusable'

So yet again, the FAA is trying to defend this flying turd by blaming a bird-strike despite ZERO substantiating evidence. They may as well claim that a magic lightning bolt from the starship Enterprise caused the sensor to fail.

The truth is the sensor was working as designed. It's the MCAS which is krappy and they installed MCAS because the flying turd is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED and should never have been certified.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-28 01:48:56

THIS is "abundance of caution"?

Then what is total recklessness?

Does the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika have any safety standards at all? Or are they all like the Shyster of Omaha who says he would fly in a death-trap which experienced pilots couldn't control because these worthless scumbags care for nothing but cash? The pilots are not so "patriotic" as the Shyster of Omaha: "These guys didn't even know the damn system was on the airplane, nor did anybody else," said Mike Michaelis, head of safety for the pilots' union.
- Pilots 'raised Boeing safety fears' months before Ethiopia crash

Tesla's claims are BS: The action will revise charge and thermal-management settings “out of an abundance of caution,” the company said in a statement. Teslas are 10 times less likely to experience a blaze than cars that run on combustion engines, the company said.
- Tesla Fires Sound Alarms About Electric-Car Battery Safety

And surrender it, too – by turning that over to his infamous auto-pilot system.

Which for the record hasn’t exactly got a great record.

Several auto-piloted Teslas have already piloted themselves into fixed barriers and other vehicles as effectively as any reckless human driver.

There have been losses – including of human lives.

At least two lawsuits are currently in process – including one filed by the family of Walter Huang of California, who was killed when his Tesla wandered out its travel lane and then accelerated into a lane divider – without Huang having touched the accelerator pedal or the steering wheel.

- Elon’s “Compelling” New Offer

When is one of the gangsters at Tesla, Boeing or Gangster Motors going to get the electric chair for knowingly peddling dangerous krapware?
Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-29 19:07:14

Yet More UNBELIEVABLE Krappiness Exposed
- and also physically impossible to control

Simulator experiments (video) showed that the recovery procedures Boeing provided for the case of a severe mistrim of the plane is not sufficient to bring the plane back under control.
. . .
This was known in pilot circles for some time but will only now receive wider public attention:
. . .
In case of a mistrim of the stabilizer, the plane puts its nose up or down and the pilot will have to push or pull his column to move the elevator to counter the mistrim of the stabilizer. Depending on the position of the stabilizer and the speed of the airplane this can require very significant force. In some cases it might be impossible.

- Boeing 737 MAX Crash Reveals A Severe Problem With Older Boeing 737 NGs

Well that's BS too. As the article itself pointed out, the problem has been known about by the pilots for some time.

And that's not all from this ancient krudmobile: If due to a runaway stabilizer event the front end of the stabilizer moves up, the nose of the airplane will move down and the plane will increase its speed. To counter that the pilot pulls on his column to move the rear end of the elevator up and to bring the plane back towards level flight. As the plane comes back to level the aerodynamic pressure on the mistrimmed stabilizer increases. Attempts to manually trim in that situation puts opposing forces on the jackscrew that holds the stabilizer in its positions. The aerodynamic forces on the stabilizer can become so big that a manual cranking of the trim wheel can no longer move the jackscrew and thereby the stabilizer.

Until the introduction of the newer 737 types Boeing’s pilot manuals for the 737 included a procedure that described how to overcome the situation. It was counterintuitive. If the stabilizer put the plane in an extreme nose down position the pilot was advised to first pull the column to decrease the speed. He then had to push the column forward to lower the aerodynamic forces that blocked the jackscrew. Then the manual trim wheel could be turned a bit while the plane continued to dive and again increased its speed. The procedure had to be repeated several times: pull column to decrease speed; push column to decrease the aerodynamic force on the stabilizer and its jackscrew; trim manually; repeat. The technic was known as the rollercoaster maneuver.


Recently some pilots used a 737 NG flight simulator to test the procedure. They simulated the runaway stabilizer case at a height of 10,000 feet and use the rollercoaster maneuver to recover from the mistrim. When they finally had the stabilizer back into a correct trim position they found themselves at 3,000 feet height. The maneuver would thus help only when the plane is already at a significant height above ground.

Never again!!!

And look at what these clowns did: The lengthy FMCs did not fit on the original central pedestal. . . .Boeing’s ‘solution’ to the problem was to make the manual trim wheels smaller.
. . .
The size of the stabilizer increased from 31.40 square meter on the Classic to 32.78 sqm on the NG and MAX. Meanwhile the size of the elevator, the primary control surface the pilot can use to counter a mistrimmed stabilizer, was kept at its original size of 6.55 sqm.

It's like the spoof Star Trek movie, Galaxy Quest, where they land on a planet to get a Beryllium sphere and, without checking whether the atmosphere is breathable, simply open the door of the transporter. If the author of the above article can see the problems, why can't the FAA?

The crashes of the two 737 MAX revealed a number of problems with the design of the MCAS system.


Several additional issues with the plane have since become known. There may be other problems with its 737 MAX that no one yet learned of. The rather casual FAA certification of the type was clearly not justified.

And LOOK AT THIS: The changes from the 737 Classic to the 737 NG make it more difficult, if not impossible, for the pilots to recover from such a situation:

The smaller manual trim wheels on the 737 NG make it more difficult to trim a runaway stabilizer back into a regular position.
The larger stabilizer surface makes it more difficult to counter a runaway stabilizer by using the elevator which was kept at the same size.
737 NG pilots no longer learn the rollercoaster maneuver that is now the only way to recover from a severe mistrim.
Simulator sessions demonstrate (video) that a runaway stabilizer incident on a 737 NG can no longer be overcome by the procedures that current Boeing manuals describe.

It is pure luck that no NG crash has yet been caused by a runaway stabilizer incident. It is quite astonishing that these issues only now become evident. The 737 NG was certified by the FAA in 1997. Why is the FAA only now looking into this?

And look at how the pilots had NO CHANCE: The second 737 MAX crash revealed all these issues to a larger public. Except for MCAS the trim systems on the NG and MAX are similar. The Ethiopian Airline flight 302 did not experience a runaway stabilizer, but the multiple engagement of MCAS moved the stabilizer to a similar extreme position. The pilots cut the electricity to the stabilizer motor and tried to re-trim the plane manually by turning the trim wheels. The aerodynamic forces on the stabilizer were impossible to overcome. The pilots had not learned of the rollercoaster maneuver. (Not that it would have helped much. They were too low to the ground.) They switched the motor back on to use manual electrical trim to re-trim the aircraft. Then MCAS engaged again and put them into the ground.

That confirms there was no sensor error. IT WAS A DESIGN ERROR.

All NG and MAX pilots should learn the rollercoaster maneuver, preferable during simulator training.

Why? Why not re-design?!?!?!?

This is un-freakin'-believably sloppy.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-5-31 01:09:44

Bloomberg BS Lies

WTF kind of worthless krap species is this? They're STILL trying to peddle it as not being lethal.

Hot on the heels of the bogus bug implanted on Supermicro motherboards, which Bloomberg BS claimed was the size of a grain of rice and would take over control of the CPU, but where experts compared the accusation to a unicorn jumping over a rainbow because it was so absurd, Bloomberg BS tries to peddle the lie that the 737 MAX can be fixed with just a software change. If that were the case, they would never have lied about the 2.5° being only 0.6° and failed to tell the pilots MCAS was installed and they would have provided a software solution by now.

Instead, the 737 MAX is so fundamentally flawed it has to be SCRAPPED. And now we learn that the 737 NG is every bit as LETHAL.

“It will be a crash for sure,” if pilots struggling with a malfunction of Boeing’s flight-control system on the 737 Max also encountered, for example, a cockpit warning that they were flying too close to the ground, the pilot, Bernd Kai von Hoesslin, wrote in a Dec. 13 email.
- Long Before Boeing 737 Max Crash, Ethiopian Air Pilot Warned of Dangers

Get that? See the bit in quotes and the rest which has been supplied by Bloomberg BS?

So the liars are trying to claim that the pilots became confused because of multiple warnings. The TRUTH is that he was warning that if they were too low and the krappy MCAS also tried to prevent a stall, then "it will be a crash for sure" AND HE WAS 100% RIGHT!!!!

Now we know, that in BOTH CRASHES, the pilots followed the correct procedure TO THE FREAKIN' LETTER.

But Bloomberg BS then lies: While the crash played out differently from how von Hoesslin described, he accurately foresaw the chaos and peril of multiple cockpit warnings that pilots dealt with during the March crash.

The Lion Air pilots have already been confirmed as having done EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO PROTOCOL. The evidence of "chaos" due to "multiple cockpit warnings" is ZERO!!! So just like the evidence (or lack thereof) used to attack Huawei.

And it repeats the BS that the "data" was erroneous, thereby implying the sensors were faulty: The movements were triggered by erroneous readings from one of the Max’s two weather vane-like “angle of attack” sensors on either side of the jet’s nose.
. . .
A software update will prevent a single sensor from activating the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. The data from both sensors will be considered.

So if the s**tware switches it off, then why switch it on in the first place? The answer is because the flying turd is physically too hard to control. That's why the Lion Air pilots switched the pile of MCAS excrement back on. They couldn't physically pull up on the stick or turn the (reduced in size) trim-wheels and they were too low to perform the absurd "rollercoaster". So (like the Star Trek Kobayashi Maru) they were OUT OF OPTIONS.

Similarly, when the 787 batteries started bursting into flames, they blamed insufficient testing. But engineers will tell you you can't test quality into a product. It has to be designed in.

The truth is the sensors were working as they were supposed to. A software fix won't work. More sensors won't work. THE ONLY OPTION is to scrap ALL 737 MAX AND 737 NG. It is ABSURD to have a flying turd where the pilots, in certain situations would be physically not strong enough to control the flying turd and have to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre, especially as they may not even have the 7,000 ft that one pilot needed on the simulator. The Ethiopian flight only got to 450ft or four and a half plane lengths before MCAS FORCED it into the ground.

Already, this ancient pile of krap design based on the 1950s 707 requires more runway than modern planes.

These white-supremacists retards impose a quota on Asians at yooniversity in their idiocracies, then they produce this lethal pile of excrement and Boeing and the FAA are now both a complete s**t-show.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-11 00:41:54

Good Reason To Ground This Flying Turd

So at least one person thought there was reason to ground these badly designed death-traps: “Some Boeing safety inspectors have summed up the current culture as ‘safety is king but schedule is God,” Hudson said. “I asked Boeing in December after the Lion Air crash to ground the Max. Boeing refused.”
- Boeing, Obama, A Gold Watch, And 346 Dead

And this is on the back of another opinion: Several additional issues with the plane have since become known. There may be other problems with its 737 MAX that no one yet learned of. The rather casual FAA certification of the type was clearly not justified.
- Boeing 737 MAX Crash Reveals A Severe Problem With Older Boeing 737 NGs

Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-17 02:58:51


As ever, this was an "accident waiting to happen" and there were plenty blowing the whistle but were ignored.

. . .
In this account, the Times identifies one of the leading protagonists responsible for the Boeing disaster, Mark Forkner. Forkner was “the Max’s chief technical pilot” – not merely a “test pilot” – who was in charge of the plane’s training manuals. More significant, he was Boeing’s point man who neglected to tell the FAA that the MCAS software “was in the midst of an overhaul, according to … three FAA officials.” Forkner requested removing the description of the MCAS from the pilot’s manual, and, as The New York Times reports, “Under the impression that the system was relatively benign and rarely used, the FAA eventually approved Mr Forkner’s request, the three officials said.”
. . .
The other interpretation is that Forkner’s lawyer might be telegraphing a legal defense, diminishing his role in anticipation of a lawsuit. That may be less credible, given that Forkner himself was a former FAA employee, thus in effect a revolving-door technological lobbyist (unregistered) who would therefore be well placed to deceive the FAA training-certification engineers into approving whatever training cover-ups Boeing needed to hide to sell more airplanes. Whenever the FAA pushed, Forkner pushed back.

- Why Boeing may never recover from 737 debacle

And this is a crime too: Recall that the genesis of this disaster was a problem of hardware, not just MCAS. The extra lift of the far larger-diameter engines of the 737 Max (placed on a different position on the wing) caused the plane to pitch up whenever it approached stall angles of attack at both high and low speeds. This is a problem that should have become glaringly obvious to the greenest of aerodynamics personnel at Boeing the moment the first wind-tunnel model was tested at angles of attack higher than stall (it may have even been obvious on even earlier fluid-dynamics computer-simulation results).

In other words, they shouldn't have even been asking, "what could go wrong?" As it point out above, it's "glaringly obvious" that someone would get killed with this s**tware.

But the 737NG is just as lethal as the 737 MAX, requiring huge physical effort to manipulate that tail fin.

The slap-dash attitude should shock: It is almost beyond belief that, once having tested and found a high-speed pitch-up problem programmed into the simulator in 2012, no one – neither the chief test pilot nor the aerodynamicists (the engineers responsible for the interaction of moving objects, such as airplanes with the atmosphere) – thought to check the wind-tunnel data or test the simulator to see whether there was a corresponding low-speed pitch-up problem.

I was negotiating a project with a customer once and pointed out issues. I was kicked under the desk by one of the Anglo f***ing morons in my company. The customer was also an Anglo f**king moron who must have heard what I'd said but didn't even respond. THIS is the sort of excrement4brainz f**king morons in the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states. These vermin just want to report that they've completed their job on time, when in reality, they've just done as little as possible to get it "done". It's like the movie, Gung Ho, where they had to complete a certain number of cars. Some ended up without engines in etc. but were lined up to be counted. Their managers turn a "blind eye" to these infractions because they're just as infantile. Whistleblowers are deemed to be trouble makers and never promoted.

And here's the same thing happening: But it was not until the 737 Max prototype was flown four years later – in 2016 – that anyone reported a low-speed pitch-up problem, and then it was not an aerodynamicist but, once again, a test pilot (Ed Wilson, the new chief test pilot for the plane) who insisted there was an issue.

Their a s**tshow species of dumbf**k who cannot be trusted with your life!!!!! And what did these ***holes do? They implemented the easiest but most lethal solution possible: Here is where the problems began to cascade. Since Boeing management had already imposed the MCAS Band-Aid (in lieu of a hardware fix, albeit a relatively safe version), the cheapest, quickest and easiest-to-cover-up fix for the impossible-to-ignore low-speed problem was to issue a new, and even more ineffective, Band-Aid to the existing MCAS. In the process, it changed MCAS from a relatively safe and competent fix to a disastrously unsafe, mindlessly stupid single-sensor solution. As The New York Times reported:

“The change proved pivotal. Expanding the use of MCAS to lower-speed situations required removing the G-force threshold. MCAS now needed to work at low speeds so G-force didn’t apply.

And like Tesla and Gangster Motors no one is punished: But what truly moves this tragedy into the realm of sheer predation and, indeed, criminality, is the (non-)response of the US government.

Cash is king: Consider that the newly appointed secretary of defense, Patrick Shanahan, a former Boeing executive, is already under investigation for allegedly lobbying improperly on behalf of his former company.

And with a serial bankrupt as war criminal POTUS, desperation to compete means they're STILL cutting corners: Additionally, the administration of President Donald Trump is rolling back safety regulations in the rail sector, in effect re-creating the self-regulatory conditions that now prevail at the FAA, reports Justin Mikulka from Desmog.
. . .
We can only imagine what is next – allowing the criminals to regulate the prison system?

Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-18 00:34:47

Yet More Problems

Pilots, however, claim that the safety of passengers and crew is being compromised. “If there was an engine fire on a transatlantic flight and the aircraft had one of the defective fire switches, then we would have to fly with a burning wing for up to three hours before we could safely land,” a pilot with a British airline told the Observer.
- Pilots reveal safety fears over Boeing’s fleet of Dreamliners

So, like the two doomed 737 MAX flights (the ethiopian one had the same problem just the day before the crash) this is a no-win situation! If it happens you're screwed! Unlike a car, you can't stop by the roadside!

But what is the "over abundance of caution" this time: The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive, mandatory instructions to air operators, announcing that the problem is “likely to exist or develop in other products of the same design” and that “the potential exists for an airline fire to be uncontrollable”. However, it stopped short of grounding the aircraft and instead ordered airlines to check the switch every 30 days.

What they SHOULD do is strap one of these FAA crooks to the wing with a fire extinguisher.

The Guardian (MI6 mouthpiece) lies: The FAA was criticised for declining to ground Boeing’s fleet of 737 Max aircraft in March after a software malfunction was suspected of causing two fatal crashes.

It's not a software fault (or even a s**tware fault). the 737 NG is a pile of krap and the 737 MAX is even worse. MCAS was the even krappier sticking-plaster for this flying turd.

It follows on from the Li-ion battery packs in the 787 that were overheating due to the charging circuits supplied by Poodleville being krap! But the Guardian lies again: The $200m (£160m) aircraft were grounded in 2013 following a series of fires caused by leaking batteries.

Yuasa inspected the batteries and claimed there was no fault on their part. Boeing later lied that insufificient testing was to blame, which any engineer will tell you is a crock o' s**t!

If the fire switch malfunctions, there’s no manual override to deploy the engine fire extinguishers and therefore no way of putting out a fire, but Boeing says that it’s fine, and the airlines agree. Such is the fear of Boeing’s power that no one dares speak out.”

Seriously?!? These crooks are risking lives to save the cost of a simple (and it WOULD be simple) manual override? Perhaps it's Patrick Shanahan the Boeing shill who's pulling strings.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-18 23:57:32

More Outright Lies
- the lies just keep on coming!

They only grounded these flying turds AND very reluctantly after the rest of the planet did,
after two crashes, and
after one averted disaster the previous day in the very same flying turd that DID crash.

And then they claimed it was out of an "abundance of caution". The only abundance of caution is avoiding saying anything which will make it unavoidable to give them the electric chair.

Boss says aircraft maker failed to communicate properly with regulators and customers
- Boeing Max 737 jet crisis: we should've been more open, says CEO

Boeing LIED to the FAA about MCAS, claiming it only imposed a 0.6° "trim" when, in fact, it imposed a whopping 2.5°.

Boeing LIED to customers, not telling them that MCAS was even installed.

And here's the goons & thugs lying : Congressman Sam Graves at a hearing in Washington last month argued that "facts in the preliminary report reveal pilot error as a factor".

He went on to suggest that "pilots trained in the US would have successfully been able to control this situation".

- 'Pilots were not to blame for 737 crash'

That's a lie. The liar is probably referring to the day before the crash, when the very same flying turd had the same problem, but an off-duty amerikan pilot managed to switch-off the krappy MCAS.

But on the day of the crash the pilots DID switch off MCAS. The tbouble was, after it had been triggered, it set up the plane such that the OTHER flaw with ALL 737 flying turds came into play and the pilots were physically not strong enought to pull the plane's nose back up. At only 450ft they couldn't possibly use the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre to overcome the physical forces on the tail flaps.

So they did the only thing they could which was to switch the krappy MCAS back on in an attempt to use it to pull the nose up. But instead, the pile of excrement simply pushed the plane into a dive.

In other words, once the krappy MCAS triggers at a low altitude, you're screwed. Graves is a lying sack of excrement!
Author: Saul    Time: 2019-6-19 22:05:46

Boeing to sell 200 of its 737 MAX jets in first deal since grounding
By Angela Charlton        The Associated Press  June 18, 2019 4:10 pm

The company announced at the Paris Air Show on Tuesday that International Airlines Group, the parent company of British Airways and other carriers, signed a letter of intent for 200 Boeing 737 aircraft.

Boeing said it’s the first sale of the jetliner since the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max in March. Another 737 Max crashed in Indonesia last year. All planes of the same model are now grounded amid an investigation of problematic software.

The letter of intent is subject to final agreement, but is a vote of confidence in Boeing as it struggles to win back trust from airlines, pilots, regulators and the traveling public.
After lackluster sales in recent months, Boeing’s orders picked up Tuesday. It announced a deal with Korean Air and Air Lease Corporation for a total of 30 long-range 787 jets, worth $6.3 billion at list prices.

Still better than anything out of Ch1na

Author: Kbay    Time: 2019-6-20 05:58:47

Saul Post time: 2019-6-19 22:05
Boeing to sell 200 of its 737 MAX jets in first deal since grounding
By Angela Charlton        The Associat ...

A letter of intent doesn't equate a done deal. It merely states that if Boeing is still around in two years' time, and that the 737 MAX don't crash again on the test flights now be conducted, then BA will give the nod to the heavily discounted planes "intended". Personally, I would never want to fly in the 737 Max ever again.
BA is making a big error!

Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-21 00:31:22

Still Trying to Unravel the S**tshow

Boeing designed a krappy krudmobile in the 1950s, the 707. Then the modified it and called it the 737 but this had a really bad design flaw which was that in certian circumstances the tail flaps would become near impossible for the pilot to operate.

Instead of fixing this flaw at some time in the last SEVENTY FREAKIN' YEARS, Boeing executives decided to line their own pockets instead.

In fact, these freakin' morons then added more and more problems.

Time went on and these clowns reduced the size of the trim-wheels to make room for navigation controls, despite the above flaw making them already difficult to physically operate.

They got away with this krapulence because there was no competition. Pilots were required to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre to reduce the forces on the tail flaps; repeatedly diving and pulling back up when they wanted to pull-up. But then Airbus produced the A320neo.

Boeing couldn't compete. So it modified the krappy 737, placing the new larger engines in the WRONG PLACE, because the ancient design was for an era when there were no boarding ramps and luggage holds had to be loaded from ground level, so there was no room for the larger engines.

At this point, the krapmobile became a dangerously imbalanced flying-turd and no engineer with more than two brain cells would ever have let it get past the design stage. HERE is where they should have called a halt to the 737 and scrapped it as the dinosaur that it was.

The FAA would never approve of such a pile of excrement. So Boeing installed a fudge called MCAS (an "automatic safety device") and lied both to the FAA by telling them it was only 0.6° of "trim" and not 2.5° of anti-stall and to the airlines and pilots by NOT EVEN TELLING THEM MCAS was installed and how to switch it off. They then rushed this flying turd through certification, including using Boeing to certify itself. That's not only dangerous because it's open to corruption, but because if you didn't spot a mistake when you designed it, you're unlikely to spot it when you certify it yourself.

Unfortunately, MCAS was even krappier than the wrongly-positioned engines and the impossible to operate tail-fin problems. It had no way of discerning whether the flying-turd was simply taking-off or about to stall and had NO CONSIDERATION for whether there was enough altitude to perform a dive. It's like a Tesla where one commentator said, it was as though a child had designed it. Did the MCAS s**tware designers consider the possibility of it triggering when it had just left the freakin' tarmac?

Sure enough, and it was BOUND to happen, MCAS triggered at a low altitude, in the case of the Ethiopian Airlines flight at only 4.5 turd lengths. One simulator test of the 737NG required tens of thousands of feet to perform the "rollercoaster" and pilots were not even being trained for this any more.

NO S**TWARE FIX will correct the dangerously imbalanced flying-turd that should never have been approved. Boeing is screwed and has to recall ALL of these flying turds and SCRAP THEM.

So, in both the Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes, once MCAS had triggered at low altitude, there was NOTHING THE PILOTS COULD DO.

These scumbags have been gambling with people's lives for decades and now have killed hundreds whilst also imploding Boeing.

In the last two months Boeing has received ZERO new orders for ANY of its flying-turds. Airbus received $13bn of new orders at the Paris Airshow. Boeing received ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, ZIPPO, DIDDLY-SQUAT: "It's Airbus 13,000,000,000 - Boeing 0, On The First Day Of The Paris Air Show"

But they're still trying to save Boeing, which is the Great Satan's largest exporter. This comes as war criminal, The Donald, has imposed tariffs on the entire World. The clown couldn't have picked a worse time for the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika.

Here's a desperate propaganda stunt: Boeing (BA) and IAG, the owner of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and other European carriers, announced a letter of intent on the purchase of the jets at the Paris Air Show.
. . .
"Letters of intent generally don't mean much, but this one is extremely meaningful," said Aboulafia.

- Boeing finds the first buyer for a 737 Max since its grounding
Author: Saul    Time: 2019-6-21 20:52:41

Kbay Post time: 2019-6-19 16:58
A letter of intent doesn't equate a done deal. It merely states that if Boeing is still around in  ...

Still better than anything made in your country.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-22 00:04:02

Failed Engineers; Successful Wealth Extractors

Just as the banksters enjoy "regulatory capture" and the likes of Carmen Segarra, Mary Shapiro and Brooksley Borne are shouted down, Boeing's quality engineers were also told to STFU. In Poodleville, the financial regulator started to do his job so was sacked. The result of the amerikan s**tshow is that the gangster-run amerikan quackonomy is a s**tstorm and Boeing is a s**tberg in a s**tstorm.

The push for efficiency has only accelerated under Dennis Muilenburg, who since becoming chief executive officer in 2015 has demanded price concessions from suppliers, heaped more cost demands on engineers, and cut the workforce about 7 percent while making many more planes.
. . .
“Idea’s [sic] are measured in dollars,” as a manager put it in one engineer’s annual evaluation.
. . .
(Muilenberg and McNerney had personal reasons to emphasize productivity and cost-cutting. Boeing’s incentive pay plans for executives and rank-and-file employees have for years emphasized profitability, with revenue, cash, and share performance playing a role more recently. Boeing has beat its targets every year since 2012, contributing to the $209 million in total pay the two CEOs received since then.)
. . .
In 2016, William Hobek, a quality manager at Boeing’s 787 plant in South Carolina, filed suit in federal court claiming he’d been fired after repeatedly reporting defects up the chain of command. When he complained, a supervisor replied, “Bill, you know we can’t find all defects,” according to the suit. Hobek called over an inspector, who quickly found 40 problems, the suit claims. (It was later settled; Hobek declined to comment for this story, citing settlement terms.) Al Jazeera in 2014 sent a hidden camera into the plant and caught some employees on tape saying they’d never fly on the planes because of shoddy workmanship.

- Former Boeing Engineers Say Relentless Cost-Cutting Sacrificed Safety

Why am I not surprised? Why is no one on the planet surprised?

Muilenberg and McNerney achieved their financial targets and fat bonuses but failed on safety issues. This is like the banksters who lose a lot of other people's money and get bailed-out but always successfully make themselves rich.

And here's the regulatory capture: In 2009 the system was expanded further, allowing Boeing to directly choose and supervise the employees who vouch for safety as authorized FAA representatives.

Boeing began putting more junior employees into the roles, and some employees believed that was because they’d be more willing to listen to managers and less likely to dig in their heels, Dickson says. “How long do you want to keep polishing that apple?” was a phrase managers often used with engineers who wanted to keep testing, he says. The message: It’s fine, let’s keep things moving.

. . . and a Victoria Nuland to safety!!!

If Muilenberg is allowed to do a "Martin Shkreli" and pursue a big, fat bonus for himself with no consequences, then you HAVE TO boycott Boeing for your own safety. Muilenberg (who was an engineer, though probably not a qualified one) should get the electric chair; no "if"s; no "but"s.
Author: Kbay    Time: 2019-6-22 01:58:51

Saul Post time: 2019-6-21 20:52
Still better than anything made in your country.

China don't make planes that kills hundreds of paid passengers consecutively within the time gap of six months.
If it is unsafe, better the plane doesn't get built.

American engineering has peaked twenty years ago. These days every made in the US goes up in smoke.
Last week, the UK made the US clothing dryer Whirlpool to recall two million machines because several has catches fire and burnt down their customers' houses.

Author: emanreus    Time: 2019-6-23 14:33:44

Kbay Post time: 2019-6-22 01:58
China don't make planes that kills hundreds of paid passengers consecutively within the time gap o ...

The long-term goal for Whirlpool is to become the top foreign brand in China. To that end, Whirlpool still has much work to do.

They must come up with more quality products.
  Perhaps them driers are good for heating...
Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-25 00:06:12


Despite the lies that the FAA only grounded the 737 MAX flying turd out of an "abundance of caution", the propaganda rags, the Great Satan goon & thug, Sam Graves and even the Shyster of Omaha, have all tried to lie this death-trap back into service despite all the experts on the planet grounding them.

Boeing is the Great Satan's biggest exporter and the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika's quackonomy was already in a state of implosion such that they're robbing their own sheeple on the highways and peddling the buttcoin fraud, before war criminal, The Donald, started his tariff wars with the rest of the planet. In addition, rainfall in the land they thieved is decimating their heavily subsidised, gangster-modified crops too as China "reciprocates" by imposing tariffs on amerikan s**tware and also as Airbus gets $13bn on the first day of the Paris Air Show.

They accuse the Chicago-based aviation corporation of hushing known concerns about the glitch-ridden equipment installed on the jets.
- 400+ 737 MAX pilots sue Boeing over ‘unprecedented cover-up’ that led to crashes & grounding

Notice the lack of quotes. By referring to "glitch-ridden equipment" rather than "engines" it implies there's nothing wrong with the placement of the engines which causes this flying turd to be dangerously imbalanced and therefore NOT FLIGHTWORTHY. There is NO EVIDENCE, the sensors were faulty. Other propaganda has merely claimed the "data" was erroneous, which is not the same thing and is only double-speak for saying that MCAS triggered for a stall when it shouldn't have because it was only a steep take-off.

But then it admits: The main problem with the jets is rooted in the “inherently dangerous aerodynamic handling defects” of the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), designed to prevent the plane from stalling.

Although the bit in quotes points out that the larger engines placed in THE WRONG PLACE leads to "dangerous aerodynamic handling defects" the propaganda article adds the bit about MCAS, which is the botched attempt to offset those "handing defects".

The propaganda article continues to pretend that merely adding the optional additional sensors will avoid a crash by avoiding pilot confusion: There are two of them for a reason: if the data from the sensors does not match, then a AoA Disagree alert should light up, notifying the pilots of the discrepancy.

But the pilots weren't confused. They did everything they should have. Additional sensors with a discrepancy will not change anything unless it prevents MCAS from forcing the flying turd into a dive. But then you're back to square one with a flying turd that is NOT FLIGHTWORTHY. That's WHY they installed MCAS!!! And because it was so bad, they LIED to the FAA that it was only 0.6° of trim, when it was a WHOPPING 2.5° of anti-stall.

It's also a contradiction with the s**tware fix that's being proposed, whereby MCAS only triggers once (and which will therefore AGAIN leave you with a flying turd which IS NOT FLIGHTWORTHY).

The complaint says that Boeing “engaged in an unprecedented cover-up of the known design flaws of the MAX, which predictably resulted in the crashes of two MAX aircraft and subsequent grounding of all MAX aircraft worldwide.”

That "cover-up" of "design flaws" was about not telling the pilots MCAS was even installed and that the flying turd had "aerodynamic handling defects" and NOT that there weren't enough sensors.

But the propaganda again tries to imply pilot-error: In addition, the pilots accuse Boeing of providing little instruction on how to handle the anti-stalling feature, which is only briefly mentioned in the flight manuals.

Author: gork    Time: 2019-6-26 00:04:46

This post was edited by gork at 2019-7-2 00:19

Just S**tware?
- confluence of THREE design flaws

The 737 has always had the design flaw whereby above a certain speed the tail flaps would be too difficult to operate!!! Instead of fixing this flaw they made the freakin' trim wheels smaller!!! Even cars have power assisted steering and brakes!

Then they put engines in the wrong place.

Then they installed MCAS, lying to the FAA and not telling customers about it at all. And MCAS was the worst pile of krap of all.

What now seems apparent with the benefit of hindsight is that MCAS had design flaws. Boeing itself has indicated as much.

MCAS is a piece of flight control software designed to make the new plane easier and more familiar to fly for pilots who were already used to the previous generation of 737 – reducing the need for potentially costly extra training.

- Ethiopian Airlines rejects accusations of pilot error

There's a lie! MCAS was installed to offset the disastrously bad design flaw of placing the engines in the wrong place. Without MCAS, the flying-turd would not have been approved. Even then, Boeing had to lie about the 2.5° of anti-stall adjustment being only 0.6° of "trim" and lie to customers by not even telling them it was installed.

The failure of that one sensor could lead to the system deploying at the wrong time - forcing the aircraft into a descent.

It appears to have done just that on both the Boeings that crashed, forcing the nose of the aircraft down when the pilots were attempting to gain height.

Another lie! It would also be deployed when the flying-turd was taking off, which IS what happened!

Before the Lion Air crash off Indonesia - in which 189 people were killed - the very existence of MCAS was unknown to airlines buying the 737 Max, or to their flight crews. The acronym did not appear in the flight manual.

After the accident, however, Boeing published a bulletin in which it described the effects of an MCAS malfunction, and instructed pilots to follow a particular “non-normal checklist” designed to help them cope with uncontrolled stabiliser movements.

This checklist - which is meant to be memorised by flight crew - instructed them to flip switches on the centre console, to turn off the stabiliser electronics, then balance the aircraft using manual trim wheels beside the pilots’ knees.

And which is completely f***ing useless!

Firstly, it's an admission of criminality in that they failed to tell anyone about MCAS until AFTER the Lion Air crash.

But the Ethiopian crew DID switch off MCAS. However, the decades-old flaw which meant that the trim wheels were too difficult to operate (and which were exacerbated by some f***ing moron making them even smaller) was the problem here: But the preliminary report suggests that they were physically unable to do so.

The Ethiopian Airlines pilots were forced to turn MCAS back on in the hope it would enable them to operate the flaps. It didn't. It simply went into a dive again.

This is where Graves’ main criticisms come in. He points out that throughout the flight, the pilots failed to reduce power from the levels used immediately after take-off, allowing the plane to continue accelerating to the point where it was moving too quickly to be trimmed manually.

“Once they set those throttles to full power, they never retarded them,” he told the committee. “They accelerated right through the certified maximum speed… and just kept on accelerating.”

BS! If the flaps can't be operated at speed , that's a design flaw not pilot error. And it's an old flaw that these crooks have never corrected except by requiring pilots to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre and NOT by reducing speed. One simulator indicated they needed tens of thousands of feet to perform this daft manoeuvre.

If they retarded them they would still have crashed: In other words, the pilots were faced with a situation where they couldn’t control the aircraft unless they tried to slow down - but doing so could push it into a catastrophic dive.
. . .
“In these circumstances, you’re really caught between a rock and a hard place,” he says.

“They may have wanted to reduce thrust, but when the aircraft is already very low and nose down as well, you’d have to have balls of steel to do so.”
. . .
But early in the flight, the pilots were trying to gain height, and one of the control columns was shaking, usually a warning of an impending stall - a situation where the wings suddenly lose lift. Under those circumstances, Brady says, they would normally maintain a high level of thrust.

This is the procedure specified by Boeing for dealing with uncontrolled stabiliser movements - the same procedure it says should be used in the event of an MCAS failure.

So, the procedure specified by Boeing is to maintain thrust and NOT to retard as Sam Graves claims!!!! Furthermore, they were "nose down". They don't have air brakes so reducing thrust won't necessarily reduce speed enough to overcome the DESIGN FLAW. Graves is lying! And being only 450ft off the ground when MCAS forced them into a dive, it would have been a freakin' miracle to recover.

“People who’ve made those comments should ask themselves, ‘Why on earth have they grounded 380 aircraft around the world?’ The facts speak for themselves.”

But even if it WAS somehow pilot-error, these liars are still admitting that there was flaws which caused the supposed confusion. This is so that they can claim they've fixed the sensor/MCAS errors and that this dangerously unstable flying-turd is flight-worthy. It isn't and as two commentators have pointed out it SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN APPROVED. That means ALL 737 MAX HAVE TO BE recalled and SCRAPPED!!! No "ifs"; no "buts".

“With all due respect to the pride in training and experience we have here in the US, it should not be used as a platform to vilify non-US pilots,” says Capt Dennis Tajer, spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, a union representing 15,000 crew at American Airlines.

“Blaming dead pilots, blaming non-US pilots, the suggestion that somehow they’re not of equal skill and training is professionally insulting, and just not the way we do business,” he says.

“Clearly the match and the gasoline were the MCAS system.”

Author: emanreus    Time: 2019-6-27 10:42:35

gork Post time: 2019-6-26 00:04
Just S**tware?
- confluence of THREE design flaws

On top of it;  regulators found a new flaw in the 737 Max system...

They don't seem to be able to pin-point the new problem as Software or Hardware issue...

   There's talk that they might not be able to take to the skies until next year...
Author: gork    Time: 2019-7-2 00:09:00

NOW they do their job?

The supposed s**tware fix to MCAS is now the LONGEST S**TWARE FIX IN HISTORY.

That's because the dangerously unstable 737 MAX can't be fixed by s**tware. The engines are simply in THE WRONG POSITION.

MCAS is an anti-stall device and was supposed to compensate for this design flaw, but was even krappier. It would also have failed to be approved, which is why Boeing lied to the FAA that it was only 0.6° of "trim" when, in fact, it was 2.5° of anti-stall.
Remember, they started on this s**tware fix after the Lion Air crash in October LAST YEAR. If it's THAT complex, then you can't trust it. But it isn't complex. The problem is the engines are in the WRONG FREAKIN' POSITION.

Here's the additional problems now being reported:
The risk was discovered during a simulator test last week but it was not yet clear if the issue can be addressed with a software upgrade or will require a more complex hardware fix, sources told Reuters.
- United extends ban on Boeing 737 Max after regulator finds new problem

This sounds very much like the simulator test that was carried out LONG AGO, where a 737NG needed over 10,000ft to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre. This is the OTHER flaw that's ALWAYS been present in the 737 flying turds.

They're trying to blame the optional additional sensors and/or faulty sensors and/or s**tware, so that it would just be a cheap fix. But the ENGINES ARE IN THE WRONG POSITION. It CANNOT BE FIXED. All of these flying turds have to be recalled AND SCRAPPED.

Remember, they dragged their heels on banning this flying turd.

Were they like the SEC, busy masturbating to online porn?

It's only because the spotlight's on them and if there's another crash someone's head will roll that these hapless clowns have pulled their socks up.

It's like Poodlevilles Keystone Kops who didn't respond to the alarm at Buckingham Palace, figuring it was a false alarm. So the intruder was sitting on the Queen's bed dripping blood.

Similarly, when the Titanic sent a mayday, the clowns figured it was a prank and didn't respond.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-7-3 00:27:56

More BS

The 737 MAX has the engines in the WRONG POSITION. It CANNOT be fixed by changes in s**tware. This is a corporation run by accountants and COMPLETE CLOWNS.

"Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers"

So, are we supposed to believe they simply installed the s**tware and didn't even test it? Were there no specifications; no standards?

And they admit that it wasn't the cause: Boeing said the company did not rely on engineers from HCL and Cyient for the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, which has been linked to the Lion Air crash last October and the Ethiopian Airlines disaster in March.

And admitting they hired low-cost engineers and somehow didn't even bother testing the s**tware, contradicts the other lies that they were only grounding these flying turds out of an "abundance of caution" or that safety was their no.1 priority: “Boeing has many decades of experience working with supplier/partners around the world,” a company spokesman said. “Our primary focus is on always ensuring that our products and services are safe, of the highest quality and comply with all applicable regulations.”

The bottom line is that they have spent the last 70 years lining their own pockets rather than investing in R&D. The 737 is ANCIENT and has always had flaws that were NEVER CORRECTED.

The Airbus A320neo, China's C919 and Russia's plane too are all far better because they ACTUALLY WORK.

It's also the same as Elon Musk blaming his suppliers for all the shoddy faults on a Tesla: Increasingly, the iconic American planemaker and its subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as $9 an hour to develop and test software, often from countries lacking a deep background in aerospace -- notably India.

That's the same as complaining about the quality of chinese products after these skank have banged their fist on the table and demanded lower prices. As Gangster Motors suppliers joked, GM had three criteria: price, price and price.

Furthermore, unlike the illegal ractopamine that required forged documents from the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada (and which they've admitted were forged), the above propaganda article offers no evidence. Software (or s**tware) doesn't require testing of every batch, as China is now doing, either. So it's STILL Boeing's fault.

Only clowns would do this: Rabin, the former software engineer, recalled one manager saying at an all-hands meeting that Boeing didn’t need senior engineers because its products were mature. “I was shocked that in a room full of a couple hundred mostly senior engineers we were being told that we weren’t needed,” said Rabin, who was laid off in 2015.
. . .
“This was just nonsense.”

Take your car for a service in Poodleville and you get a low-paid chimpanzee trashing it. At a minimum they need one EXPERIENCED engineer on hand to tell the chimpanzees when they're doing something wrong and that wasn't in the training course.

It's because these daft decisions were taken at the board level that Dennis Muilenburg should get the electric chair. Instead, AFTER the Lion Air crash he paid himself a HUGE bonus.

Author: gork    Time: 2019-7-8 00:03:50

UNBELIEVABLE: Yet More Krappiness

The 737 MAX is so krappy with the ENGINES IN THE WRONG PLACE that it's manslaughter bordering on murder. Yet Dennis Muilenburg has not been sent to the electric chair.

In a feudal system run by robber-barons for the benefit of robber-barons, rutting ape DKS can also avoid a criminal court and Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon get the WRONG charges brought against them so they avoid jail too.

The reason that all these problems are now emerging is because if there's a THIRD crash, then all hell will break loose.

The slipshod design, engineering, manufacturing and kwality kontrol have ALWAYS been there. The 737 is based on the 707 from the 1950s and the tail-flaps problem which contribute to both the Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes has always been there.

By spending AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE on R&D, Dennis Muilenburg was able to pay himself a HUGE bonus and AFTER the Lion Air crash. So rather than an "abundance of caution" it was, in fact, a Victoria Nuland to safety.

At Gangster Motors, someone f**king moron swapped the ignition switches for some which were not to specification, probably reasoning (incorrectly) that it wouldn't matter and it was just some engineer wasting money. Suppliers joked that GM had three criteria: price, price and price. This cost hundreds of lives over a decade for which no one got the electric chair. The attitude is similar to Poodleville's f**kwit Lord Weinstock who advertised his dumbf**kery by claiming he didn't need engineers, he needed accountants because accountants made him money.

System on jet was failing to disengage in certain emergencies
- Boeing 737 Max's Autopilot Has Problem, European Regulators Find

This is why Poodleville's ENTIRE krapmobile industry has imploded. This is why the "no one buys amerikan any more". The only reason they ever did is because the anglo/jew gangsters started both World wars with the Great Satan having the only industry left standing and the Marshall Plan loan-sharking to fund purchases of amerikan krapware.

EASA’s checklist includes a number of issues that have been disclosed: the potential difficulty pilots have in turning the jet’s manual trim wheel, the unreliability of the Max’s angle of attack sensors, inadequate training procedures, and a software issue flagged just last week by the FAA pertaining to a lagging microprocessor. But the agency also listed a previously unreported concern: the autopilot failing to disengage in certain emergencies.

So, these liars are suggesting minor fixes will do!!!

But the BIG ELEPHANT in the room is the MAJOR re-design required for the tail flaps mechanism because pilots CAN'T EVEN OPERATE IT under certain conditions!!! Restoring the trim-wheels to a bigger size doesn't cut it.

The HUGE ELEPHANT in the room is the engines are IN THE WRONG FREAKIN' PLACE.

This is STIL a flying turd that needs to be recalled AND SCRAPPED. It would never have been approved without the lie that MCAS was only 0.6° of trim and not 2.5° of anti-stall.

The EASA list excludes several other smaller issues that the agency hasn’t flagged as critical.

But that's like the Gangster Motors ignition switch, which they ALSO deemed to be not critical!!! I've never used a fire extinguisher. Does that mean that all fire extinguishers should be scrapped?

And STILL with the lies: A software update will prevent a single sensor from activating the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System.

It was NEVER about a faulty sensor. The engines are IN THE WRONG FREAKIN' PLACE. This causes a tendency to pitch-up and stall.

And the daft solution of additional sensors would mean there's essentially no change. So you cannot engage autopilot with this flaw!!

Author: gork    Time: 2019-7-22 00:26:32

Scumbag Corporate Culture

The gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, as a fascist state run by robber-barons for the benefit of robber-barons, has no laws against corporate manslaughter. At most you can only sue the murderers for criminal negligence. So if you KNOW that someone will be killed by you krapware and deliberately arrange for that to happen, you can LITERALLY get away with murder.

Hence, just like Boeing, killing people results in NO JAIL TIME and NO ELECTRIC CHAIR: Last Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that company executives were aware of problems with transmission lines that were eventually responsible for the Camp Fire, yet “repeatedly failed to perform the necessary upgrades.” In addition, PCG estimated in 2017 that its transmission towers were 68 years old on average (already above the mean life expectancy of 65 years), with some as old as 108.

The company is no stranger to bad press surrounding environmental disaster and big payouts. In 1996, PG&E was forced to pay $333 million to settle claims it dumped more than 350 gallons of chemically-poisoned water into ponds near Hinkley, Calif., an episode memorialized in the 2000 film Erin Brockovich.

- "Liquidating Before Your Eyes" - PG&E's Clock Is Ticking

That's similar to the krappy 737 with the known tail flaps problem which has always been there and required pilots to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre. We know that's what caused the Ethiopia crash because the pilots couldn't operate the flaps and tried to switch the krappy MCAS back on.

Here's more Boeing krappiness: More than 1,300 jets registered in the U.S. were equipped with cockpit screens vulnerable to interference from Wi-Fi, mobile phones and even outside frequencies such as weather radar, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, which gave airlines until November 2019 to replace the units made by Honeywell International Inc.
- Cellphones a Flight Danger? Could Be on Some Boeing Jets

It was scumbag Lord Winestock, who claimed he didn't need engineers; he needed accountants because accountants made him money. The absurdity of "financial engineering" as well as starting both World Wars to impose jew-confetti on the planet because they want to rule the World but aren't even viable species, has resulted in the absurdity of negative interest rates to stop the "worthless paper" USD from imploding. That's why the ECB, BoJ and SNB only apply the negative rates to excess reserves. It's not as though you can borrow money and pay back less than you borrowed.

Whilst Poodleville's entire krapmobile industry has already imploded, the Great Satan has given us exploding fuel tanks in the Ford Pinto, faulty ignition switches in Gangster Motors krudmobiles and in the 1950s, the stabiliser bar which GM thought would cost more to install than being sued by the relatives of the dead. Known parking brake problems with the Jeep Grand Cherokee resulted in the death of Star Trek actor, Anton Yelchin, whilst one krappy Stingray had electrically operated locks but no mechanical backup, such that an elderly driver got stuck and died in his krudmobile when the battery was flat.

Author: gork    Time: 2019-8-29 01:14:25

Still a Flying Turd

Boeing "represented that the 737 Max 8 was an airworthy and safe aircraft, and that it had been designed in compliance with aviation regulations," Avia said in its lawsuit, which was filed Monday in an Illinois court. Boeing is headquartered in the state. "Despite its representations and due to its negligent conduct, Boeing manufactured and designed an aircraft that was not safe for flight."
. . .
We're making clear and steady progress and are confident that the 737 Max with updated MCAS software will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly," Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said in a statement earlier this year.

- A Russian company is the first customer to sue Boeing over its 737 Max planes

Yet, they released this flying turd, with the engines in the wrong place and murdered 346 people. The DECADES old flaw with the tail stabilisers has NEVER BEEN FIXED. Saying it's "one of" is meaningless. Elon Musk has just been told to cease and desist in claiming the Tesla Model 3 is the safest ever because the testers only provide broad bands of passes. The 737 has always been krappy. But with the engines in the wrong place and NO WAY FOR THE SENSORS to detect a stall at low speeds, it CANNOT BE FIXED and certainly not with some krappy s**tware.

In its lawsuit, Avia claimed that Boeing made "false representations" to the US Federal Aviation Administration during the Max's certification process.

Boeing lied about MCAS being 0.6° of trim when it was actually 2.5° of anti-stall.

Avia also alleges that Boeing "downplayed and misrepresented" problems after a Max flown by the Indonesian carrier Lion Air crashed last year. Another Max flown by Ethiopian Airlines crashed several months later.

Yes, Muilenberg paid himself a HUGE bonus AFTER the Lion Air crash. Even after the rest of the planet grounded these flying turds, the corrupt FAA, still tried to keep them in service. The Shyster of Omaha who can't even outperform the market, suddenly became an aviation expert with intimate knowledge of the flying turd and claimed he would fly in one. Not for very long if the Ethiopian Airlines crash is any measure. That only got 450ft off the ground.
Author: gork    Time: 2019-9-7 22:27:10

No Confidence in Boeing

If the Shyster of Omaha says he would fly in one of these flying turds, you know it's because Boeing is the Great Satan's biggest exporter and the 737 MAX it's biggest seller NOT because it isn't a lethal pile of excrement with the engines in the wrong place and NOT because the Shyster of Omaha is more of an expert on plane safety than the ACTUAL experts on plane safety who have all grounded these flying turds.

Europe's tough stance is a blow to Boeing's hopes of a rapid return to service for the 737 Max, and is also a significant break with the established international practice of aviation regulators accepting each other's standards.
- Europe will not accept US verdict on 737 Max safety

Indeed! How can a change in the s**tware compensate for the engines being in the wrong place and with that decades old flaw of the tail stabilisers being too difficult to physically operate. WTF kind of flightworthy aircraft is that?

And why do they continue to lie? Probes have shown the software - and the failure of sensors - contributed to pilots not being able to control the aircraft.

I've seen NO EVIDENCE the sensors failed. They only way they've failed is in not being able to measure what Boeing would like them to measure, which is the difference between a steep climb and a stall.

EVEN THE FREAKIN' PASSENGERS KNOW: "United says it will allow passengers to avoid 737 Max flights"

The 737 MAX is a disastrous attempt to compete with the Airbus A320neo.

The Great Satan is trying to thieve Russia's share of the gas market with its illegal wars of aggression in Syria and Ukraine.

The Great Satan is trying to thieve Huawei's share of the communications market by extorting nations not to use her equipment, but has no alternative to offer.

The Great Satan claimed Occupied Korea had begged for their krappy surveillance drone. But Wikileaks revealed the Great Satan had actually berated Occupied Korea to buy them.

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