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Tyrannical Democracy [Copy link] 中文

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Saul Post time: 2019-2-13 20:24
Almost as crazy as petera or wacho

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Some excerpts of recent news:

Asia Society's Task Force on US-China Relations chaired by Asia Society's Center on US-China Relations' director Orville Schell, and Professor Susan Shirk, University of California.

The report by the above society states that US risks a breakdown in its relationship with China if it does not pursue negotiations and instead pushes back on Chinese actions that contravene international norms.

"While the United States must never compromise its national interests, neither should it define those interests as always antithetical to China's pursuit of its legitimate economic and security goals… Opposing Chinese influence across the board is neither desirable nor feasible,"

Professor Susan Shirk, University of California was a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (1997-2000). She said,

There is a political tsunami in Washington against the China threat

This is a point of bipartisan agreement when there are so few others, and the counter-espionage effort really picked up tremendous steam… but there's a tremendous risk that going around trying to get everybody really scared about this will create this great suspicion of all people from China and all ethnic Chinese.

Based on the above, it seems there are more people who are aware that the government administration of US is not doing what is right but have a tremendous negative impact on the world as a whole.

I hope there are more rational people who will speak up.

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Here is why US has been desperately trying to pin down Huawei. It is also why Australia and New Zealand (link with US regarding National Security) has banned Huawei without a good reason but based on false allegations.

From "Wired"

The NSA's global spy operation may seem unstoppable, but there's at least one target that has proven to be a formidable obstacle: the Chinese communications technology firm Huawei, whose growth could threaten the agency's much-publicized digital spying powers.

An unfamiliar name to American consumers, Huawei produces products that are swiftly being installed in the internet backbone in many regions of the world, displacing some of the western-built equipment that the NSA knows – and presumably knows how to exploit – so well.

That obstacle is growing bigger each year as routers and other networking equipment made by Huawei Technologies and its offshoot, Huawei Marine Networks, become more ubiquitous. The NSA and other U.S. agencies have long been concerned that the Chinese government or military – Huawei's founder is a former officer in the People's Liberation Army – may have installed backdoors in Huawei equipment, enabling it for surveillance. But an even bigger concern is that with the growing ubiquity of Huawei products, the NSA's own surveillance network could grow dark in areas where the equipment is used.

For that reason, as the latest Snowden revelations showed last week, the spy agency reportedly hacked Huawei as part of an operation launched in 2007. The plan involved stealing source code for some of Huawei's products in the hope of finding vulnerabilities. Such security holes could allow the NSA to exploit the products and spy on traffic in countries where Huawei equipment is used – such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, and Cuba.

“Many of our targets communicate over Huawei-produced products,” an internal NSA document obtained by Snowden noted in 2010, according to the New York Times. “We want to make sure that we know how to exploit these products ... to gain access to networks of interest” around the world.

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huaqiao Post time: 2019-2-16 12:31
Here is why US has been desperately trying to pin down Huawei. It is also why Australia and New Zeal ...

This article shows that the US is a thief calling others thief.

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From Reuters:

US President Donald Trump on Thursday (Feb 21) called on US telecommunications companies to boost their work to build faster 5G wireless communications networks, saying they were lagging and at risk of being left behind other countries' efforts.

"American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind," Trump said in a pair of tweets.

"I want the United States to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies," he added, although he did not explain what blockage the president was referring to.

It could be that the hawks in the US administration has been acting on their own behind Trump's back to curb the competition by mafia style and bullying. Or it could mean an admission of guilt by Trump. In any case, it reinforces the idea that Huawei has been unfairly demonised by US through false allegations and accusations. It is also an admission that US's Telecoms are lagging behind Huawei in 5G so the arrest of Meng from Huawei is a way to delay Huawei's launch in 5G to allow the US Telecoms to catch up.

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From Reuters:  

The United States will need to maintain the threat of imposing tariffs on Chinese goods for years even if Washington and Beijing strike a deal to end a costly trade war, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told lawmakers on Wednesday (Feb 27).

There you go again. By keeping with the uncertainty, US is trying to hold onto unilateral actions against China. Instead of trying to sincerely solve the problem, US is only trying to bully China into serving US interest.

Lighthizer defended the Trump administration's use of tariffs, saying they are the only tool to push China to make the major structural changes that he, Trump and many of the lawmakers themselves are seeking.

Does it mean that the structural changes must be only to US' advantage?

But lawmakers have urged the Trump administration not to allow potential big-ticket purchases to distract him from pursuing an end to what the United States alleges are unfair trade practices.

"Unfair trade practices" is a subjective term that US comes up with. So what is fair? Is it fair only when US, and only US, benefits?

Lighthizer said Trump's team is pushing China to promise to make "substantial" new purchases of US products, including soybeans, corn, ethanol and cotton.

The purchase plan is designed to secure future demand as well, he said.

The uncertainty created by US is only to help US gain long term benefits. Just like for the many past decades, US has been pushing for policies that benefits US at the expense of others.

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