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Plausible Outcomes of the Coming Trade Talks   [Copy link] 中文

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markwu Post time: 2019-5-15 12:52
I didn't when she had been expecting it the whole day. My bad. So i told her what a 'coincidence' i ...

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-5-16 08:00

Please do your best. I beg you.

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markwu Post time: 2019-5-16 10:51
Please do your best. I beg you.

In that case of course.......

Please have her remind me to remind you to remind her it is not her birthday but still her day.

Got it?

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-5-16 17:45
In that case of course.......

Please have her remind me to remind you to remind her it is not her ...

Your mobile, please.

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Btw, there is a certain degree of inevitability in this trade war, as can be seen from the fact that the Democrats have now enjoined the battle and given their support to Donald's tariffs on China.

I have said it many times and I am going to say it again: the WASPs simply can't help themselves because of the relative ease with which they had eliminated the Native Americans from their native lands in North America in the few centuries between Mayflower and the 1890s.  

This has left an indelible mark in their collective memory so that they themselves don't understand why they are thinking this way.

Like every now and then you hear the likes of Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and everyone else in that circus crowd ascribing China's economic success to the 'help' they had received from America.

Oh yes, the Korean War, the Vietnamese War, the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, the seizure of Ship Ying He in 1994, the downing of Wang Wei's fighter jet on April 1, 2001, the cacophony of interference in cross-Strait affairs, the fifteen years it took just to join the American-initiated WTO, the constant barrage of innuendos blaming Chinese hormonal theft for America's own Erectile Dysfunction -- yes, China has been at the receiving end of such help for the last forty years, they say, and so it's time to right the wrong by levying tariffs on Chinese imports into the U.S.

And to know that Trump actually graduated from U Penn's Wharton School of Business fifty years before he lied to the American people that China is the one paying the tariffs on her exports to America.

There you have it -- a composite picture of a nation of sore losers who just can't stomach the fact that they've been beaten fairly and squarely by the distant relatives of the Native Americans who in their collective mind were nothing more than an inferior tribe of Ghost Dancers.

You can all imagine how they must be feeling right now -- the feeling of Goliath lying flat on the ground, about to be beheaded by David armed with nothing but a stone-slinger.

That's why they are levying this 25% tariff on Chinese exports, with the short-term goal of truncating China's supply chains and the long-term goal of stopping her rise in the track.

China's surprise at America's intransigence is due to her ignorance of America's fundamental mindset -- that Cowboys will never consent to share prosperity with Indians, and America's misplaced hubris is due to her ignorance of the fact that the backwardness of the Native Americans was just an unfortunate accident of geography and history, that the latter's relatives across the Pacific had enjoyed material comfort and cultural resplendence for the better part of the last 7,000 years in a civilization far more advanced than theirs until about five centuries ago -- a mere heartbeat in the history of Homo sapiens.

It behooves all of us to right the real wrong -- that American hubris has been allowed to ride roughshod over such a large swath of humanity since the end of WWII.

It's not that we don't want to share co-prosperity with our competitors.  

Our man has been dialing that toll-free number many times to implore them to share prosperity with us with no strings attached.

We have done it with innocent sincerity in our eyes.

We have done it with endless love in our hearts.

Our man Liu had even gone over many times to bang the door at the White House inviting the irascible businessman to join us in sharing the material prosperity occasioned by unprecedented breakthroughs in the New Scientific Revolution.

The man just reached into his wallet, looked at the picture of U.S. President Andrew Jackson the Butcher on the 20-dollar bill, and twitted NO.

So he wishes to repeat what Jackson did at the Trail of Tears.

So he wants to start doing it by holding someone else's daughter as hostage.

And this is happening all because of America's bedeviled, bipartisan attempt to mangle the megatrend of history.

Knowing Chinese capabilities, I can see a decapitated Andrew Jackson farther afield in the gutters at the break of dawn.

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markwu Post time: 2019-5-16 19:52
Your mobile, please.


Don't forget my extension 8888

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So Trish Regan chickened out at the last moment and there was no live-streamed debate on CGTN.

There was only kitchen talk on the issue of stolen testosterone from American men by the Chinese.

What did you expect?  do you really believe the emotional liar didn't know she was lying?  The New England prep school Trish went to obviously taught her how to tell a lie without blushing.

$600 billion IP theft?  She simply used the sensational lie as a springboard to her new job as a Prime Time anchor.

If you haven't figured out the truth by now, just remember that these Americans are totally shameless.

If Boris Johnson is required to face criminal charges in a British court on his lying about Brexit, Trish Regan should be brought to a Chinese court to face charges for lying about Chinese IP thefts.

After Trish is sentenced to ten years of hard labor, go ahead and summon Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and Navarro -- the whole gang of lying thugs -- to face similar charges of intentional deceit in a Chinese court.

It is a great fault of some Chinese people that more often than not they make the mistake of respecting these American moral midgets merely on account of their official positions.

Instead, they should conjure up the latter's true images -- potential convicts dressed in prison garb sinking into dugout holes in a Xinjiang toilet.

Oh you're telling me you haven't been to one?

In that case just take my word for it -- it's not exactly a pretty sight.

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