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Plausible Outcomes of the Coming Trade Talks   [Copy link] 中文

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That book on Supply Chain management I am reading sure explains a lot of the queries I had in my mind.

They use mathematical models and that's what I like about the book.

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With one foot already planted firmly in the box inside the casket, this guy is still trying to discombobulate!

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I predict that in about two weeks' time a freshly eighty-three year old man will be visiting the morgue.

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In the least, do not follow the U.S. lead in bribing officials to get into elite schools.

This fraudulent behavior, together with the irresponsiveness of the FAA to the two 737 -8MAX disasters in Indonesia and Ethiopia, are the two clinical signs of how sick the U.S. truly is today.

When Harvard admitted China's student dissidents like in the aftermath of the '89 disturbance in the nation's capital, I knew that the admissions policies of U.S. Ivy League schools could be manipulated according to the political needs of the U.S. establishment.

The admissions boards of those schools were under the guidance of 'liberal' influence-peddlers and politicians like Ted Kennedy, who welcomed -- an "F" student in his first year at Beijing's prestigious Normal University -- with open arms while sailing with him in his yacht.

I've also heard about the alumni of those schools who contributed funds in the million- dollar range towards the establishment of new buildings in order to have their kids enroll in the same school, and I wasn't too astonished about that either.

And so we now know there were sons and daughters of foreign dignitaries who were able to enroll at those elite schools using whatever means at their disposal at the time.

So does that mean that all such children did a great job on SAT or admissions tests?

You can sure answer that question yourself.

What people didn't realize until this scandal broke into the open was that you can bribe through an 'agent' with US$20K -- $50K and get into a top-notch school of your choice.

That is a sure sign that America's downfall is happening right before our eyes -- the social fabric of the entire rotten edifice is breaking down brick by brick like a black-and-white time-lapse movie in the Silent Film Era of the 1920s.

So the two events mentioned at the beginning of this essay are tell-tale signs that the American empire is at best in the throes of a death-bed struggle.

Many parents -- domestic and foreign -- are probably losing sleep this week because there will be probes into how their proficiency-lacking children got into those top schools in the first place.

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That's also why I am dead against any foreign leaders sending their kids to study in the U.S. because if anything goes wrong -- like if you did something unmentionable to get your kid into certain schools, or he did badly in school whether socially or academically, or your spouse had an affair or committed a crime without your knowledge -- you are susceptible to be on their blackmail list.

That means in the future you will have to follow their dictations during bilateral talks or negotiations or else they will expose those things which either you, your spouse or your children did when they were in that country.

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2019-4-21 10:45

Trump said he wanted to retain the tariffs on China to make sure the Chinese keep their side of the bargain.

At that point our government should have said something like "it's YOU Americans who have been breaking agreements before the ink is dry, and hey you Mr. President, it is you who should keep your words and written promises, and you have no reason to point your finger at the Chinese for "fear of their not keeping their promises."

Two points:

(1) 美國和各國 签的协议什麽時侯都可以不認帳。為什麽中國必須認帳?

(2) 特朗普怕中国不履行协议,中国官方为什么不在此时此刻指出美国撕毁协议已有先例,无权怀疑中方?

This Trump chap is a little man subjectable to flattery, and Japan's Abe knows this weakness of his the best.  

Just look at the way Abe is coquettishly inviting Trump to go visit Japan and be the first to see the new emperor -- grandson of Hirohito whom one forum ghost here had labeled as a "revered figure."

China needs to watch out for Trump's new trumped-up charges against her in the next 20 months.

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I am truly not a fan of what I am hearing in the news about the trade talks.

It's a complicated problem and we just have to wait and see what happens.

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