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Plausible Outcomes of the Coming Trade Talks   [Copy link] 中文

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Saul Post time: 2019-1-23 22:30
Trudeau's public image suffered a major setback
maybe in china, but who cares what china t ...

You can think whatever way you want.

Still the fact of the matter is that the current Mr. Trudeau is the son of Pierre Trudeau -- noted by many Chinese to be a trustworthy, principled man who beat the odds to become the leader of a country most of whose citizens are of Anglo stock.

That is a lot of political clout in terms of international relations.

To lose that much clout so ignominiously simply isn't the smartest thing to do in our globalized world.

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The most laughable aspect of all this espionage talk is that the only nation that has ever been proven to eavesdrop on foreign leaders like German chancellor Angela Merkel and had massive spying programs like that infamous "Prism" was the U.S.

For a thief to yell "catch thief" is a familiar trick used by Americans.

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It takes an expert to talk about 5G and mark is such an expert.

You all might want to go to page 3 to read what he has to say.

They passed the protectors and just popped up.

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The fortune of Huawei takes a deep plunge after the detention of its CFO in Canada on December 1 last year.  More and more countries, under the pressure of the US, ban the use of its 5G components on allegation that the company is spying for China.

Actually it is not so bad.

From details offered by Ren Zhen-fei (Huawei's CEO) in his recent interview with China's Central Television, Huawei's sales volume is projected to grow at least 20% this year.

Remember that the so-called West is not a monolithic colossus.  It's leaders come and go according to the whims of the electorate.  A NO today doesn't preclude a YES tomorrow.

When railway was first seen in China, the Qing government disallowed its construction in Southwest China, and the old Empress Dowager approved only a mile of railway for her own entertainment in Beijing.

And history tells us what happened to a retrogressive China that tried to go against the Megatrend -- she was defeated in important battle engagements one after the other due to her unjustified hubris and her transportation system became very backward when compared to then-ascendant Europe benefited by the Industrial Revolution started in Britain.

Then witness the growth of the High-Speed-Railway system in China today, which has irreversibly propelled China to the forefront of transportation hubs in the world, contributing immeasurably to it GDP growth.  It is the West that has become backward for the same reason -- haughty hubris.

That's why I am not so worried about the continued survival of Huawei.  It is those countries that have continued to ban Huawei's 5G infrastructural construction that need to be worried.

Huawei will stay and thrive, while those Western nations will miss the boat bigtime and will have to dish out heavy penalties in the future when they try to return to Huawei's platform.

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It should be crystal-clear to everyone by now the Anglo-Trump's have no wish to make any deal under any circumstances of any global landscape anyone cares to paint.

Because they remain white supremacists to the core. It was never about trade and deals for that matter technology. It was all about the subjugation of another rising superpower, one which has made superhuman strides in national development until it could even afford to help the rest of the world whose many economies had suffered under the weight of a global financial crisis caused by the other superpower. Could it be because that recalcitrant superpower wants to continue causing more future global crises so that others will tamely toe its west-lit media line to look up to it for salvation just after destruction?

And the reason Chinese leaders did not see the situation the way you and I do here is because they do not understand the mentality of these people.  

Chinese leaders believe that if we treat white Americans with thoughtfulness, the same attitude would be reciprocated as is inherent in the tenets of our Confucian culture emphasizing a harmonious world.  That is not the case at all.  In fact, the West finds it very hard to understand why Ming Admiral Zheng He didn't take advantage of Chinese advancement in military technologies in the early 1400s to conquer the world including all the lands that his 23,000 sailors had reached in far-flung corners of the earth, including Europe and Africa, and some say even the Americas (said to have beenreached by one of his four sub-admirals)

That is to say, they have not seriously tried to understand the chapter of American history in which the whites exterminated the Native Americans -- the original settlers -- and regarded the American West as their "Manifest Destiny" and an eternally warranted gift from their god.

That's why white Americans want to decimate our economy whose strength is presently best exemplified by our 2025 Plan and Huawei's 5G technology.

Our side had inevitably been duped by the superficial niceties of ordinary Americans to Chinese visitors especially to areas like the farms in Iowa , where the local farming inhabitants tend to be folksy and friendly.  Our side simply does not understand that just because you are kind and friendly, your real opponents in Washington and New York will reciprocate in kind.

They won't.  

After many years of observation I have concluded that they want us dead just like they had wanted the Native Americans dead (Remember "The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian," a quote attributed by some to General Philip Sheridan and by others to President Theodore Roosevelt) and this point should never be lost, but instead should be drilled into the heads of all grade school children still dreaming that there will be a day of shared prosperity between the U.S. and China.  

I can emphatically tell you that no such day is forthcoming, and we should be prepared for the inevitable next phase of the struggle.

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Kbay  Post time: 2019-1-24 11:56
    NASA robots may have been placed on the Moon, but absolutely NOT American astronauts. They have co ...


I have followed that story for more than a decade now.

Like most people, I didn't believe it a bit when the rumors got started because it would be too big a lie.

But lately with the picture shown by Chang'e 4, it has become a fixture in the Room of the Big Lie.

Armstrong did not step onto the Moon.

Now I am convinced that 'Big step for Mankind" never took place at all.

It was actually a small step into a film studio in Houston, in July, 1969.

If they had actually landed on the Moon, given their past record of eager and hasty colonialism they would have colonized the Moon for its mineral resources for decades already.  Why would they even wait for us?

Instead, what we have had since Armstrong are nothing more than one shuttle failure after another.  Isn't that the case?

So why no more Moon landings from them?

Because they can't -- they couldn't get it up with their Viagra and still can't.

So they are begging for the chance from us to shine together on the Moon again.

Pei pei pei I spit on them.

Please Great Leader, please don't be flattered into cooperating again with these nincompoops.

If their president can be certified by their own NYTimes to have lied 7000+ times, what's one more lie in another time and place back in 1969?  Nothing!

To paraphrase Lincoln, theirs is a nation built by liars, of liars and for liars.

The Native Americans were duped by their first lie of hunger by the Puritans to feed them on the occasion that subsequently led to the first Thanksgiving Day, and lived to regret it until they were nearly all exterminated a few centuries later.

The Californian Native Americans in the west met the worst fate -- the warm weather and fertile farmlands were so precious that all of them were murdered one entire village at a time.  That's why you don't see any mention of Indian reservation land in California (as they exist even today in Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, etc.) today.  All were stolen by the whites and the pure Indian breeds gone for good...

So just remember that you've heard it from me: anyone who even mentions the co-op word would be tied up and sunk into the deep deep Marianna Trench east of the Philippines pronto!

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Kbay Post time: 2019-1-24 12:07
American companies are light years behind Huawei in the 5G challenge.
Claiming Huawei stolen tech  
Yeah, these Americans are like small children -- so immature in their mentality and behavior.

They see the speck in other people's eyes, but not the timber in their own.

Constantly blaming others about IP 'theft' when all these deals were market-to-tech swaps entered voluntarily without coercion.  All were mutually agreed to by the relevant parties involved.

After they had earned their buckets of gold they gambled them away, and now comes back asking for more and blaming others of thievery.

Herr Hitler, Fuehrer of the Third Reich, had said that a lie repeated in your ears a thousand times will make you believe in it.

Trump repeated all those lies 7000+ times, and so that claim has stuck in the minds of all these imbeciles, when it is obvious the theft allegation is a total fabrication susceptible to defamation charges if the same allegation is launched in a civil case.

A liar calling others liars -- that's what's happening.

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