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Well Done, India! [Copy link] 中文

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India is repeating China’s feat of massive poverty reduction. Between 2006 and 2016, India lifted more than 270 million people out of poverty, at a rate of 44 per minute, one of the fastest in the world.
- Why India will supersede China – Part 1

If the title of the article is supposed to generate rivalry between China and India, it won't work. Unlike the rabid bigots in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Auztralia which until the 1970s still had an overt "whites-only" infestation policy and who wrote in the margins of Dr. Gregory Clarke's report that they wanted to see China and India "at each other's throats", Asians don't belong in cages.

As Dr. Shashi Tharoor ("Inglorious Empire", Scribe, 2017), has said, India represented 23% of global GDP before the Anglos infested and only 4% afterwards. As Anglos have said themselves, in reference to the razing of China's Summer Palace, they, the Anglos, are "savages". And only total worthlessness can produce such wealth destruction. The zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense showed a graph of India's GDP collapsing in the 18th century and then, as the Anglos infested China in the 19th too, China's GDP followed the same path.

Generations of Indians and Chinese (not to mention other Asians, Africans and Americans) have grown up in grinding poverty thanks to the Anglo.

Having started both World Wars to impose their fraudulent, parasite currencies on the World, first at the Genoa Conference in 1922 and then at Bretton Woods in 1944, even before WW2 had ended, the Anglo/zionist gangsters fraud has now come to an end. Even Amerikans with jobs are living in tent cities. The Great Satan is selling shale oil and gas at a loss as well as heavily subsidised self-crashing Tesla death-pods at a loss. The Great Satan has extorted cash out of BNP Paribas, BP, Toyota, Volkswagen and now ZTE. It's cultivated opium in Afghanistan to kill off what Charles Dickens' Ebeneezer Scrooge referred to as the "surplus population": Adding to this shameful record, the US Congressional auditor for Special Reconstruction of Afghanistan just reported that much of the $104 billion appropriated for Afghan “reconstruction” has to no surprise been wasted or stolen. Some of it has been used to irrigate opium poppy fields.
- The Fourth British Defeat in Afghanistan

But the Anglos got in a sucker-punch. It wasn't years or decades, but centuries that Asia has lived in peace. Now, even the smallest nations have modern weaponry and the poodle-empire of plundering is over. Even France is now returning looted artefacts. But the pothead war criminal, refuses to do so, claiming he didn't believe in "returnism": "‘Temples to colonial theft’: Western museums should return looted artifacts to where they belong"
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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Need to do something about that rape culture
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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