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China's top political advisor elected as head of national council [Copy link] 中文

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This arrest is definitely not an attack against Meng alone by any stretch of our imagination.

It is actually war against all Chinese scientists who have the capability to challenge them on the high-tech front in the 2025 Plan.

Canada only has a population of 34 million (1.5 times that of Shanghai), and its economy is totally dependent on the U.S.  It doesn't have a manufacturing base and needs Chinese imports for its day-to-day needs.

So if China cuts ties economic with Canada guess who'll suffer the most?

Did you know they humiliated Meng by placing handcuffs and foot shackles on her most of the time except during the court appearance?

And on the same day -- December 1st -- a Stanford scientist very important to China's 2025 Plan and the Thousand Talents Recruitment Plan was said to have 'committed suicide' at Stanford -- he was so important for China's 2025 Plan that he was received by all top Chinese leaders in 2017.  

And this happened on the same day as Meng's arrest and the Sino-U.S. meeting at the G20.  

Go figure -- All three events happening on the same day couldn't have just been coincidence.

This is an intentional affront to the entire Chinese nation and hopefully our side know what we are doing.

You ask why I am saying this?

Well we obviously took the bait and jumped into the trap set for us at the G20.

One of their aims was simply to let the entire Trump team (who meet with him every morning at the White House) to have the opportunity to size up our chief at close quarters.

His close advisors should never have let this happen.

The bottom line was that our side was dreaming of a win-win outcome where none existed.

Despite having paid a very high price tag (reputedly $1.2 trillion) for the lull, we got nothing from Trump.

If not handled correctly, this will become a big political crisis -- one that none of us want to see.

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Jaaja Post time: 2018-12-9 19:47
It is subjugation, if minorities are not allowed to get their formal education in their own lang ...
It is subjugation, if minorities are not allowed to get their formal education in their own language. That is the primary reason why languages of ethnic minoriities get lost (in China and elsewhere).

For example my wife does not speak the Yi language of her ancestors, and there's no doubt that she would if her primary and high school education was provided in that language.

I think subjugation is an unfair word. The minorities are allowed to speak their own language and live their own culture. You claim to live in Yunnan so you should be able to see with your own eyes how their culture is intact without much interference. Your claim that not having minority language taught in primary school is "subjugation" is not fair. Whether their language will survive depends much on the minorities. The government has not interfered with that but only introduce the national language to help them adjust to the modern world and gain jobs. If you interpret that as "subjugation", I have doubts about your values.

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