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A Memorable Day For BRI [Copy link] 中文

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It was such a messy, botched job by the Saudi 'agents.'.

No wonder no one in the Middle East gives two hoots about the Saudis' billion-dollar worth of U.S. weapons -- they couldn't even defeat the poorly-armed Houssi militia in south Yemen, let alone Iran.

First they said he had left the embassy voluntarily according to their records.

Then they changed the story to him having some kind of "struggle" with "somebody" inside the embassy.

Then again they changed the story to him having been "interrogated" by "someone" inside the embassy.

Then of course they had to admit in view of Turkish eavesdropping recording of the murder that indeed he had died inside the embassy after a "struggle with someone."

Then they said yes he had died during interrogation but only "by mistake" -- they weren't supposed to be killing him but only to give him a warning by seeing himself being dismembered one finger or one limb at a time until he's left with only his torso and his head -- all the limbs were truncated with a saw with him staring at himself in the mirror yelling for seven long minutes (same as bleeding time from a medical perspecfive).

Then along came the Spiderman who used to sell real-estate before he became the president of that jealous superpower.

The Spiderman spinned yet another yarn and said the U.S. will definitely look at the evidence again and talk to the Saudis about the "allegation" to determine its veracity.

Wow, quite a lengthy process just to get to the front door of the Saudi Embassy.

But didn't we just witness their efficiency a short while ago -- in the case of the alleged attempted murder of the renegade Russian spy then residing in England -- in imposing sanctions and whatnot even before any evidence was in?

Why the double or triple standard?

'coz this Donald can be bought for anything if the price is right.

From what we have seen so far he might even be willing to place a bet on his own 'suicide' so long as the price is right.

Do they really expect the U.S. military to fight to the last man on orders from such an amoral jerk on the throne?

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With the Hongkong SAR's West Kowloon Station in operation, you can now plan on a one-day itinerary in which you can have breakfast in Hongkong, lunch in Guangzhou, finish your business and have a stopover in Shenzhen, and finally arrive home for dinner in Hongkong -- all within 24 hours.  

And you can afford such cash-free business travel on a daily basis.

Other examples in the rest of China abound, like in the Beijing-Tientsin-Zhangjiakou or the Shanghai-Ningpo-Hangzhou triangles. You simply can't do that with short-distance air travel.

Affordable inter-connectivity is the issue here.  It makes previously land-locked nations and regions accessible to and from the rest of the world.

Go to a world map and find out for yourself how many nations have a coastline with any of the oceans or even any seashore that leads to an open ocean.

You'll be surprised that out of the world's 195 countries (193 of which are recognized by the United Nations, and only two -- Holy See and Palestine -- not yet recognized), less than a third have a coastline that allows them to interact with the rest of humanity.  

No country can thrive without trade because none of the 195 can manufacture everything it needs all by itself.  

Historically China was an exception in that hers was very much a self-sufficient economy before the arrival of Europeans.

That's why you hear about terms such as "Open Door Policy," and that's also why the real-estate man's trade war adventurism would not work against China because the latter has already built a comprehensive manufacturing capability which is unique in the modern world.  It might cause some supply-chain dislruptions and job losses, but no one in China is going to starve because of it.  

The bigger loser will be the U.S. because if China turns its attention to the service sector in the next round of counter-attacks, America will suffer much more than China does.

You can't wage a trade war against a self-sufficient economy like China's and hope to come out a winner in the end, not matter how that Navarro chap want to avenge his mom for that alleged attack in her New York apartment.

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