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A Memorable Day For BRI [Copy link] 中文

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1584austin Post time: 2018-10-1 23:59
Seems your are behaving since your warning

If you try to provoke me again, I'll see to it that you get what you deserve.

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With the Hongkong SAR's West Kowloon Station in operation, you can now plan on a one-day itinerary in which you can have breakfast in Hongkong, lunch in Guangzhou, finish your business and have a stopover in Shenzhen, and finally arrive home for dinner in Hongkong -- all within 24 hours.  

And you can afford such cash-free business travel on a daily basis.

Other examples abound in the rest of China, like in the Beijing-Tientsin-Zhangjiakou or the Shanghai-Ningpo-Hangzhou triangles. You simply can't do that with short-distance air travel.

Affordable inter-connectivity is the issue here.  It makes previously land-locked nations and regions accessible to and from the rest of the world.

Go to a world map and find out for yourself how many nations have a coastline with any of the oceans or even any seashore that leads to an open ocean.

You'll be surprised that out of the world's 195 countries (193 of which are recognized by the United Nations, and 2 (Holy See and Palestine) not yet recognized), less than a third have a coastline that allows them to interact with the rest of humanity.  

No country can thrive without trade because none of the 195 can manufacture everything it needs all by itself.  

Historically China was an exception in that hers was very much a self-sufficient economy before the arrival of Europeans.

That's why you hear about terms such as "Open Door Policy," and that's also why the real-estate man's trade war adventurism would not work against China because the latter has already built a comprehensive manufacturing capability which is unique in the modern world.  It might cause some supply-chain dislruptions and job losses, but no one in China is going to starve because of it.  

The bigger loser will be the U.S. because if China turns its attention to the service sector in the next round of counter-attacks, America will suffer much more than China does.

You can't wage a trade war against a self-sufficient economy like China's and hope to come out a winner in the end, not matter how that Navarro chap want to avenge his mom for that alleged attack in her New York apartment.

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Convincing pitch.

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Convincing pitch.

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Remember that we are dealing with petty -- and not great -- men in the White House.

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1584austin Post time: 2018-10-9 15:58

In the meantime, for those of you having login problems, please remember:

Did I not warn everyone that we had at least one Z_m.o.d. here?

It was so obvious when he stood out to challenge me (with the now-notorious post) when I returned here to post in April, 2018.

At first I thought it was a misunderstanding because I didn't recognize his handle, but his subsequent behavior led me to see that he must be an oldster who knew me from years ago, who had in the intervening years before my return worked his way up to become a m.o.d here.

What he failed to understand is that the people working here are principled Chinese nationals who wouldn't do anything against the interests of the Chinese nation.

This guy subsequently stepped up on his threat and vociferously DEMANDED his protege's release from the ban, threatening with the actual f-word in a now-deleted post.

He even boasted that in 2015 (I wasn't here in that year) he had used his "credits" to buy the return of his protege.

It is obvious that the repeated actions had produced a halo effect on his protege as if he could get away with anything he wanted to do here and could always count on someone to bail him out with "credits."

They think oh they’re so far away and weren’t they badly treated by the Germans and were thankful to us for saving them?

Then just remember that the entire Sino-U.S. trade war we have right now is initiated by these forces, and so much for their "thankfulness."

They couldn't let America go down vis-a-vis China because they believe the lifeline of their nation depends on U.S. hegemony and China is the only nation that can challenge their protector.

Just look at the Trump cabinet and the ethnicity of the reps he sent to China for that first round of "negotiations" and the way they threw down the gauntlet by using uncivil and haughty language against China on the first day -- so much so that the Chinese side didn't even invite them to supper before their departure from the capital.

His behavior reflects the hubris of these guys-- indicating that they think they own somebody in this place.

The fact that he is still on the list shows the humor herein -- they really don't want to wipe the guy off their you-know-what at this stage and just let him hang there before dropping into the bowl.

So now the guy cannot even untie the tightening noose on his neck

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