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Petro Dollar on downhill slide [Copy link] 中文

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Aside from the USA and its NATO subjects, the world is tired of the "Petro Dollar".
China is pioneering the end of the Petro Dollar monopoly on the largest trade commodity in the world.

An Unprecedented Move, China Plans To Pay For Oil Imports With Yuan Instead Of Dollars
Peak Oil News

Just days after Beijing officially launched  Yuan-denominated crude oil futures with a bang, which are expected to quickly become the third global price benchmark along Brent and WTI, China took the next major step in the challenging the Dollar’s supremacy as global reserve currency (and internationalizing the Yuan) when on Thursday Reuters reported that China took the first steps to paying for crude oil imports in its own currency instead of the US Dollars.

A pilot program for yuan payment could be launched as soon as the second half of the year and regulators have already asked some financial institutions to “prepare for pricing crude imports in the yuan“, Reuters sourcesreveal.

According to the proposed plan, Beijing would start with purchases from Russia and Angola, two nations which, like China, are keen to break the dollar’s global dominance. They are also two of the top suppliers of crude oil to China, along with Saudi Arabia.

A change in the default crude oil transactional currency – which for decades has been the “Petrodollar”, blessing the US with global reserve currency status – would have monumental consequences for capital allocations and trade flows, not to mention geopolitics: as Reuters notes, a shift in just a small part of global oil trade into the yuan is potentially huge. “Oil is the world’s most traded commodity, with an annual trade value of around $14 trillion, roughly equivalent to China’s gross domestic product last year.” Currently, virtually all global crude oil trading is in dollars, barring an estimated 1 per cent in other currencies. This is the basis of US dominance in the world economy.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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We are all here being fooled by the East Vs West mentality spread by globalist elite controlled main stream media. This is their globalist elite divide and conquer strategy. In actual fact members of the globalist elite are both from west and the east depend on who you ask.

Something facts below copied from an internet forum.  Since you are very intelligent and high talented and knowledgeable in the history of the west, please fact check and provide comments if there are any incorrect points.
.........   ...........

“The Xi regime and Kissinger are in essence one and the same. "

Nixon got  advice from Kissinger on all US global strategic issues. Kissinger is among the most powerful person from the globalist elite group residing mostly in the city of London. He is the masterful thinker, and wanted to solve the severe US budget deficit caused by Vietnam war in early 1970s.

He wanted to go off the gold standard to avoid US from selling the more than 10,000 tons gold holdings in the US Treasury, to pay off the huge US budget deficit. So he proposed a strategic idea to make US dollar the global reserve currency within 10 years.

To do so, Kissinger need to bring China into the global market fast and become the top three users of US dollars. The other being Japan and Saudi Arab oil producer.

Kissinger play a very important role in China becoming global export powerhouse and factory to the world. This fact is not known by many people.

Kissinger is the kingmaker for the US-China relationship. His key to the success of Petrodollar hegemony created in 1971, is to get China to be the big user of US dollar. This strategy reinforce US dollar as the global reserve currency.

US dollar when become the sole global reserve currency, US Congress can print as much billion US dollars they want to finance huge budget deficit for military spending and social food stamps programs for the over 20 million jobless Americans.

China is now addicted to US dollars and hold more than 3 trillion US dollar in foreign exchange reserve. In fact it is US consumers supporting the CPC regime addicted to US dollars..

Another angle to look into is Kissinger wanted very much for China and US to join forces together during the cold war to counter Soviet Union. Then this allowed globalist elite with US doing the dirty work, to screw the Soviet Union and cause the breakup into Russia.

With the break up of Soviet Union, the Soros lead globalist elite from city of London and Wall Street were able loot Russia more than 3 trillion dollars of Russia mineral natural resources until Putin put a stop to it. That is why globalist elite want to get rid of Putin.

Russia is a gas station, and still have plenty of mineral resources beside oil and gas, which are still worth trillions which the globalist elite want to loot.  But with Putin still in power, globalist elite has been stopped for the time being.

Copied from an insider in internet forum


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