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Is there a winner in a trade war? [Copy link] 中文

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Trump lies to Americans that US jobs are lost to China through trade!  Nothing can be further from the truth; US jobs are lost to automation, to robots and high tech.  China lost many jobs to automation too, but unlike the US, China retrains those people who lost their jobs in other skills.  US does not spend as much on skills development as China does, instead it blames everyone else, especially China, for its economics woes.

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China have no choice but to support US dollar and therefore American petrodollar hegemony empire.

If US dollar collapse, American empire will disintegrate, there will be civil war in US for many years, what currency will replace US dollar as global reserve currency, in order to ensure an orderly global trading system.

China need USD300 billion trade surplus with US yearly to support China trillion yuan investment in mega infrastructure projects such as high speed train and nuclear power plants.  Can China print 2 trillion yuan a year without the USD300 billion trade surplus  ?

US is biggest China consumer market. Without these US market many factories in China will close down and millions will be jobless.  Which country can replace US market ? Who cares if Wall Street who depend on China slave wages for profit in the past, start to lose money ?

Can China provide 100 million poor hungry and angry Chinese with jobs if dollar collapse ?

If US dollar collapse, where will China CPC elite hide their billions of corruption wealth without being caught ?

Can China be the biggest consumer market in the world without Yuan being the global reserve currency ?  Not even possible.  How can China defend Yuan as the global reserve currency ?   

Yuan may be able to function as limited global reserve currency if China fully back Putin Russia and help Venezuela, Qatar to be strong economically and independent of US domination.

If American empire collapse by 2025, China will not be safe because millions of jobless workers will also start to call for regime change in China :)

Therefore a US dollar collapse will cause both US and China into severe stress and lead to civil wars on both sides.

The current great trade imbalance is caused by the stupidity of Superjews Kissinger and his globalist elite patrons. It started when China use ultra cheap yuan policy in 1994 (1 USD = 8.8 yuan) to undermine millions of American factory jobs security and destroy South East Asia exporting economy in the 1997/98 Asia financial crisis. China accumulate huge trade surplus with the US, in the process of using unfair trade practices with the US and the rest of the world hiding behind fancifool label as a developing nation.

Jews and Anglo American elite may be smooth talker and look and act very smart and intelligent. But these psychopath and sociopaths gangster are prone to doing stupid things due to their greed for more power and wealth.  

These bunch of evil globalist gangster used China to suck in the global wealth from US and the rest of the world, to create a new world order where they can dominate the world forever and turn the rest into their permanent slaves.  

Are the China CPC elite want to join these  greedy elite jews and anglo american globalist elite ?

If China still did not kowtow to US demands in the current trade war with US, Americans white christians warmongers will not give up their fight easily and kowtow to their new masters the China CPC elite.  

We expect a false flag nuclear explosion carry out by US naval forces  in south china sea can happen on china man made unsinkable air craft carrier island by 2030.  Provided US debt did not  reach a level to high of USD40 trillion and cannot avoid a total financial collapse.

China leaders are stupid in their drunken pursuit of becoming rich in the shortest time using trade surplus with US, they forgotten those riches they get are some from US Federal Reserve money printing ponzi scam, which is not sustainable.


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