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When the President of South Korea declared that the US must obtain his permission before it can attack North Korea, everyone was surprised at his dovishness towards the North, and his firmness toward his biggest ally, America.  It was not made clear by Moon as to where he got the right to prevent America from making a pre-emptive attack on a regime that has threatened to bring mass destruction to its citizens in Guam, and its soldiers stationed in South Korea and in Japan.  Kim had made it easy for Trump to invoke self-defense in attacking North Korea, even pre-emptively - almost as if Kim were begging for it.  Trump was rightfully leary of this gambit of Kim's, knowing that the price he would have to pay for it would be astronomical, enough to break America's dominance of the Asian Pacific region, but also enough to destroy Trump's chances of getting re-elected in 2020.

Thus, it came as a double surprise, when South Korea angrily exploded four super bombs that were explicitly declared by the Moon government to be intended to decapitate North Korea by targeting Kim, no less.  The triggering event for this show of force was the North's egregious show of force in lobbing an intermediate range missile over the air space of Japan which sent the Japanese citizens scampering for shelter, and the Japanese leaders shuddering at the thought that this time, it might be all for real.  Unreported in the mainstream media is the broadside that the North Korean government made against Japan while announcing its missile test, that it was intended to coincide with the 107th anniversary of the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty of 1910 which fell on August 29, precisely meant to strike fear into the hearts of the Japanese people.

The response of South Korea to the latest North Korean provocation against Japan is fabulously enlightening.

Whereas America has been extremely solicitous of the welfare of the eleven million South Koreans who would be directly in harm's way were another Korean War to erupt, it suddenly became apparent, the South Korean government is not half as worried or concerned!

In fact, like the North Koreans, the South Koreans are now begging the North to resort to war.  All for the love of whom?  South Koreans?  Not likely, as they would be the ones to suffer the most from another war.  Americans?  Hardly, as their soldiers would end up being victims of their civil war.  Japan?  Oh yes, and why not?

The previous Park regime was headed by the elder Park who was a citizen of Japan, and an officer of the Imperial Japanese Army, stationed in Manchuria.  The government he headed, and recently revived by his daughter who was also President, until very recently, shared his allegiance and loyalty to Japan, which was his motherland.  Therefore, the threat of North Korea against Japan was intolerable for the South Korean government.  It was the equivalent of a threat to their own mother.  

And thus, the real role of South Korea in this crisis becomes crystal clear.  It is to serve as the loyal force of the Japanese empire, not of its American protectors, to the point of sacrificing itself by triggering a war with the North Korea, if that is the only way to make America destroy this threat to the Japanese motherland, even at the cost of the North destroying most of South Korea.  It is the secret Japanese Kamikaze Army in Korea, or acts as such for all purposes and intents.

Because of this new understanding of South Korean loyalties, to Japan above its own people, and above its protector, America, it is now quite likely that as the nuclear capability of North Korea increases by leaps and bounds, that any day now, South Korea could unilaterally initiate a massive offensive against the North, even at the cost of its own demise, if it is likely to lead America to destroy North Korea in response, and spare Japan the risk of nuclear destruction.  Kim may be irrational but he still wants to live.  Japan is rational and also wants to live, which can be achieved through an American offensive, and defensively through South Korea absorbing the blows from the North.  South Korea is also rational, and in accordance with its programmed priorities, will chose to be destroyed, in order to save Japan, as a loyal soldier is duty-bound to do.

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Sounds All very X-bondish, with a lot of truth regarding -S/Korea-Jap survival ship and a lot of pain for the South. Then again, simple people must be led too; and they chose a Jap to do so.
    My sympathy towards them got a limit as well...

But all this is rather Childish compared how the Japs play the South & US; but as I said many times before
the Japs hate 2 people, uncle Sam and the Middle Kingdom.  
In my opinion; the Japs will try to get them at each others throat.
Try, but not succeeding.
Not thanks to S/Korea, nor the US... BUT the Middle Kingdom read them like an open script.  

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Events alone will confirm or contradict the possibility that Japan will use South Korea to absorb the blows of North Korea, while using America to deliver the blows to defeat North Korea, leaving Japan relatively unscathed, and ready to step into the vacuum of a devastated South Korea, even as it understands China and Russia would likely step into the vacuum of a flattened North Korea.  But, in that scenario, the South Korean loyalists of Japan will use national pride and sovereignty to wage a war of resistance against the Chinese and Russians, far more convincingly than China or Russia can against the South Korean loyalists of Japan, who will not use the name of Japan, but of a United Korea, as their propaganda theme.

We will see if the Japanese high strategy wins, or the American, or the Chinese, or the Russian, or the British . . . there will be many twists and turns for every player in this crisis.

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abcfirst Post time: 2017-9-1 11:51
Events alone will confirm or contradict the possibility that Japan will use South Korea to absorb th ...

the American people are too simple minded to play against the Japs...
but the South Korean loyalists of Japan will use national pride to welcome the japs...
  China or Russia against the South Korean loyalists of Japan, no way...
China, fully aware of S/K and Japs planing got all the asses.

The only problem today are the warmongers with all their bases...
Cyber war will eliminate them within minutes...

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An interesting scenario. Broadcasts must start next week to remind all citizens in SK how after Hideyoshi Toyotomi's two invasions of Korea in 1592 and 1597, that simian's forces had cut off and took back ten thousand noses of fallen korean soldiers and buried them in a park near the imperial palace in Tokyo which remains to this day.  Innocent tourists who visit the park for cherry blossom photo opps may thus be excused for feeling a bit sniffy. It won't be because of the weather.

If that doesn't incite all Koreans south and north to get theirs up, remind them also of the perfidious and vile nippon tactic to make sure SK will always remain in shadow a protectorate of japan and never to excel above their former conquerors and masters.  That tactic was to hammer iron piles deep into specific places in Seoul in order to destroy the qi of Korea. Vlad the impaler would pale in cunning and cruelty. Imagine - destroying another country's very soul.

All koreans should therefore stop eating their kimchi and start thinking how they have been had so long by one so devious in design.

Meanwhile China should buy less from SK. What's so good about Hyundai and Samsung anyway? Reverse the trade deficit. It's frigging unhealthy.

The last remaining devil is the japan pretentiously hiding behind the mask of doraemon, wheedling its way into the heart of the american, practising the tactic of the british whose navy it had copied. The cunning and cruelty were of its own. For this one, buy japan Last should be a national policy. Let their leaders stew in their own juice of ingratitude and ingratiation.

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markwu Post time: 2017-9-2 14:41
An interesting scenario. Broadcasts must start next week to remind all citizens in SK how after Hide ...

I can see that the South is awakening,
Yes, perhaps they need a gentle push to see the reality of the Japs...

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SOUTH KOREA'S POST-WAR GOVERNMENT WAS THE EXTENSION OF THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE ARMY UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME, outwardly loyal to America, just as Japan was outwardly loyal to America, but inwardly loyal as its core constituents and top leadership had always been, loyal to Japan, in the past, at the present, and in the future.

If there was an Operation Paperclip to absorb and use the Nazi scientists, the re-branding of the Korean branch of the Imperial Japanese Army as the newly converted army of the free world in  Korean peninsula can be easily termed "Paperweight", as a fully functional and reinforced version of the Imperial Japanese Army whose ultimate mission is to serve as the point of the spear and the sharp edge of the blade against China and Russia, which were in turn shielded by North Korea.

While America is too softhearted to sacrifice the South Korean people and army for its own benefit, the South Korean leadership and their Japanese bosses have no such qualms.

The reaction of Moon to the North Korean threat of lobbing missiles toward Guam with a terse declaration that America may not attack North Korea without his permission, as contrasted to Moon's ordering an immediate show of force at the DMZ in exploding 4 super bombs with the explicit threat to use them to liquidate Kim, shows that the South Korean leadership takes its role as the bodyguard of its Japanese motherland with 100% seriousness, while taking it role as the front line defense of America against North Korea as a favor to America.  This faux pas by Moon revealed once and for all the real dynamics of the Japan-South_Korea-USA alliance.  What America did not understand was that South Korea and Japan are one single block, pretending to be two independent actors, but when push comes to shove, South Korea will sacrifice American interests first, then its own national interest or survival, in order to protect Japan from any harm, if not give to Japan the final victory on a silver platter, even at the cost of its own destruction and dissolution as an independent state.  Korea will then resume its glorious status as a principality of Japan on the Korean Peninsula, or in other words, saving the Japan-Korea Treaty of Annexation of 1919 from oblivion, and restoring the sovereignty of Japan over Korea.

Therefore, if North Korea will refuse to de-nuclearize under the pressure of sanctions, the logical response of South Korea will have to be a military engagement with North Korea that will mislead North Korea to devote all its firepower on South Korea first, and then, on America next, when America reacts to North Korea's reaction to South Korea.  Never mind that in the end, South Korea will suffer enormous losses of men, materiel, and ability to remain an independent sovereign state, or that America would have been so exhausted and maimed by the debacle as to leave Asia, so long as Japan re-emerges as the dominant power in East Asia and the Korean peninsula, with at least South Korea serving as its sovereign extension onto the Asian mainland.  The risk of the tail wagging the dog in order to benefit the wolf becomes almost impossible to prevent under this dynamic.  And thus, the risk of a world war by this means begins to approach certainty.

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