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Should mobile games be banned in military?   [Copy link] 中文

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(People's Daily Online) The addiction to Tencent’s mobile game King of Glory has reportedly spread from teenagers to young soldiers, which could jeopardize their combat capability, warned the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily.

According to PLA Daily, several officers have expressed their concerns, as almost all soldiers could be seen playing King of Glory in the dormitory over the weekend. The newspaper noted that mobile game addiction could negatively affect soldiers’ health, as the intense game requires faster blood circulation, which could lead to fatigue.

Mobile games have replaced card and ball games to become the most popular form of entertainment in military camps in China. Some officers gave credit to some battle and strategic games, which can help improve mental quickness and team coordination. VR war-games can even be used for combat training.

Some 69.8 percent of the surveyed soldiers said mobile games can help build strong team spirit, but 55.8 percent said virtual game worlds do not help with combat strategy, a PLA Daily survey showed.

“There is certainly a security risk that can’t be overlooked. The game requires constant attention, but a soldier’s job is full of uncertainty. Once a soldier is cutoff from the game for an urgent mission, he could be absent-minded during the operation if his mind remains in the game,” the PLA Daily warned.

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No, it shouldn't be banned.
It shouldn't be available to the armed forces.
Since there is no illness, no medication is

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This post was edited by markwu at 2017-8-12 18:54

It requires further study but the study should be expanded beyond its physiological effect on the soldier from any addictive influence towards mobile gaming.

The study should help answer the challenge of how to prepare the ordinary soldier for a battlefield in which the potential opponent is equipped with state-of-the-art fighting tools and can call in airspace sat-com, drones, laser targeting and mile-long snipering, soon nano-bots, biochemical warfare and 7D camouflaging/entrapment.

In fact, you can turn the problem around by creating a mobile game that features those weaponry and the dynamics of the modern-day battlefield.

With what they're showing at the moment, wolf warriors may be expected to have relatively lower survivability in a weapon-rich combat encounter especially when bunched as a mass target under rapid-fire high-muzzle velocity enfilades.

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Seems a little bit of cruel to ban games in military areas, so I'll say yes. And I think the PLA Daily has a point.
I forgot how to forget.

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Addiction to such games is not limited to military personnel.

Some military games can get people hooked into not just the games but to the world that they represent. Weaker individuals may want to wield those weapons in real life, and in country like China the military or armed police are the only option for that.

And then you get to a common view that weapons should not be given to those who want them the most.

That also applies to other kinds of pro-military sentiments. As China's military power and global presence is growing, it should be careful with that.

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emanreus Post time: 2017-8-12 12:26
No, it shouldn't be banned.
It shouldn't be available to the armed forces.
Since there is no illness ...

We can’t  understanding what you mean

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This post was edited by emanreus at 2017-8-12 15:55

Soldiers are meant to defend the Country and it's people.
Not to have their eyes clued to a screen with wargames.

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