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What are the targets that TRULY matter in WWIII?   [Copy link] 中文

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QUANTUM technology developments race is on as well :

Luckily, the foresight of the Chinese leaders is well tuned up much earlier to start it off with an European partner. They have successfully experimented the quantum effects of this top notch technology; not just in computing but most importantly, the advancement of communication applications apart from Huawei's gorgeous 5G tele-technology. Heralding its outcome, the most delightful reward of hard works and dedications of Chinese scholars, engineers and scientists is the ability to combine and integrate it with  of Huawei's 5G technology; henceforth,China's Quantum technology added China Huawei’s 5G is truly unbeatable !  

China must ensure that such combined usefulness is neither to be spied upon nor stolen by the world’s most notorious thief of thieves, ever !

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RottenRobbie Post time: 2019-6-12 04:53
Speaking of which, the hidden true of the matter is that China's telecom Huawei has grown, ...
Speaking of which, the hidden true of the matter is that China's telecom Huawei has grown, matured and fast becoming sort of a  'Must Watch' for closed knitted global spying Anglo family, 'Five Eyes' of USA, Canada, Britain, Australia & New Zealand, which have been traditionally and historically keeping the world through vast and extensive spying networks.

So, it's no wonder the fact they feel threaten by it.

Moreover, this same old lame old Anglo family was major practitioners and benefactors of notorious global cardinal crimes/sins of the past and present, such as Slavery, Colonialism, and Colonization of the world from ginormous resourceful North America Continent, the land rightfully belongs to indigenous Natives American people to vast bountiful Continent of Australia/New Zealand in Asia-Pacific region, the land rightfully belongs to people of Asia-Pacific.

In other word, they need to protect their LOOT.         

That is what is all about and the rest is the history!

              Here's my comment, truth hurts, isn't it?   

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      While it is true that the U.S. government as a whole may be beaten up financially, and near broke after spending,
Eight to Ten Trillion Dollars (8-10 TRILLION DOLLARS) in war in Iraq & Afghanistan;

- [which is part of the reason that USA is squeezing on China by imposing tariff, making trade war, etc.,];

- 'War in general' is always good for the One Percent Capitalist Elite that own the Lion's Share of Military Industry Conglomerates,

- as well as Construction Conglomerates that would follow and do Reconstruction business after the destruction of war.

Remember the fact that USA is -

- the World's Largest and Number One Arms Inventor,

- the World's Largest and Number One Arms Manufacturer,

- the World's Largest and Number One Arms Dealer,

- the World's Largest and Number One Arms Exporter.

  They would only go to regions that are rich in natural resources, resourceful bountiful nations (such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela, N. Korea, etc.,), make war and destroy everything, then reconstruct and let them pay for it, using those natural resources as a collateral. Thus enriching the Elite One Percent that own the lion's share of military industrial as well as construction conglomerates.  

Like I said, once again, golden days are ahead for the Capitalist One Percent Elite.

  Moreover, much thanks to America, and its gospel of preaching and promoting the old goat Capitalism by all means and at all costs,

- with 4400 nuclear arsenals and 800 military bases world wide among others,


- the world's wealthiest 42 people in 2017 had wealth equivalent to the world's poorest 3.7 billion people.

- the world's richest 1% own more wealth than the rest of the global population combined.

- 82% of the global wealth generated last year went to just 1% of the world's population.

- the three richest Americans have the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the U.S. population.


            [source: '3 richest own as much wealth as half of U.S.' article, USA TODAY, Monday, January 22, 2018.]


     Finally, here's a UTube video clip regarding coming war on China.

    "Coming War On China" :      

It's all about the message, not about the messenger.
If the message is right and truthful, that is what it's all about.

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The most respected CDBBS contributor, gork, wrote...

"Russia, Hungary and Macedonia have all banned Giorgy Schwartz terrorist cells and Turkey has accused Giorgy Schwartz of being behind an attempted coup."

Perhaps Russia or China should consider the total annihilation (with nano-nukes and "outdated maps") of the Schwartz clan (confirmed war financiers and hence war criminals) to stun the REAL boss behind him????

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Conscientious citizens of the world unite.....

Reject Data Centre construction in densely populated areas - they will be considered military facilities in times of war!

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