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Chinese athletes were cheated out of 10 medals   [Copy link] 中文

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Chinese athletes faced reality 10 times.................


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YIPman Post time: 2016-8-21 01:00
Why was the USA 4x100m relay team llowed to re-run their semi after dropping their baton?
Will the r ...

It turns out the truth is somewhere in  the middle. Bruna Castro-Ruiz, 28, says she saw part of what reportedly unfolded early Sunday at a gas station in Rio, as Lochte and his teammates headed back to the Olympic village. (She says she has already spoken to police about what she saw.)

"I saw when they came out from the bathroom," Castro-Ruiz tells PEOPLE of what she allegedly saw the foursome do at the gas station. "They got in the car and the people who work there were yelling, 'Stop, stop.' But they were not paying attention to them, and they were just heading to the taxi.

"They got in the taxi, and people were still saying, 'Stop. You owe us money. You owe us money.' They didn't even turn their heads to listen. The workers were trying to talk to them about paying for the things they broke and they didn't want to listen."

Castro-Ruiz says the situation devolved from there.

"Then they got out of the taxi and were saying they weren't going to pay for the things they broke," says Castro-Ruiz, who says she is not connected to the gas station in any way. "One of them said that they hadn't done nothing wrong, and that the gas station was trying to get money from Americans. He said that they were in the Olympics and that they hadn't done anything wrong. I don't know his name. He said that if they went to jail, that America would be mad."

She continues, "Then the manager went to call the police and the security guard held a gun to keep them there until the police arrived, and one of the men said you can have your money and they took out their wallets and gave them money. They got back into the taxi and went away, and the police didn't get there until later."

Castro-Ruiz says she isn't sure if the swimmers gave their "whole wallet or just their money," and that she went home soon afterward.

While a Brazilian official has told PEOPLE that Bentz and Conger said the robbery claim was a lie, a Lochte source said that there is missing footage from the released security video at the gas station that "backs up" the robbery story.

Despite the controversy and confusion, some basic details are now the same among the competing stories: There was an altercation at the gas station between the swimmers and locals, a gun was drawn and one or more of the swimmers gave over money.

Much of the rest of what happened – for the moment – remains unclear.

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US Swimmer Gunnar Bentz's statement came the same day Ryan Lochte apologized on Instagram for his behavior.

Bentz's statement describes how Lochte, a 12-time medalist who initially said the swimmers were robbed, was the member of the group who damaged property and argued with armed men who appeared to be security guards.

Bentz said the swimmers had been ordered out of a cab and were sitting on a curb as the security guards held their guns when Lochte stood up and got into a heated argument with the guards.

A man who spoke English and Portuguese -- Bentz thinks he was a customer -- offered to translate. The man told the Americans they needed to pay the guards in order to leave.

"I gave them what I had in my wallet, which was a $20 bill, and Jimmy gave them 100 reals, which is about $50 in total," Bentz said.

The guards lowered their guns and the swimmers left, walking down the street to find another cab to take them back to the Olympic Village.

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seneca Post time: 2016-8-21 10:24
Do you know the name of the drug the CHINESE athletes take?

You know it, I know it; it is the mos ...

Every medal an American wins gets taxed.

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Ratfink Post time: 2016-8-21 04:53
You make a good point regarding team doctors and trainers etc. It's not always the athlete's fault ...

The athlete is also responsible for what goes into their body, food, drink, medication, so they are complicit.
Ignorance is no excuse.

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BlondeAmber Post time: 2016-8-21 13:28
The athlete is also responsible for what goes into their body, food, drink, medication, so they ar ...

I agree in principle with what you said regarding athletes being complicit. However, to be fair most athletes are not known for their medical knowledge nor their literacy, so with the list of banned substances continually changing it's often difficult for doctors to keep up with the list, so what chance does an athlete have?
Per Ardua Ad Astra

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