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Guess What the Lawless Few Want to Do with the ASEAN when They Lose the Vote? [Copy link] 中文

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The ASEAN was founded on the principle of CONSENSUS to ensure impartiality and unity.  Now, a few countries with convergence of their self-interests with the interests of outside forces want the entire group to endorse their illegal arbitration against their neighbor China, by changing the rules, erasing the need for consensus, to suit their narrow interests.

This shameless manipulation of rules is what they call the RULE OF LAW, which we have alluded to before, as the following stance:  MY RULES ARE YOUR LAW.  Naturally, victims of the past aggressions of Vietnam and the Philippines, like Laos and Cambodia will not accept this raw browbeating in front of the world.  Small as they may be, they have the courage and fortitude to stand up for the existing rules of the ASEAN, and tell their detractors that the rules stand.

The ASEAN has therefore rejected the proposal to condemn China or to accept the PCA ruling, giving the world the clearest view of the status of these illegal proceedings that are in violation of Article 298 of UNCLOS, prohibiting mandatary arbitration on matters involving sovereignty, unless agreed to by beforehand by both parties, which permission however was explicitly not given by China.

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CAMBODIA spoke truth to power, the PCA ruling is illegal, not binding or final, and should not be mentioned in the ASEAN statement.  The RULE OF LAW, if any is left in the region, is that the ASEAN must achieve CONSENSUS in order to announce a statement of the body, which ensures impartiality and unity.  Take away the CONSENSUS, and you allow partiality and disunity into the ASEAN, which makes it a puppet of the strongest power able to influence the most countries.  If the ASEAN's purpose is to create a unified and impartial stance, CONSENSUS was, is and will be the only way to go forward.

The bullying of smaller countries by Vietnam is proverbial, which had invaded Cambodia with the bayonet, and Laos too, fought skirmishes with Thailand, bullied Filipino fishermen in their overlapping EEZ's, and turned on its benefactor during the Vietnam War, China, without a flicker of conscience to show.

Cambodia has withstood the bullying of Vietnam, and is not going to bow to the Philippines either, on any pretext, let alone on the pretext of an illegal tribunal that violated Article 298 of UNCLOS in arbitrating a matter involving the territorial sovereignty of a signatory without its consent, and actually, in spite of its earlier objection and protest.

If the PCA ruling is to become the law of the ASEAN, it would have ceased to exist as such, and will have to call itself a colonial agency for the administration and assimilation of the natives of Indochina and Southeast Asia.

China for its part should do a better job of supporting its friends, and be aware that underhanded means exist to turn an ally into an enemy, which it seems very good at understanding domestically, but seems totally aloof about in the international arena, preferring to be a saint, when there are none.

China should stop playing AIIB referee, to share equally its wealth amongst all countries, especially with enemies like Vietnam.  It should simply put forth a DEVELOPMENT FUND OF THE SOUTH CHINA SEA with 200 billion dollars deposited, and on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, BASIS lend or give such sums as necessary to countries that have concluded bilateral agreements with China regarding the use of the resources of the South China Sea.  Why play saint to enemies, and be stringent on friends, on the basis of equality?  Is Vietnam equal to Cambodia?  Or, is it even equal to the Philippines' new President?  

As said in other threads, Duterte's foreign policy is no longer in his hands.  He has ENTRUSTED what the people trusted him with to a TRUSTWORTHY friend, who is now acting with his full authority, even if it does not jibe with what he says.  How about telling Duterte and Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, bilateral talks will be conducted on a first come, first served, basis.  You know how the Vietnamese look at the Filipinos?  They don't.  The Philippines imagines it can team up with Vietnam, but if China were out, it will have its butt kicked on every island it says it now owns.  So, let them compete on China's terms.  And if they don't want it, no problem, infrastructure and defense are always needed by Laos and Cambodia.  

Indonesia's Foreign Minister is Anti-China in most of his official actions.  What's the situation at home?  Have they all delegated their foreign policies to their foreign ministers, with their Prime Minister or President simply being TOLD what their foriegn policy toward China IS or SHOULD BE?  Sure, these foreign ministers rub elbows with the big shots in Japan, Europe and the West - does that make them the SETTERS OF THEIR COUNTRY'S FOREIGN POLICY - even when they were not elected by their people to represent them?  Are they truly thinking of their NATIONAL INTERESTS, or that of their Western buddies who can make like easier or harder for them when they go visiting, or retiring?  Look at the underhanded methods used in the DNC and RNC, how can China assume that other countries are any different?

The ASEAN as envisioned by its founders must be IMPARTIAL AND UNITED, and the founders therefore wisely insisted that all statements of the organization must be by CONSENSUS.  Cambodia is the one standing up for the ASEAN at a critical juncture of its history when bullies are being created by powerful forces to divide it and take it over.  The future generations of ASEAN members will long remember the courage and fortitude of this small, but honorable, country.  It has saved the peace, and preserved the prosperity, not just of their own country, but of the peoples of their neighboring countries, from the personal ambitions of their own politicians.

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