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Manifest Destiny? PCA Ruling Smacks of Imperialism on Steroids. [Copy link] 中文

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Anyone who wishes to read how legal pornography is created, can go ahead and read the PCA "verdict" that is full of loopholes, untruths and imperialist ambitions.  We expected a burlesque show.  What we got was a total travesty of justice that shows total disregard for Chinese history and its territorial sovereignty.  Any attempts to enforce this illegal document will not be considered "innocent" from hereon, and now becomes ipso facto an act of invasion against China.

China should wait until Trump is elected, because the whole show seems designed to provoke WWIII which will shut down the US elections.

The American people deserve something better.

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Now the world knows what the EU is all about.  The British people exited in time before they are swamped with strangers amongst whom some terrorists are bound to be inserted, in order to create chaos domestically, requiring the use of a transnational police power vested no longer in a British police system, but in a pan-European police system based in Brussel.  And, now, the PCA pretends to issue a Papal Bull denying the historic sovereignty of China over its islands?  

What is this if not pure, unadulterated imperialism?

And the answer of the Free World to this insult to the intelligence of every thinking person?  Garbage can.

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The South China Sea is a very large body of water, difficult to patrol, even harder to defend, so the solution to the PCA Declaration of Intent to Wage War on China cannot reside in the South China Sea.

A more likely scenario is the Korean peninsula which is attached to China, where China enjoys geographic, ethnic, and logistical superiority, and just across the Korea Strait is lovely Japan, mass murderer of some 25 million innocent Chinese men, women and children during the 1937-1945 Japanese attack on the Republic of China, then based in Nanjing, producing notable memories of the likes of the Rape of Nanjing, among others.

Of course, we hope war will not happen anywhere.  But after the PCA declaration of open season on Chinese sovereign territory, how can the trigger-happy hawks pass over such a special opportunity to eradicate a whopping billion of those who are the granddaddy's of the North American Indians?  

Shouldn't Manifest Destiny extend to them, so they can share in the progress of civilization?  And the best way they can have their share is to first have fewer of themselves, it seems, by taking away their lands, their seas, and their "so-called" sovereignty, first.

It is doubtful that China can defend itself, even after 66 years of progress, from the more advanced powers.  That has always been a weakness of the Chinese people, who want to save on everything including the defense of their lands, their homes, and their livelihoods.  How else to explain its slow progress in matters of self-defense?  The virtue of thrift has become the bane of weakness.  

But Japan is right after all.  Asia can never stand up until it has been united.  This time, China may have to do it, for Japan, and hope Japan will understand.  The great unification of the Korean Peninsula and Japan with China seems to be the most likely outcome of the Kangaroo-Style verdict of the Permanent Council of A**holes.

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