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Straits Times: China must shake off the past in ties with Japan [Copy link] 中文

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Don't forget the past, China...

...but for the sake of the future, it's time to move on.

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Correct me if I'm wrong....

...however I'm under the impression the Mr. Tony Lee (LeesinChina) is a Chinese man living in Australia.  I don't think he's responsible for the aborigines.

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Okey,let's not mention the pass,let't just talk about the present.

If you are a Chinese,if you have forgot the Nanjing massacre in 1937,just look at what Japanese have done to our Diaoyu island these days;if you have forgot the "9.18" incident  of 1931 which marked the beginning of Janpanese invading China,just look at the "9.18" incident of 2003 at Zhuhai;if you have forgot the butchers came from Japan killed tens of millions of Chinese during 1931 to 1945,just look at these butchers' statue are still observed at the so-called war temple in Tokyo by most of the Japanese,especially by all of the high-ranking official and their government..Don't tell me they are all right-wing,if they are they are all are,most of the Japanese are,don't forget that Janpanese boast this term of government are people-selected,not party-selected.So,if you are as naive as beliving the political cliche that most of the Japanese are Chinese friends but the right-wings,i have nothing to say but congratulate that not all Chinse are so childish.

To those citing of the so-called remorse statement of the former Japanese Prime Minister,I think many clear-headed asians have already pointed out that such an ambiguous statement means nothing but Japanese escaping attitude.They don't dare to tell the exact time of the invasive war,and so the exact nation they invaded,the exact crime they committed,if they think such a statement can fool all,it just proves that they have not a little heart-felt remorse.Nor have they applied the remorse to action.Don't tell me  they have given big aid loans to China,but tell me how much they have capitalised on these loans to capture the Chinese market ,and ensued,formed the real market invasion.

Apologize or not apologize,forgive or not forgive,it's always a problem,and you should know clearly  which should come first.

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Don't worry...

if they all get posted you can edit them  out (there's that little edit button at the bottom of the box)

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Yes, you are wrong

That is the trouble with steriotyping based on too little information -- but it is an understandable conclusion to come to.

I am a white  (but does that matter?) Australian living in China (but does that matter either?).

Things to do with the Australian Aborigines were not my fault -- however things that continue to affect them can be considered "my fault", or at least the responsibility of my generation.
It is exactly the same for the Japanese/Chinese situation. I have no time for people who refuse to use their own intelligence and merely rely on indoctrination that has been stuffed into them. What is even worse is that these insufferable bigots then infect their innocent children against the innocent children of Japan.

Just as many societies consider that a person who deliberately infects another with HIV-AIDS should be charged with murder, so anyone infecting a child's mind should be charged with causing injury to an innocent.

Robust debate is one thing, but personal attacks and racial villification is quite another.

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Post time 2003-11-16 22:23:35 |Display all floors was the "Lee" that threw me

....Although I have some other Lee friends from Canada -- of Scottish background I believe.

But you're right, you certainly aren't responsible for the aborigines at any rate.  

As I mentioned in another post: we as individuals (whether Chinese, Japanese, Australian, American, German, etc.) cannot be held accountable for the wrongs of our ancestors.  But we can learn from them and determine not to repeat them in the future.

I appreciate your posts, Mr. Lee.  You bring a sane voice of reason to the debates.

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Reply: was the "Lee" that threw me

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