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Due to present world conditions, especially those fomenting in Oregon, USA with militia confronting Federal armed troops in a tense standoff  - I resorted once again to some very serious fasting and prayer, hoping others would likewise use such as a peaceful resolution.

During this time I read of a man I had heard of who was equally loved and hated all around the planet: Benjamin Fulford of Japan. Ben’s story has been a source of awe and doubt, belief and ridicule. He was a Financial Editor for Forbes Magazine and has been asked to serve on Japanese banking boards due to their crisis. Everyone should read his incredible resume-history as soon as possible for Ben is a member of an equally amazing and large group called The White Dragon Society, (martial arts masters of hundreds of thousands members.)

Among a number of such smaller societies from ancient time this group has a dedicated premise and mission since they have ‘inside men’ in most high financial banking and development systems – especially the infamous New Word Order and the Rothschild arm. Ben’s life has been threatened often but he lives due to records he has made and deposited with friends that would tumble such enemies of the world’s people if they were released upon his being ‘compromised’.

He was interviewed by the Camelot show’s host, Kerry Cassidy in Japan since she wanted to meet such a world changing figure. They went to him in Japan with an open mind seeking real answers. Their response will
surprise and thrill you…Benjamin can ‘pull the plug’ and has been for years in his unusual strategy augmented by the powerful international WDS, who  are in essence and reality – top NINJAS, respected and much feared by the ‘bad guys’ in economics and military, moreover governments.

Such profound effect Ben’s interview had on me during my fasting period I prayed and asked how I might be used. The answer came in this letter you are reading.
Follow it carefully for it was inspired from ‘Upstairs’ – decidedly so.

At this same time as I read about Ben I ‘happened onto’ a Face Book article by a Cherokee Indian Dr. Lee…called  INDIGENOUS PROPHECIES FULFILLED,  a compilation of all American and South American and worldwide native leaders who  had met in upper state New York due to world dangers and WW111. Their stone tablet records – held by each of their peoples, was so impressive because it agreed with what Ben had found. I was totally shocked!

Now the plot thickens:

During this past week five men contacted me as I was shopping in a mall. They were somewhat evasive about giving their names, just walked up to  me, asked if they might speak with me in private. At first I thought I might be being abducted but a small voice I am used to - assured me it was safe.
They took me to a nearby park in a large white Van. I found each man was from a different country, Russia, China, South America, Brazil and India, although they appeared quite similar in looks and speech – all except the American Indian.

Such contact has also happened to me in the past few years when I was told my writings on the Net and my book, Monolith  had shown my desire for some peaceful solutions to  the chaos abounding. One group of Veterans calling themselves ZORRO CAMO, the other - men from Indian tribes all who were concerned, deeply, over government intrusions, anti-constitutional efforts, injustices, and Nuclear War.

All of the above strikingly similar to Ben’s reports, warnings and solutions. This last contact ended as the five mysterious men gave me a folder, stapled shut. They said in leaving me at my truck:

‘Read this and as one of your other contacts told you – Burn it after you make copies at a place aside from your home. Then mail these copies to the people listed inside this folder. It will be your life insurance - for like Mr. Fulford’s disclosure, the material inside will do a good job of intimidation and very real action if you are harmed or even threatened. For it is an exact duplicate of what Benjamin has stored with priority people in high places.’


Obviously I was a bit shook up and somewhat honored – yet…As they were leaving they held both arms aloft and nodded at me.

The following is what the folder told me to write to the nations,  especially Russia and China  and to you  Americans:
I will be paraphrasing from memory as best I can.

‘Among the various nations today men and women have been picked or volunteered for missions both bold, dangerous and necessary for the days we are in. They seek to cooperate with others such as we who have spoken with this man. We are and we are not, from the BRICS Union of peace seeking honest persons. As both we and Benjamin Fulford have worked among the nations, we see a mighty possibility of WW111 and other equally portentous events almost indescribable in billions of deaths or sufferings.

Others not of Earthside are working to adjust timing and disclosures to shut down edifices and corruptions, murder and tortures not even suspected by common citizens. Mr. Fulford has been especially blessed and educated for his role which his enemies and those puzzled by him speak of in diametrics – wondering why his evidence and work is taking, now years… to jell. As with all predictions, prophecies and warnings, whether Biblical or Providential, wise men note the years passing by in disappointment and questioning. So Benjamin’s detractors shake their heads in doubt or pure ridicule. Corruption by wicked men takes centuries, likewise repair has its schedule. To those who are evil in their designs, do not seek your early proof - for you will not like it. Rather, complete your hiding places and repent.

And why? As Ben has warned 600 of the White Dragon Society has been appointed to watch the activities of ‘each ‘ world leader or individual puppet and staff  - both immediately involved or otherwise. Their warnings to resign, admit or be compromised (as they have done to millions upon millions will be fact and prediction personified and right on time and justice served.) Many of you peaceful people speak of “Vengeance belonging to God only, not to loving humanity.”   If this were so, few would be left of Mankind. Rather, might Man in God’s, Providence’s great and powerful hands and timing be how Vengeance is seen as good men waver or think things are hopeless? We, the opposite in forged belief structure think the latter has always been His way…despite the agony of long waiting till certain men awaken to the crisis breathing on their neck.

The coming year will satisfy some and engulf others in sheer terror, turned loose upon them by their own key. Financial matters will shrink in comparison to what happens to those dignitaries who do not turn themselves in, seeking asylum or judicial mercy. When they, you once realize you are being watched, monitored by 600 professional assassins, each of you, then you will know the just danger you are in. The number of watching WDS oriental and other Ninja types sounds preposterous to many but this group has been breeding, training it’s numbers since the Great Wall was built and when Mt. Fuji first looked down on Tokyo. The martial arts societies are little known internationally except by public tournaments. Woe to those who lightly dismiss this disclosure - for millions of adepts are waiting for your decision as are multi-millions of Indian tribes and natives worldwide!
Your clock is ticking and its hands are red with the blood you have caused.’

*This above is the best I could relate by memory for you who choose positive or negative futures. I continue praying for both sides. For whether here or elsewhere, you are known for your crimes or good works by we who truly try to understand you or forgive you. Try harder, both of our sides.
Thank you,


Roy-David Woodward
January 9, 2016

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EXCERPT  FROM  A  FULFORD  REPORT:   The future of Europe will also become increasingly tied to Russia over the coming year since the US military is in no mood to fight a war with Russia on behalf of the Rothschilds. The European Khazarian elite have already cut their ties with the US Khazarians by agreeing to join the China inspired Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Related Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Formally Established (New Rival To The World Bank)

The real question for 2016 though, remains what will happen in the high level financial war that has been raging these past years. On this front, the latest development is that the Japanese government has secretly decided to join the China initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), according to officials at the Japan led Asian Development Bank in the Philippines. If this happens, the Wall Street and Washington DC Khazarian financial rulers will be isolated and will face final defeat.

During the year-end, the Vatican P2 freemason lodge and the Communist Chinese both asked the WDS to help negotiate the surrender of the Khazarian financiers and mobsters. The WDS is insisting on a jubilee (a write-off of all debts public and private), a redistribution of ill-gotten Khazarian assets, and the establishment of a meritocratic future planning agency. The WDS also insists that at least $7 trillion be made immediately available in a transparent manner to finance a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and set humanity on a path of exponential expansion into the future.

Until the Khazarian surrender is complete, the WDS and its allies will continue their multi-dimensional offensive.


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What happened in Oregon ? It is a long story, here it is: ... posted-by-macaense/

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