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                     OPEN LETTER TOTHE WORLD



Now we will see where you stand for your neighbors in all nations: Thisletter is totally serious and indicative of

the seriousness of political and military confrontations.

1.    China has everyright to invade or attack America due to our belligerent threats in the ChinaSea,  our collapsed dollar and what weowe China from huge loans and failed mortgages. Real fact but sad.

2.     Russia has equalrights to attack, invade or EMP our military bases everywhere - due toAmerica’s placing missile depots five minutes from Russia’s cities and placingmonetary sanctions against her civilian peoples – elderly and infants basicneeds.

Equally dangerous toRussia’s poise is the NATO

and U.N. dealings with oiltrafficking Turkey and her blasé shooting down of  Russia’s jet which has been proven nothazardous by perimeter or action.


We American citizens want NoMore Wars, despite our past and present leaders facilitating them on falsepremises and oil and land greed. Technically we are guilty in ignoring andtrusting such despots… We are ashamed of our lack of introspect.

Of course the present hiatuscannot continue or nuclear horror will result all sides suffering unimaginablechaos and death. No more of this idiocy dare we or you remain in… No nation’speoples disagree - Only warmongers run to bloody habits.

                                                 Page 2

(Thus we, a small group oftrue brothers and sisters for Peace and Equity, Truth, Beauty and Goodnesspresent this idea whose time and development must come now, surely not later,else all our demise.)

We do not just intend but are and have been interacting with averagemen and women and  international fellowslike BRICS to create a NEUTRAL SAFE AND FREE ZONE – many of them - here andwherever you see such needs for your safety and well being. Your very LIFE awayfrom war and truly stupid activity – Back to Nature so to  speak. Wise? Yes and fulfilling in ultimatecompassion and care for one another, not blind and reclusive in wealth andpower structures gained from the poor or un-listened to among us - A neutralpeople amalgamated for humble and kind power to uplift.

This requires land baseswhich we have and are adding to for Americans and every one who feels this needand opportunity. One vast people working full speed at plenty and peacefulpursuits. Despite what appears this is not impossible! Due to our numbers,yours there and ours here, it can continue to arise IF you all rally in wisdomand prudence. New small villages. Neutral, Safer than present because we keepour eyes open and our borders strong wishing no evil, threatening no one - BUThaving a strange but sure, a real knowing of Divine Intervention by powers farhigher, wiser and efficient than we are – even in our numbers, dwarfed byCosmic-Universal technology.

Mightily depending on thatpower, we can build with some relaxation and joy – else all religion and faithhas been vain. But it hasn’t- We now have other type partners, brothers andsisters. whom a few of us have seen, talked with and planned this offering toall of you reading this announcement.

What can you do, what mustyou do - there and here in our country?

This: Think of thealternatives in possessions, safety and future fate –What would you spend todetour the worst that is now at your doorstep, your neighborhood, your child’sschoolyard, your church or company?

                                              Page 3

WOULD ONE DOLLAR FROM EACHOF YOU MAKE SENSE? One for each family member or company employee? Those moreinnocent refugees would have grabbed at such an idea but look what they got…

Further details are ofcourse necessary for you to sacrifice even such a trivial amount. Ask and wewill make further sense for your rationale. To some of you leaders or businessheads, your help is certainly possible and sought - if you want some form offuture away from magnified trouble like you won’t want to imagine but better bethinking about. We are getting contacts from many places from those who aresane, adjustable and willing to sacrifice for future time.

Are you?

One American Dollar while itstill can build your future safety.

Think it, pray it, do it.Watch the Divine results. Thank you most sincerely,

                     THE NEW AMERICAN PIONEERS

          Building Shangri-La  One for all – all for one

                                          for details

* Send your DollarBill to:  DeVon Millet,Secretary-Treasurer   

                                                3105 Herrick Place

                                                 Pueblo,Colorado 81003  USA

              - The Village Idiots - or theWise among the Sleepers? -

             Free land, free cafeteria meals,free co-op home building

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You have your doubts, worries, needs. I come through my Servant Roy to bring your peace and sure knowing of who I am, and what powers you each have from being my Children. I have let evil continue since originally all of my Human Creation were equally loved and planned for – Their happiness, yours was high in my thoughts. So then, I allowed  ‘free’ agency, (which you call it), to abide down through their necessary Re-embodiments. As they learned how to use it or abuse, self or others. This also is MY ‘free’ agency speaking - merged with love for my Created who are my duty, my burden of love and patience. Can you as parents of Prodigal Sons and Daughters, see this ‘strung out’ patience?

Infant minds amid devilish situations need patience more than love from US their parents. This bothers my so-called preachers. “Stop it!” they cry from immature pulpits. Understand me as you fathom your own love and long patience for your created Children. In this you learn from your Created.

But “Enough is enough!”, say most of you. I must agree. Present impurity, negligence, criminality (but most of all) is what factions among you are doing as you and they wince in fear of homeland or doorstep, wife or child…

What am I, GOD doing?!  You scream.   I am considering you who wonder about me and my procedures while still loving all of my original own. It must be these deformed of my issue are taken in masse’ to a place soon, of their similarity in habit patterns and equal to their hideous deeds. A Prison…  Suitable for each category and heinous act of defiance. You rebelled, now your sought reward. This wasn’t my idea from the beginning. You built it too well for your ‘next un-nice’ turn at learning…

In the meantime, my hosts – (both Angels (Messengers) and Star Ship E.T.s from my multi - million Galaxies), are doing a convincing work on some sluggish minds and hearts. You may know you have not to wait


long for Deliverance. I too am convinced as a parent, after waiting as long as possible for Soul change in my ‘others’.

What can you do as you wait just a little longer to protect and arm yourselves?            “This”, as my Son, Roy would say:

Know as you should, what word power has in its centrix. Roy has hinted, I will add:  Strange to some of you, that matter can come from a spoken word, but listen:  When a building is about to be built, some human man says, “I will build this building!” - then word upon word is poured into conversations and concrete footings - and Lo, The Building arrives in matter-form, elegant, tall, impressive – useful.

Giving you this simple example is sufficient to make my point of your creativeness – Potential. It is not small…

When faced, as one of my precious Daughters is now, with death threats from angry deviants from my will, she, you, others Worldwide, must know, your enemies are not simply Angry – They are fearfully expectant of my action on their near future.

Honestly, you reprobates do not come close to knowing your Father and Source!  Blood, Death is not my way. You had long enough to figure this out. Now it’s my turn… Words of power and protection, other things also are being placed in my Children’s Hands and Voices as weapons –

to send all into submission and surrendered, loving power unimaginable. You heads, leaders - join forces in all ways –protect one another and your frightened people.

You already are planning a wise Unity as I have inspired you. Begin in full force with my guidance as you get still and listen. Bless you, Sons, I am watching every turn and thought. BE WISE AND PRUDENT OVER YOUR FUTURE. Please do not just memorize!

Do you mind this deviation from what you have memorized from books and podiums?

Over the years a few, (both studious spiritual types and obnoxious secret societies) have known and practiced using and warding off demonic powers. Such powers and entities would terrify you.

Case in point is that Moses studied his many wives’ cultures and as you would say, ‘Got a handle on their ways.’  That handle can be used by good folk also, and you have seen evidence in its wrong use in Satanism, Voodoo etc. Which I loathe to the extreme.

You children harm each other for many small reasons. You CAN direct Me, Angels, High or Low Spirits. Yes, you may, can ‘command me and such powers against such awful beings IF for good, saving purpose.’

Those low beings in their group or personal Hell of conscience can be told to pull themselves hard out of their just place of confinement, by going to…living rebels, blood lusting, half humans - and telling them

what AWAITS their warfare mode and inhumanity.

Oh, Yes, your power nearly equal to mine awaits your use IF it is Rightly Used. At this date - for My part and my Chiefs…

I prepare Physical Star Ships beyond anything Earth side for my people’s safety and deliverance to places in “The Wilderness” which few believe exist. Hiding them - while I obliterate what really has obliterated itself.

You call it Karma. Others less educated say, Divine Intervention before Nuclear War or a piece of its ‘science’ obliterates all I - and YOU hold dear.  Earthly Mother and a few serious and surrendered types (*some passed over), some valiant humans all awaiting further orders smile at what they know…

Many well - meaning factions, creeds, and ‘wannabees’ publish their tantrums and copies of what they claim are my words and ways. I will not speak further there than to turn all this over to your personal and group Meditations and Discernment - compared to the Commonsense you are here getting from ME and one of my Sons who listens and places my thoughts on paper for your help at no charge, mind you…

Henceforth... SHOUT OUT your needs for protection, for your physical and spiritual Strength… your armor, your healings, and good health!  Do you think that cannot be from me to you, as part of HOW I made ALL through words and love?

Come now, Sons and Daughters, use my intelligence in you – Haven’t I just now, in the ‘Parable of the Building’ taught what you have within you –both faith and voice? Use this and watch your way un-clutter, no more detours, no dangerous ‘flaggers’ sending you in wrong hurtful byways.

My path is easy to figure out…Love above all with poise, patient trust as I work, and you work, at what I have suggested here from one of your own men – Certainly one of mine, most trusted and sent at this time, ‘as promised’.

I do not lie and I surely speak your needs.

Fear not, rise up, stand together now – In this you have slovenly failed to your shame. I can forgive if you can forgive your lassitude and pre-occupations placed far above your need to act.

Men, put the energy and time you secrete in Sports and Trivia into my work now. It is not too late unless you are…

Women stop competing, adjust in love and cooperation as is your meted nature originally.

Stand with your Husbands like living, granite statues of smiling assurance that ALL is well because you are mine and his. Get acquainted, you are too busy.

I will not disappoint you. Watch - The “signs of the times” are growing larger and my power among you will be - not ‘just noticed’, but will chase evildoers into hysterics over their wrong choices as your laughter turns fears into knowing that I speak today… as always, when you…  try.

Peace be with us all,



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