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beggers in streets, what is your attitude???? [Copy link] 中文

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this noon, i walked down a short street , but more than 5 beggers have ever come into my view. they were shocking their bowls in which be scattered several coins shouting "give me a hand" or kowtowing to passengers for their livelihood.

i wonder, do you have true sympathy to them yet in light of nowaday's various fake beggers and tricks??

in fact, more and more people have not been willing to show their sympathy and give money to beggers for there exists too many cheaters.

the idea that cannot be quited down in my mind is that a part of the beggers are not disabilities or aged ones but the strong, muscular and youthful persons who wants gains without pains.

every morning i meet a young man whom is supported only by a walking stick in the bus station. his job is selling newspaper. without due cause, i cannot help showing respect to him always.

by the contrast, the disablities who are laboring is worth admiring and treasuring, right??

i admit that some begger indeed need our and our society's help. perhaps what we can do is just anxious about this phenomina. i think this problem could be done well by governments and the society gurantee system. i wish the measure and methods can be taken as soon as possible.

could give some opinions of yours???? thanks.
look forward to your feedbacks.

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beggars & homeless people

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most of street beggers have no choise.

i think that it depnds any country's economic conditions. i always realised about the along street beggers, some of them are quiet young, some are not disable , but they choose this exist way to live. first, i am very concered about this problem, but on the other hand, i would like to suggest that the central goverment should take more effective mesures to resolve this problem. as we know, majority of street beggars are the people who helpness. i mean that they have other way to go and campare with nowdays laid off workers, they are also suffering the same problem.

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after a man died

Sun zhigang has died for some time in Guangzhou.and a policy about the beggers has been put out by authority. so  the beggers in shanghai has grow up increasingly.

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I feel conflicted

In China I have two minds about the beggers:

1) Many people have told me the beggers aren't "legitimate" -- in other words, many of them work for some gang, and they have to turn the money over to a boss.

I've also heard that some of the children beggers are kidnapped and forced to beg.  If they don't bring home a certain amount of money, they are beaten.  If a see a child begger, I will usually give him some food -- an apple or an orange, or whatever is handy.  That way, I know he will at least eat.

2) On the other hand, some of the beggers have obvious disabilities.  And it's my understanding that in China, the government doesn't do much to help these folks out.  So if they don't have family to help them, what can they do?

Yes, there are some folks with disabilities who DO work.  There's a man in my neighborhood with severe disabilities, yet he struggles down the street every day collecting items for recycling.  I always save my bottles and such for him, and try to do other things to help him.

But some disabled people are unable to work.  My husband's brother was born with severe mental retardation.  He is like a 2 year old child.  He can't even take care of himself.  Fortunately he lives in America, and the government can help him financially with medical care and a small monthly income.  He also has family to help him.

But in the end, I feel I can afford to help out the beggers to some extent.  If they're obviously disabled, I usually hand them a little money.

But it would certainly be nice to see the government take a hand in all this -- not merely running the beggars off the street, but actually doing something to help the disabled people by helping to support them, and, if they are able, training them to do some sort of productive work.

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No sympathy at all

There are so many grotesque beggars lingaring around in the Huai Hai Road, Shanghai, ruining the city image. They're definitely unwelcomed in my neibourhood.

I have no sympathy to those disgusting figures. I donate more than one thousand yuan to the disaster areas each year. But I won't waste a single coin on the vermins of the city.

Do you think your charity will better the beggar's life? Absolutely wrong!The money will go directly to the gang, or other black hand hiding behand. You are bettering the criminal's life instead.

Do you think the beggars' deformity are all nature? Some are born in, some are due to accident, but many are man-made! Kids are kidnaped when they are still in the babyhood. The damn kidnappers break their limbs and force them to cadge. What makes it a profit industry? Sad to say, it's partly because of the generosity of good-hearted people. Have you ever consider, each penny you give to the begging child, may somehow drive another innocent kid towards his miserable fate?

Government should do something, not me. I just walk by them chillily, so do everyone else.

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i agree kensai

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