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Big Boost For Renminbi and China's Shares   [Copy link] 中文

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The renminbi is ready for the SDR basket according to the IMF. When it's included, nations will HAVE TO include the renminbi by a minimum amount in their FX reserves.

Also MSCI has announced that they will include China's shares in their index THIS MONTH. Again, index trackers will have to buy.

So both should ROCKET.
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More BS on the Bogus China "Slowdown"

Imports by the world's biggest trader of goods fell 18.8% from a year earlier to $130.8bn, a slight improvement on September's 20.4% decline.
- China's imports fall 19% on waning demand

Get that? Just as war criminal, Bobby Zoellick, sent "worthless paper" USD instead of the grain that the late, great Hugo Chavez sent to Haiti, after the Great Satan dumped rice at two thirds the cost of production and then, when Haiti's farmers were bankrupt, ramped up the price so that kids were eating mud pies (literally made of mud), the above propaganda cites the value of goods with all commodities having been illegally smashed by Wall St. to curb inflation as the FED hyperinflates the monetary base. In other words, China may be the importer of almost half of the entire World's base metals, but she can't keep up with an illegal price smash of 50% in just 12 months by Wall St. banksters and assisted by the GCC members of OPEC who refuse to cut supplies.

Hilariously, it then admits: That left China with its highest trade surplus on record at $61.6bn.

That's over 7% of GDP which is too high for the new monetary World order. Even the Great Satan now runs a trade SURPLUS with Saudi Arabia.

China is opening her capital account. Already MSCI will include mainland shares in its index and the IMF says the renminbi already qualifies for the SDR basket. Both, then should shoot up. This is why everyone, including Mario Draghi, Mark Carney and Janet Yellen are all trumpeting the China "slowdown". Having inflated "the biggest bubble in history", the two gangster-run, thieved prison-states are staring at a pin approaching a balloon. Perhaps that's why Mark Carney deliberately manipulated the poodle lower to £1.51 at this time, to reduce some of the pressure on the poodle.

In addition, the two gangster-run, thieved prison-states cannot raise interest rates: As most companies are also paying a dividend on top of the share buybacks, this basically means a lot of companies out there are borrowing cash to fund the buybacks.
. . .
So what will happen when Boeing decides it no longer makes sense to buy back shares because the economics aren’t appealing anymore as additional share repurchases would have to be funded by (increasingly expensive) debt?

- Why A Rate Hike Might Result In A 'Double Whammy' For Mainstream Investors

That "waning demand" has seen VLCC anchored offshore as China has run out of capacity to store it. The BS also denies China's HUGE imports of gold, amounting to just about ALL of global mining production. With India consuming the equivalent of ALL scrap supply and the rest of the World continuing to buy too, the Great Satan's CRIMEX has a new record 293:1 gold demand to registered gold (available for delivery); a mere 151,384.629 ounces!!!
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look at what pound and euro and yen become of ..  be cautious.. china

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Dracarys Post time: 2015-11-15 19:02
look at what pound and euro and yen become of ..  be cautious.. china

  Alas,  you are out of your tree if you think this grok knows anything about China's economy.

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