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Why Every Western Tech Company Should Merge with China   [Copy link] 中文

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markwu Post time: 2015-10-2 08:03
The US only had a start in aeronautics and space technology because they took most of post-WWII Germ ...

You need a history lesson the P51 Mustang

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markwu Post time: 2015-10-2 08:03
The US only had a start in aeronautics and space technology because they took most of post-WWII Germ ...

What about the British aviation industry in reasearch and development ?

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Just some brushstrokes early this morning to address the comments after my last one:

A. Aero

- granted the P51 mustang was the best single-seater fighter plane in that war, it however came out towards the last leg of the conflict; if the US was as advanced as the germans, why wasn't it in production earlier? Could it be the US at that time did not have enough fighter design knowhow until it had taken apart a german ME109 that was carted across the Atlantic to be prised open part by part on the grounds outside MIT and studied in astonished admiration of its complexity ?  

- By the same token, the british had given away carte-blanche all their technological gizmos to the americans just when the jackboots of germany were marching into France. Included was the Marconi radar system whose principles were adopted to create anti-submarine detection capabilities, and one can surmise the brits had also supplied the americans with the design of the Spitfire (which however was not lacking in some faults).

- So you combine and hybridize what you can learn from a ME109 and a Spitfire, simplify the combined designs - and you get the P51 mustang.

- But while that was going on, the germans had already advanced ahead with the ME262 and the Komet, the wing-airplane (re Indiana Jones 1, and the US first stealth fighter design), and the flying saucer. It was only goeringian politics that had delayed earlier full deployment, a fate that had also thwarted the development of a long-range german strategic bomber. Not bad for a country hemped in by the Versaille treaty which tried to kill the german aero-industry.

What one should be interested in (but for practical purposes only) was how did the nips design the Mitsubishi Zero. A small team in tokyo had built a light but highly mobile fighter plane albeit at cost of reinforcement and flammability. How did they learn the technology to build planes when they could only build ships? You would have noticed that a Zero is but a lighter version of a Focke Wulf, no?

The Zero question and every other question on how they had become techno-advanced without knowing well the english language should be answered once and for all. If the anglo-saxons were that savvy with technology in the first place.

- As for the british aviation industry, only the harrier vtol kindles interest; jets were germans, as was the first computer by their Zeus. The brits applied their vtols with midair brake effect to turn the tables on the german-trained argentinians tailing them.

- And yet again, what you should be asking was what had happened to one Canadian plane design that was very advanced in the 50s; the entire program was closed down upon discovering russian compromise.

- Finally, always remember this - the US starfighter used by their post-war west german allies killed 105 german pilots; it was the ultimate widow-maker. Contracts corruption was the cause.

B. Ideo

Let's now address the other concerns about politico-economic ideology.

Some years back i was having tea with a peasant leader and a party functionary in a remote place.  Ah, such nice people and place. Just like the woman who walked past me and could incredibly fast identify the song i was quietly humming to myself, i knew they were in cahoots and were just testing me to flesh out my loyalty (they needn't have because that cannot be disputed). So, as the conversation meandered, the leader suddenly made some disparaging remarks about how things were being done. The party functionary threw me furtive glances to see how i would react.

So i smiled - and nodded my head. As if agreeing. He tried to hide his surprise. But i knew it was just a test - because i could see the leader ALSO had a look of surprise in his eyes although his mouth drew a line of satisfaction. Or it seemed.

My message with that illustration is simple - ideology is fine for national tone and mass motivation - but when it comes to the crunch about putting food on the table and staving off conspiratorial external attacks and malfeasance on sovereign well-being, focus only on pragmatics.

Let's ask ourselves. Never in the history of mankind has there once been any kind external design on the Motherland. Foreigners just wanted to partake of her and keep her down so that she could continue to be partaken. Only when she has risen up on her own to be united in mind and body would they grudge some admiration spiced by future fear.

So in that scenario, it leaves nothing to imagination why they would not have hatched a scheme to probe her further. It's like this: when you say you are good, those around you will make every effort to bring you down () in an attempt to draw more out of you ().

If she locks herself in ideology, the outside world will attempt to use those chains against her. Therefore, why bother with using ideological terms to compactify your arguments? Why say marxism or capitalism and then get caught trying to defend or offend one against the other?

Why not just ask what is the problem that is to be solved and how best can one solve it using the least resources in the fastest way at the lowest cost to achieve the best, maximum and long-term results with future leverage as bonus?

Once you see it like that, everything dissolves - like how on a cloudless night, you can be utterly amazed how many stars and planets you can see in the firmament just above your head. (like in a karaoke hall?) (no, i hate karaoke's).

So get outside the mental blocking box. And see what has been happening all this while, starting from the WTO opening till today. Those present-day anxieties about whether she is still third-world or about to collapse is just hogwash. Simplify, don't go for self-reverse psychology into thinking that by coaxing loss of confidence in oneself, self-fulfilling prophecies can be avoided in the future. Just - solve - the - problem - as - it - must - be- viewed - wisely.

I can write some more but must go to the market shortly.

So let me throw you two questions:

one, isn't the stock market a western invention?

two, what does the I Ching say?

Lastly, isn't it wonderful to have me back?

Long live my Motherland!

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futsanglung Post time: 2015-10-5 07:54
Another silly newbie arrives with another silly thread

Just.  t. Rolling

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loverain6449 Post time: 2015-10-6 10:37
because china is so powerful in the world

that's funny

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coralbay Post time: 2016-1-14 12:58
I do wish people would make up their minds about this figure.

A few years ago, it was 250m. And f ...

I was responding to a poster's claim that the socioeconomic progress that China has achieved in the last 35 years was due to Marxism which is patently false as that failed experiment in Soviet-style collectivism ended with the disastrous Great Leap Forward.

I am estimating the one billion from the World Bank figure of 7% (2015) poverty rate, down from 85% (1981). That's a reduction of 78% or one billion people living on $1.25 per day.

The challenges ahead are: 1) eliminate poverty altogether, 2) increase socioeconomic mobility, 3) reduce corruption, 4) protect the environment, 5) promote social welfare and 6) greater the social responsibility the private wealth. China is almost done in eradicating urban poverty (less than 1%) by paying the urban poor 5,000 RMB per year as a cost-of-living subsidy. This program will hopefully be extended to the rural poor to eliminate poverty in China by 2020 (which is the stated goal of the 13th five-year plan).

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