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Westerners. Do you want idiots pretending to be smart speaking for you ? [Copy link] 中文

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pine is rather inexpensive wood and is usually the wood of choice in a stud

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the health of a stud horse is usually not very good

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Westerners. Do you want idiots pretending to be smart speaking for you ?

This was the topic of the thread and so far the westerners have said that they prefer idiots to speak for them.

I for one, am of course, not surprised.

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what does a stud horse think of all day long?

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All TVs are showing the same pictures :-)

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Hi T P J

My, what an interesting name you have!

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This what CALIMERO said in another post, he must also be chairman.

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There is that word again, used as if it was some all cure drug.

Interesting, that the word is used over and over again, as if it is a word that translates to TRUTH or to FACT, isn't that an amazing use of English.

criticisms is not advice is not assistance and sure is not ideas.

criticisms are often and mostly vindictive and filled with malice.

An interesting story about criticisms and may be distantly related to this thread.


There was a cocktail party in New York City, where many aircraft engineers were all having a relaxing drink.

criticisms on aircraft building were being passed back and forth and one engineer said he could build this and another said no you can not but I can build this and so on, when one engineer said:

I can make the Empire State Building Fly.

To which they all made " criticisms " that included everything from your crazy to impossible.

That engineer replied, if I fix enough engines to it, " IT WILL FLY "

That engineer, the head engineer for the Boeing 747.


criticisms translates to many of us as insults and in most cases they are.

Had that briilliant engineer listened to " criticisms " we would have no 747 and no 767 and 777, we would have BOATS and SHIPS.

criticisms is a nasty word that translates to failure through insult.

criticisms is a DREAM BREAKER.

The magic that is created every day in this world is by people who refuse to listen to " criticisms ".

People who have no imagination, no creativity are " CRITICS "

People who make dreams become reality, are deaf to " criticisms "

Long live the deaf.


Yes, long live the deat, long livre those that refuse to be told that they can not design this that or the other.

Long live the deaf, who can not hear that a Televison can not be invented or a telephone or a silicon chip.

Long live the deaf who refuse to listen to CRITICS tell them RADIO is not possible, or that the Earth is Flat.

Long live the deaf who refuse to listen that Space Travel is not possible, that Holographic Television is not possible.

Long live the deaf, who refuse to ;isten to CRITICS that there is no cure.

Long live those that CREATE.

Long live those that DESIGN.

Long live those that ENGINEER.

Long live those that DREAM and then build their idea, build their dream.

What a sad old world it would be and a dumb old world and an ancient old world, if those that DREAM, those that CREATE, those that DESIGN, those that ENGINEER, ever stopped to listen to " criticisms ".

To all those that dream, no matter what country or land you are from, never lose sight of your dream due to " criticisms "

CRITICS create nothing, build nothing and engineer nothing and find no cures for anything.

CRITICS are by their very nature, residual emty containers of failure.

" criticisms " are for the weak and those doomed to failure.


Faster into your Future.

Be all you can and must be,

Ignore all and any " criticisms ".

They are a poison to ideas and dreams.



You have joined the chorus, "chairman," that has been growing in number year after year, decade after after decade, century after century, from the beginning of time.

You have aligned yourself with the likes of Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Goethe, Oscar Wilde and an infinitive number of less well known wise ones.

I cheer you on chairman, you are a wise one. A very wise one!


2004-08-17 22:49

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