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Have you a glance at Bible-----InterestinStuff and greatly inspire great write [Copy link] 中文

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wow,   How do you view some obstocle here on the preface of the Bible,Advanced Version.

   The  God   separated  light from  darkness,and  Called Light  Day,Darkness   Night.

    The God  separated   ....lamd  from Water  with dome, and called  Water  Sea,and the Air  Sky.

in  fact, there is no god .but  we thought all the greatest thing the man done is  godmade,becoz of   they are called mirale with few people have chance to achive it,but  all wish they would have chance one day.

Why   you  feel  bad to kill   a   god or a house  while you enjoy   beef and pork.....

Why the superstar can engorse everything for money.

does that sound like a magic.

and do you like Magic, you are sure that Magic is not tricky,not true ,but why you enjoy to be fooled thru the performars  great perfroment.

anyway  you find it enterrtaited you can decide whether put money in it,at least ,you would like to pay for mustering a smile on your face.

Yeah,everything is in controversal.   You can n't  put all the natural resoure to do one thing,and avoiding going extremly,so that you d better to waste something to stop the growing........and then  the Engery and Value can be easy to flow into other chains,   and then keep balance.

Now  I discovered that  Everything can put on sale with a price,from slave trade  to  product trade,and info trade,all these with a price.

so do  Price  means   Value.

The price is fluctuated in the market as some factors interacted or changed.and then you see something  revalue or  devalue.

then you foumd that,  the  High  Priced  things are those which appreaed to be in the right place at the right time,but not  equally as you expected a fair deal with their value.

if  the  population of   Chinese  Panda  increased  dramatically uncontrolled,China  gov might have some killed,or excecuted<is that different,to let them die in a peaceful way or brutal you feel that the same if you kill a panda rather than kill a dog>as same as something happed in  Au with  Kangeroo overpopulation in some areas and    Bears overpopulaton in  America in some place.

and you see,  Chinese is overpopulated so that  many children was killed during the pregnancy under the policy of one child policy< do that sound the same as abortion,one is willing to abandon the pregancy one is forced to terminated....?>  ,and  the family paid some more money can breed another kid.

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Do you see,YOU kill or let some misfits die can improve the quality of some tri

and    Do the mandkind  kill some  badkinds amongst the  wars,and   say  they are the best nation in the world and done much to contriducation to wellimprovement of world develepement.

.................civillied is a mess thing...........

so    We  need gods help to make some  dumb be a fool.....and we can live better together....I thing  Life is still simple and should keep  simple

Are you overworred  how many viruse  in your foods,live in your body.....Do you have to know you are aging everyday and need realizing You might do some bad thing that drive you crazy and threat to your life.

why not get a natural dead..

Why not, Incurance is big business,    i don't  like to see more accident happened but if they did happen,let all  share it ,it is not a bad idea,but  we need so many orders to let people do it,could n't we give care to each without thinking how much we gain and loss in term of money  valued

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God created light.

the biblical writers were not aware that light came from the sun so they wrote that god craeted light and day and night. The outer space is darkness and light comes from the sun.

The biblical writers also thought the earth was square and that the sun rotates around the earth. When Coopernicus told them the truth the christian killed him.

Today the religion of God is getting more and more convert to survive. The world is not getting any safer these days when too many people believe in the lies of a few unscrupulous God fearing people.

We don't need God more than a cultivated mind and good moral behavior of individuals.

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Living in times without science

Your thoughts are really behind time!
US puts men on moon. No one has seen God!
Inspiration is energy from the inner self.
Great writings in other religions were available before the Bible was written. Clearly, the writers must have studied them.
Clear your head entirely and fill with the RIGHT STUFF less you go blind!

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You have to read any text within its historical context and considering its purp

The Bible wasn't intended to to teach scientific truths, but to teach spiritual truths, rather.  It would therefore naturally use alot of symbolism and make allusions to ideas of the time which we might not fully understand today.

Due to the Bible's age, many people, including I, would think many of its laws are somewhat outdated, and might therefore choose not to adopt Christianity as our religion.  That does not change the fact that it still certainly laid the spiritual foundations for the Pax Roman, which still can't be denied.

The same might apply to the Analects or the Dao De Jing, for instance.

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Religion or spirituality

The world has many religions, some old, some new.  All religions give us rules to live by - Spitritual laws or morals.  

This is not the same as being civilised. educated or cultured.   In one country the police will not do anything the first time you steal something.  In another they will cut off your hand.   
In some countries if you kill your wife for having sex with someone else it is seen as honourable.

Religion or spiritual beliefs teach people the fundamental rules of humanity which will make us happy and live together in peace.  
The bible has 7 simple rules - Do not steal, kill people, have wrong sex, be jealous, be greedy, be lazy, be mean.   
If only we did listen and believe in them the world would be a much nicer place to live.

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Little Cat

The Bible has 10 commandments, yes but there are no "7 rules".
Did you just make this up?
If not could you point out the passage where whese "7 rules" can be found.
Just curious.

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