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What do you think of girls of about 25 never have a boyfriend? [Copy link] 中文

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Foreign girls

When i was still back in London i went out with quite a few girls. Most of them had lost their virginities at 12-13, have had countless boyfriends (even if they do not admit it), they usually go out on Friday night to have a one night, or meet someone etc. I met a few gals that would try to sleep with as many guys as possible in one night, just for a laugh. Not to talk about orgies, threesomes, toys, sodomisms, fetishism, drugs and alcohol etc.

In that respect i would be more safe going out with a Chinese girl that would be innocent and have values, rather than a girl that has no respect for her self, personality and body!

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Are we get ready for undertaking the pains from love?

There are some hearted person who introduce boys to me, but they are not the idle lover in my mind. I don't know whether I demand too much from my future partner.

I insist I would not get married until I meet the right person in my destiny. There is only once time for me to dedicate my true love for ONE person in my life, so I must take this seriously. Never get married only for marriage. I think it is stupid to be forced to get married because of  ages.

Maybe there is anther reason----we haven't get ready for falling in love with someone.  Love means more responsibilities than itself.  Sometimes I watch people around me who have got married and set up a family. I can enjoy their happiness, but sometimes I couldn't burden the quarrels and hurts between them, although their couples'  quarrels meant nothing to me.  I worry that my marriage life would be like their's, which  make me a little despair.

I told my aunt about my thought that I don't want to get married. Aunt told me that I don't want to take on the responsibilities coming from my partners, my child and family. She also told me that the generation like me was too selfish!! We only enjoy ourselves, but  consider little for others.

Are we selfish?! It puzzled me for  a long time. Maybe it comes from the pressure of the life itself, maybe it comes from ourselves. However, it is also proved that we are responsible for ourselves. We never put our happiness on somebody else, even our husbands and our children. The couples are equal  and independent in character and economy. Are we wrong in pursuing for equality?

That doesn't mean I give up my love. On the contrary, I expect my love eagerly. Before I meet my Mr.Right, I enjoy my single days interestingly and freely. And I also perfect myself in many fields. I hope I can become an ideal image on my partner's mind also. When the luck comes, I hope I have get ready for accepting it.

Anyway, life will become pale without love.

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ideal and idle

be sure you know the difference between the two words, otherwise, your posting is rather misleading.

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To Monalisa: About ideal and idle

Thx a lot!
It is my deadly mistake. I have corrected it.
Thank you for reminding me and reading my message seriously.

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LOL...this is a virgin convention...

If you don't know what a multiple orgasm feels like...or just a minigasm feels like...STOP posting about sex!! The ideas about what makes someone have sex earlier/later etc are just ridiculous.
Number one factor...FREE TIME after puberty. If you demand to know where your progeny is every minute that they're not studying(ludicrous idea...not studying?What's that?),then what chance will they have to even have a proper kiss? Let alone sex...
If your prison camp...I mean University , has rules about who you can see, and the hours that you can see them(even though you're legally an adult), or even if you can or can't have a boy/girlfriend...WHAT CHANCE DO YOU HAVE??
I'm not trying to be mean here,but trying to vault your virginal self above someone else based on your ignorance is laughable.
Most of you know next to nothing about the topic so stop giving your opinions on personal relations.

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She's our Chinese men love the best, isn't she?

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It is normal !

Yes ,there are many excellent girls having no bfs,  while many  ordinary girls find there lovers .  I think that love is indeed wonderful , because it is nothing to do with  your beauty ,your educational level  or anything else. Different men like different girls after all .  I think every girl has her  prettiness but not everyone enjoys  your prettiness,and that man who enjoys yours will be your bf. There are many reasons why a girl has no bf when she is 25,maybe she is too spoiled to accept ,maybe she did not meet  a man worthy of her love yet , maybe  her lover is  coming to her  ,and maybe her expectation about love is too high and unrealistic .  But don't  worry, you will find the right man while the right time comes .That is what we call "luck" . But I have a piece of advice ,that is when you meet the right man ,don't  hesitate to pursue yours, or else it is too late for you to realize that you miss  the  man that belongs to you indeed  .

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