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What do you think of girls of about 25 never have a boyfriend? [Copy link] 中文

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my views

Maybe your request is too high,maybe you haven't gaven enough,there are so many feasibilities,I think you should examine yourself .
But you must know that is not your mistakes,whatever the future is ,never chang yourself is the most important,and love is loving each other/
     In all, go your own way,and remember practical ,and find,not wait the person you love.

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well it depends on lot of factors, most answers are in yourself and up to you to judge. I never had a gf either and i'm 21student this year. Reasons? well too busy, i would like one but considering my busy life style and very chaotic lifestyle of moving from one country to another has made it very difficult to settle down with anyone willing to accept that.

Never ever find one roughly, if you do so you well regret it. I don't think you should feel desperate at all. You sound like you have the quality needed and you just need to perhaps go out more with people. You seem to like independent lifestyle but also wonder if you miss out on the the word "love". Well it depends how you treat the "love" with your future bf. You need to remember to give someone something as well rather than only take from someone.  

There is  certainly a limit on the standard you put, don't put too high or too low, judge your own ability and think in your own feet what is important for you in a male. Something that is realistic to find in a male. Go out and just subtly talk with males, i'm sure you can always find someone, then again it requires some luck maybe... well when the time comes you'll know it because you won't able to stop thinking about the other person hehe

good luck

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ha i think you must have boyfriend now !

you are so perfect ,i am touched !if you have boyfriend ,can you introduce one like you to me!   just kidding !     true love is waiting for you!so do not worry!

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She sounds like a girl who will make a really great wife!

Because her heart wasn't broken 100 times like some people.. Dont worry - He is probably going to walk into your life when you're not expecting it!  Take care!  Kevin

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i still do not believe

i insist

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Hagel29: It's not only an Asian phenomenon... and Lissahan, don't you worry as y


25 years of age is a quarter life crisis - most women feel that they are at their cross roads - done with studies, getting settled with their job, or climbing up the corporate ladders... bla bla bla... and dealing with peer and family pressure - 'so what's next?'  As for those who are not into pursuing tertiary education, they would swiftly move on to the next or 'expected' level in life - marriage + being a baby factory. The phenomenon is the same everywhere, even in the land of milk & honey - America.

I'd say that a lot of women from Europe are very independent due to women's emancipation and how the media portrays independence and all, but there are individuals out there in Europe who'd be worried about not being married at the age of 25. However, there are more women in Europe who are not 'needy enough' to have a man in their lives.

Likewise in China or any other Asian country, the number of unmarried women from age 25 onwards are on the rise due to the very same fact - especially those residing at cosmopolitanised areas. They've shunned the old, close-minded thinking that their 'marketability' to men are based on their age. I've known many women in their late 30s and mid-40s who are happy-single, successful and beautiful! Some of them have adopted children and raised the child successfully. Apart from this, I have a good number of Asian girlfriends who tied the knot only in their mid 30s and early 40s too.

As for Lissahan, all we want at the end of the day is to be happy. Men and women alike can be 'happy-married', 'happy-single' or even 'happy divorced' and the list goes on. Don't you agree?

You're 25, you're still young and have lots of time and choices. Take your time, and don't rush about - there are too many broken marriages out there and I'm sure you don't want to contribute to those statistics? Don't listen to what other's have to say about your biological clock or your marketability due to your age - 25 is really young!

I, for example, cannot imagine myself being married at that age, as I've changed my mind and have a different set of priorities now in my mid 30s, and I'm planning marriage with my boyfriend now! In fact, before we stumbled upon each other, we were both so ready to live life contently on our own till we laid eyes on each other!

In short, live by your own expectations, and not by others. You know - the timing, the place... everything... it just clicks when you meet 'the one'. I'd say, just go and do your own thing till you're ready to settle down. You'll know it when it's time, it just hits you and there's just no running away. The man and you will just draw to each other like magnets, irregardless of your age!!! The main basics here for you is that - love yourself and do NOT submit to peer pressure and silly chauvenistic crap and granny tales.

Men who judge you by your age and skin are men that are not worthy to be anywhere near you, as they project their own lack of security and confidence in standing beside a woman of a mind of her own. They belittle you to make themselves feel superior. It's just a cartload full of crap, I'd say! haha!

Anyway, a man who really wants you is a man who will not change you or slap on expectations on you and love you for being you. Likewise your love for the man - no changing of him or expecting him to be someone else that he's not. It's all about respecting and accepting each other, and having the same goals in life! You just go together like carrots and peas!

Right, hang on there, girl - live life to the fullest - doesn't matter whether you're single, married or divorced!

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It's all right

Hi girls,

If you think not having a boyfriend at the age of 25 is a problem, try looking at it from my side. I'm 29 and I've never had a close and intimate relationship with any girl!  Even though a lot of girls liked me for my being sporty, easy going, smiling and good looks  I guess its better not to think much about it.  Time will eventually come...Ms.Perfect is not exactly Ms. Right to me!  My advice...enjoy the friends you have right now!  At least that is what I'm doing and most often than not I don't feel lonely!

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