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GO-GO Americans [Copy link] 中文

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Dear All,
           I want to ask someone who is American, "Do you Americans really value time as life ?"
           I learned a text from our english textbook last named "Go-Go Americans"and wrote by Alison mainly described that "Go-Go"is one of  the Americans typical character.You are always to be in a rush ,You are hurrying to work,to have lunch,to get back to work;you all have a short fuse ,and have no patience to be in line.You start talking business directly without courtesy socially.You like eating "short order"
communicating by electronic decives and so on .In short you all value time highly and consider  working time is precious .
        Could you please tell me something about this .

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Don't be misled by your textbook!

This is a lesson I got from my personal experience.

We have too much fantasy about foreigners, Americans included, exactly from our textbook.  The reality is not always the case like that.

I don’t know if Americans value time like life, but I know some foreigners, including Americans, were far from these words, which we learned from our book or hearsay, on time, keeping promise, and high efficiency on work.  At least by my own limited experience, it is so, though I really hope the truth is not like this.

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I am American

There are many people in America who are like what you describe. They drive fast on the highway, they become frustrated when they have to wait in line, and they eat a lot of fast food. However, there are just as many people who drive slowly and carefully, wait patiently in line, and like to take the time to cook their own meals at home.

There is a saying in America - "Time is money" So often in buisness things can be rushed, and I think culturally that we tend to take less time to go slowly and appreciate things around us.

However, any statement that talks about a whole country will not be acurate for every citizen of that country. If I said 'All people of China are very traditional and like to take their time doing things" I'm sure you could think of several people you know who are not like this. :)

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   Hi, I do agree with your (Whoami&Hikali) views .It is not whole country's citizen treat time the same it is depend on one's character .

   Whoami & Hikali  , Did you join work ?and How do you treat time ?

  Could you please tell me your own view of time ?

Thanks for your attention .

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I agree with hikahi

I'm an American too.  I think people here who live in cities are more rushed than people who live away from cities.  One reason might be because they are pursuing competitive careers.  Many people in cities have more traffice to drive in to get from place to place .  Also, parents here spend a lot of time taking their kids to various activities like sports events.     

Some people accept their busy days and are patient, while others do not.  Somehow, most are able to accomplish what they intended to do during the day.

I would guess the pace of life is very similar what is found in large Chinese cities.

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Sure, I have worked, and my experience came from my work.  My boss is an American.  I have much confusion with the foreigners’ behaviors for they are quite beyond my old knowledge. If possible, I would like to write out to get help from all of you.  However, now I must begin to do my work.

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